Mother’s Day 2017

Another Mother’s Day has come and the greetings from one to others throughout social networks sends ‘warm fuzzies’ to all of us.  I have always made a point to also recognize those dads and other caregivers out there who are mothers to their children also for whatever reasons there may be.

But this is what I want to really share.  On Friday, I received a text message from a friend in Saskatchewan.  he wanted to share something that had just happened.  I am copying the text here with his permission.

“Howdy chum. Thought you’d find this heart warming. Just posted on FB and Instagram. What a cool afternoon. ❤️D’LISH CAFE, SASKATOON and SANDY BAY FIRST NATION #DlishCafe #RAK #TishaPaget #Bully4U

We are all connected my friends.

I was having tea with my buddy, and coauthor of the youth novel BULLY4U, Mark Eisenzimmer this afternoon when the owner, (one of my BFF’s and fellow World Changer and Empath Extraordinaire) of D’Lish Cafe on Temperance St. in Saskatoon, Tisha Paget came up and asked me if I knew anyone who could use some ball equipment. She has a friend who had a complete set of bases, bats and two bags of softballs that she came into possession of. I told her that I could easily get them into the right hands knowing many of my friends on our northern Indigenous communities are always looking for such equipment.

I loaded the ball gear up, and on my way home stopped by the 7-11 at Assiniboine Dr. and Warman Rd in Saskatoon for my fix (Coke Slurpee…yes I know…bad but we all die sooner or later lol).

Beside me was this car parked and gassing up. Seated in the passenger seat was an indigenous man wearing an Edmonton Oilers ballcap. We chatted about the Oilers for a moment, then I asked him where he was from. He said Sandy Bay. I asked if he knew of any First Nation community that might make use of ball equipment.

He immediately shouted “Yes!!! Sandy Bay. Talk to her.”

Just then a young, gorgeous Fist Nations woman came out of the 7-11 after paying for her gas, she got in her car, and I approached squatting beside her door. Hesitant at first, and no doubt wary about who this old bald white dude was, she quickly warmed up when I told her I worked with the #PAGC and had talked at all their Insigenois Saskatchewan Dene and Cree Nations schools about cyberbullying, teen suicide and prescription drug abuse.

She couldn’t believe when I gave her all the ball equipment shaking my hand and thanking me profusely. She said they were wondering where they could find ball equipment for the kids on the reserve. What a fortuitous meeting for both of us.

Talk about RAK  (RANDOM ACTS  OF KINDNESS) and paying it forward. Thank you so much TISHA PAGET for helping change the world one RAK at a time. ❤️❤️❤️ Please please please stop by Tisha’s Saskatoon cafe, #DlishCafe and try her soups, sandwiches, salads, desserts and massive selection of coffee and tea.

We can make a difference.”

Carol’s thoughts – This is what the world is all about and how we can change it everyday!!!

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Sharing thoughts from one mom to another ….

This afternoon before going out for dinner, my landline rang. I never ever answer it but let it go to voicemail. But today, I answered it. I heard this at the other end …. “This might be weird but are you the mom of Amanda Todd?”

I said ‘yes’ and the voice went on to say she has never done anything such as this. She had recently searched BULLYING online and Amanda’s name and video came up. She watched the video and then read some of the articles and stories. She felt so connected that she went in search of a way to contact me. 

She was both excited and amazed she was actually speaking to me. As a mom, she felt the loss. As a mom whose 10 year old son had been bullied, she felt even more devastated. 

She shared that she one day hoped to meet me. That was was proud of me standing up for others. That she wanted to keep in contact. She also wanted me to know about herself and her son. 

I found it all amazing. She wasn’t a local parent but someone from Virginia. To realize how far reaching Amanda’s story is and how it still travels. 

I feel in my heart that Amanda continues to have a part in this. I thanked this mom for reaching out. Told her it was a wonderful gesture and to keep talking and sharing with her son about the virtues of life and how to stay safe online. 

This is one of the many endearing and inspiring stories this week I will be sharing. There are so many more.

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Prosecution asks for 10 years 8 months

img_1317Prosecution today asked for 10 years and 8 months for #AydinC.

Today was the day that the prosecution team spoke in court and summarized their findings.  They would request to the court their expectation of judgement for #AydinC.

Being able to listen to the summary of evidence for this trial was heart stopping.  I was back at home in Vancouver for the beginning of the trial but being able to sit and listen to it in real time was emotionally wrenching.  Hearing what he did to others and imagining that this was also what he put Amanda through made it more real.

This isn’t a crime drama that you see on TV nor read in a book.  This is a true to life story that really happened.  And this is why myself and other advocates keep saying to others – ‘This kind of story could happen to anyone’.  The words aren’t meant to scare, but to forewarn of what can happen.  This trial and the stories told are not enactments.  They happened to real children and real adults.  Victimized and traumatized.  And hopefully over time, the mind and souls will carefully heal.

I have been asked what I think of the 10 year 8 month request for sentencing.  I have seen comments posted about not enough time and he should be in jail forever.  Yes, those are wishes but knowing the truths and possibilities, forever will never happen.

We may feel that AC deserves a longer sentence but that isn’t how the court system works out here nor in Canada.  We can vent and wish, but not blame.  The asking for the 10 years and 8 months is the longest possible that can be asked for.  The prosecution team even stated that if it was possible, they would have asked for more time.  Our energies should now be funnelled towards the final decision of the court judges – 3 of them.  Whatever gets decided, AC will certainly appeal.

This coming Monday, the defence team will get their chance in speaking to the court. What will be asked for by this team can only be assumed.  A plea of not guilty?  Acquittal? We will have to wait and see.

After the final verdict in mid-March, we will be one step closer towards the trial of Amanda vs Aydin C.  But not before a probable appeal.  It is only after this plus a 100% approval for extradition to Canada is decided, that the wheels will be set in motion for the next chapter of the next trial.

Bittersweet will always be a word in my vocabulary.  #Justice4Amanda and all the other victims.


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