Amanda stands up to her predator with her ‘WORDS’

Sextortion of Amanda Todd – 

Stalking Amanda Todd: The man in the shadows (Part 2) –

I just watched the second Fifth Estate documentary and just cried.  The tears were for missing Amanda.  They were also for seeing the pain she endured during the time he was tormenting her.  I so wish that she would have come to me for help in dealing with this horrible person.  When I watch these documentaries, I can only ponder and try not to cry.

To know that the online stalker (who now sites in a Dutch jail) was responsible for not only tormenting her but leading her to some of the behaviours that she would later regret and ultimately take her own life with.  That the predator would be the one that would start the torment that Amanda’s peers (not her friends) would start and continue up until her death.

I sit and think, did this really happen to not only Amanda but our family?  We have parents without a daughter. We have a brother without a sister.  We have a BFF without someone to confide late night secrets to.

I hope that all the young people who knew Amanda and were responsible for victimizing watch this and have some deep thoughts about how they treat people today. Many are at the age where they have either graduated last year or are graduating this year. Remember that Amanda will never get to wear the grad dress she dreamed of or going to the prom she talked about since her brother graduated grade 12.  

During the 3 weeks between when she got out of the hospital for the last time and her death, Amanda ventured to the mall.  She and a friend went into a store to try on dresses.  She said that this was the kind of dress she wanted for her grade 12 graduation.  Ironically, it is purple.  Happy Graduation Princess where you are now!!  (Boy can life suck)


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Smiley Sight Words

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A Must Read from another Mom (May 7, 2015)

Dear Carol

So glad you made it to Ireland I wanted to share something with you today. My youngest son XXX was at work this week when a man pulled into their parking lot, stepped out of his car and took his own life. XXX saw him laying on the ground and was horribly disturbed, the first thing that he thought about was why…he had compassion and felt really sad for his family.  He was sent home and had the next day off as well. Today was his first day back to work since this happened…I wanted you to know that he wore Amanda’s shirt…he said it just seems appropriate…made me tear up. You are doing great things lady…you are making a difference, spreading the word about mental illness, suicide and cyber abuse. My child was able to have compassion and take with him your message of hope…thank you so much for sending the shirts so he was able to express himself with something positive today.


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