Another part of the journey …..

It’s been a long time since I have written in my blog. For those that are new, please feel free to scroll back to October 2012 when I first started writing. I was good at writing at first but then as my healing process began, I didn’t feel the need or the desire to write anymore. What is interesting is that after logging into my blog, I see there are ‘PENDING COMMENTS’ that need approval before they are posted. Many of them are from a person living in the UK that for some reason is overly obsessed with Amanda’s story. It’s quite interesting to see someone so attached to her story in such a negative way. He has tried everything to continue to get my attention and all I can say is ‘DON’T FEED THE TROLLISH BEHAVIOURS’ of others that are on the internet for what they think is good but in reality, it’s all BAD!!I just wanted to get this out before I start writing again.

I have decided that from now until the trial of Aydin Coban, I will begin to put my thoughts out again. Instead of posting on my Facebook, I will just share this link for anyone to read. To start and then to continue later, February 5th was the day the news was released in Canada that Aydin Coban has been extradited and is in Canada. He did arrive on December 7, 2020 and yes, I was aware of this. However, knowing that this is very newsworthy, I wanted time to collect my thoughts so I kept this news to myself for two months. I will share. my personal feelings the moments I found out but not tonight.

Until I write again (which will be soon), thank you for everyone’s support and kind words always!!  CT

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This was a direct message from someone who continues to have trollish behaviours. There are more words I can think to use than just a troll. But won’t stoop to his level of continually demeaning others. Guessing that his writing is a sense of empowerment to himself as he feels he is smarter than most. Mr X – you are an irritant. Like that pesky mosquito!! As the English say – Tata for now. ~ CT

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2021Feb08 – Worth the wait …

One of the repeated questions in the many interviews that I have had in the past few days has been ‘Did I ever think extradition wouldn’t happen?’. Honestly – I have to say that most of the time, I was confident it would happen but there were times when I had some doubts. The length of time, the signatures of approval needed, the appeals that went through the courts from Mr Coban … well, who wouldn’t have their doubts. But it happened … on December 7, 2020. I was in my work office ready to leave and the phone rang. It was the RCMP telling me that Mr Coban was being extradited to Canada. That piece of news brought by body systems back to the shock I felt on October 10, 2012. The night that Amanda died by suicide. I carefully asked when he would be extradited and was told that the plane had just landed and that he was being taken into Canadian custody. It took me a few weeks to bring myself back to whatever ‘normal’ is in my life. BUT, some things are definitely worth waiting for. … CT

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