So Awesome to reach out and meet others …. @ 2:05 a.m.

I know that when some of you read this title you will quietly (or maybe loudly) say in your head ‘What is she (being me) doing now?’  Well then (I would say), there are so many people in our global encounters who we are meant to meet in life and who need our support, strength and wisdom.  In the past week, I have met so many new people.  It started on the Saturday before the Snowflake Walk.  I was ‘sent’ to Art Knapps Plantland to buy a table runner with snowflakes on it.  Never mind that I found it there along with other things so that table runner ended up costing me and whole lot of money.  Anyways, as I was standing there gazing at poinsettias, a lovely woman came up to give me a hug.  She told me that she had read about Amanda’s story in the paper and that she would be attending the Snowflake Walk the next day.  Sure enough, I saw her there and got another wonderful hug.  That was the beginning of meeting a new friend.  We now talk every now and then and it is awesome!!

Then I met another family from Maple Ridge.  They have a son who is a great kid.  Everyone has a story.  Of course ours has been published full tilt, so I get to learn about others.  I wish that I had an answer to each and every story but with sadness, I don’t.  However, another new friendship has been forged and we can only learn from each other’s experiences.

Then there is another family I have met recently from Facebook.  The story is all about girl and the things teenage girls go through and feel bad about.  It is sooo hard to be a teenager when your head hurts so much sometimes.  Even though friends are there, it doesn’t feel like it.  In the story here, they reached out to me and I was okay to listen to them.  Then tonight, a couple of the friends of the teenage person contacted me over Facebook to talk more.  It is all about lending an ear and giving support where needed.  I talked to the girls about their friend for a bit.  I think t-shirts will cheer them up so will send them some.  The bright pink shirts with the snowflake should make everyone happier and extend the thinking of Amanda Todd for a while longer.

Amanda’s friends wanted to come by this weekend. I had a tummy bug and didn’t really feel like visitors.  It certainly cheers me up when I have Amanda’s friends still wanting to say hello.  They text me.  They message me.  They want to bring me gifts.  How sweet is that!!!  I wonder if they could eventually talk to the other teens from that contacted me.  Wouldn’t that be something… kids helping kids. I know that moms helping moms is also good.

Speaking of helping. my warm and fuzzy big teddy bear helped me set up my email on my new MacBook which I still am trying to learn.  After using a PC for the last 19 years, it is hard to lose the PC habits. I am happy to get email again but haven’t quite figured out how to add a signature.  Sigh… I did manage to get Office put in but once again, there are things that are different.  Me being a little (ok, maybe more than a little) OCD’ish is not so good a thing when learning something new.

Time for bed.  Tomorrow brings the interview that I didn’t do today.  My whole week is almost booked with lunches and/or evening events.  I still have to squeeze shopping, wrapping and sleeping in.  My burning question of the night …. What do you get a 19 year old that tells you that Christmas is not about gift giving?  If you have an answer, let me know because I have no clue.  Amanda was so easy to shop for because she had no problems wanting, needing or showing me things.  We would always have a ‘looksie’ day first before making out the list.  Having her birthday so close to Christmas gave her a headstart to getting almost all the things on her list.  We would roam the mall looking for gifts for each other.  As we grew up with each other, we began to have similar tastes and choices.  It was just the colours that were different.  So much fun.  So much lost.  Miss it, miss her.  Hope it’s warm and bright where you are honey.  It’s really cold and rainy here!!

Night everyone … hugs and love ya.. xoxo  C


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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2 Responses to So Awesome to reach out and meet others …. @ 2:05 a.m.

  1. Donna Louie says:

    Hi Carol, thanks for calling me “lovely woman” and not a kooky old lady! lol Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts, I am looking forward to being in touch and “working” with you on Amanda’s campaign. I admire your strength. I admire your conviction. I admire you. Wishing you a peaceful day. HUGS, Donna


  2. Paul Klarich says:

    Hi Carol -About what to get for a 19 year old.How about a week-end getaway at Whistler?.He can snowboard,you guys can walk around the village,go have a Spa experience,etc.Also,Canadian Wilderness Adventures,located in Whistler village,has some nice outdoor activities.The lad can snowmobile,while you and yours travel by snowcat between mountains.They take you up the mountain for a 3-course fondue at the top.Spectacular views.If you don’t like machine rides,there are other options.Yes,there is a cost,but the adventure gets you away to spend time with eachother,and at the top of the mountain,time to reflect and gather perspective.I have sent earlier e-mails,but I guess you are still setting up your new Macbook.I find the pic of the snowflake most dazzling and tasteful.Bye for now,Paul from the Pier.


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