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Today started out as a simple kind of day, but with peaks and valleys.  About a month ago, I saw some chairs for my deck that I really really liked, but they were not within the $$ I wanted to spend.  So I left Home Depot sad but hopeful that these chairs would go on summer clearance.  Yesterday, I was in one of the Home Depots and saw that they were on sale but that store only had one left.  So I did some internet sleuthing and found out that another store had more of the same chairs.   Today was the day – to get my chairs.  I called the store to make sure that the chairs were there.  Then put them on hold and went there.  But … looking at the size of the box .. 85 lbs — only one would fit in my truck at a time.  Two trips.

It was a hot hot day here in Vancouver today.  When I drove into the parking lot, the security guard was catching some shade under the tree.  I saw him later pop into the store for a bottle of cold water.   When I went out with my first chair, I shared a joke with him that a cold slurpee would probably be perfect right about then.  He laughed and agreed.  Short part — drove home with my chair and decided to go back that afternoon to get the second one so Sunday would be a sort of free day.

I told the story of the security guard under the tree for some shade. Then the idea was given to me.  ‘Why don’t you bring him a slurpee?’  But what if he doesn’t like or can’t have sugar.  And then what flavour of slurpee?  Next idea.  Gift card to Timmy’s for an Ice Cap or Fruit smoothie or something.  Hmmm…..

As you all know me, ideas don’t have long to perculate in my head.  On my way back to Home Depot, I picked up some  $5 Timmy cards.   Giving them out for #kindness365 or #justbecause sounded like a good idea.

I got my second chair and the same Home Depot person was taking it out to the car for me.  I passed the security guard again.  Handed him the Timmy’s card.  He didn’t want to take it.  I insisted and said ‘It’s what I do’.  He then wondered what it was I did.  So I sort of told him about Amanda in 15 words or less and said that doing KIND acts was all part of her legacy.  All this time, the Home Depot person was listening and watching.  When the security person said to me ‘What’s the story?’, I saw the Home Depot person nod and say, ‘I remember that girl and her story’.  That’s when I said ‘Well, I’m her mom’.  Both gentlemen shook my hand and then a discussion started on bullying and how race and culture sometimes/often plays a role.  It was that AHA moment when you think, this is the coolest conversation to have randomly.  I am sure these two men probably didn’t have the same breaktimes to ever have a chat like this.

We walked away.  I gave them both bracelets.  The security guard person kept the Timmy’s card.  After loading up the second chair in my truck, I gave a second #JustBecause Timmy’s card away.  The Home Depot person left humbled and thanked me for telling Amanda’s story.  When I pulled out of the parking lot, I got big waves from the two men and they were still standing – under the shade tree – talking a bit longer.  I can only imagine what they were talking about.

I just bubbled telling the story when I got home.  Another two lives who now have a story to tell.  Question: Why do nice things?  The answer can only be …

#JustBecause      #Kindness365     #SayItWithSnowflakes   #BeKindAlltheTime


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Deep roots ….

1962694_10152803088039813_4379809292140938275_nThere are far too many families living this nightmare, with none of us ever imagining that we would always be left missing our children. Even harder on their angel-versary dates. Future birthday, school events, graduations, weddings, will all be missed. It would be great to be able to offer reassurances that in time, it all gets better but its so hard to predict what the future holds. All that can be said is to STAY STRONG and know that far to many are all suffering losses. Support and caring is important and it is hoped that by sharing tragic stories, it will convince others to reach out and get help. Awareness is what will help make the changes needed to improve our mental health systems and encourage and empower others to be kinder to each other and end all abuse and bullying. It is hoped that more people and the governments will read the messages and warnings and make the necessary changes to improve the mental health care systems.  As well, there needs to be more encouragement to empower everyone to be kinder and more respectful towards each other.  This in turn, will help to reduce and hopefully erase all abuse and bullying.
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Another new friendship made ….

I never know what to expect from day to day.  Today I went to visit Ruth from  Floral and Hardy Edible Plants in Vancouver BC.  Ruth contacted me after a friend of hers told her about Amanda’s story.  We messaged back and forth and talked about a garden and what Amanda liked to eat and plant.  When my kids were young, they ate the staple veggies:  corn, carrots and potatoes.

Story: when they were young, I would sneak carrots, squash, beans, etc into their diet by buying the pureed baby food and putting it into the spaghetti sauce.

I had told Ruth that I would visit on Father’s Day.  It was a beautiful sunny day and Rob was out golfing with his buddies.  So I headed into Vancouver. Found the shop and was in awe of all the things I saw (and bought). Ruth and Brian are wonderful people and they gave me a lesson on what a carnivorous plant is.  What it eats? What it likes to drink?  Apparently it likes bottled water.  :)


We talked a while about mental health and the Vancouver East Side.  Knowing the history about that area is a good thing.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FloralandHardyEdiblePlants?pnref=story 

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