So Many Snowflakes, So Many Friendships (10 weeks past)

If Amanda has any way to see the impact she was making down here in the world beyond, she would be just smiling or laughing at us for running around like chickens.  I looked at the back of the card that was made for the Legacy Foundation in her name.  It says that Amanda wanted to help kids and that is exactly what she is doing right now.  (OK .. so her mother does help a bit.)  I can honestly say things are happening all across Canada.  I cannot believe the connections that are being made.  Social networking is definitely happening between people. If for a reason, I have met certain people in the past 10 weeks, it is with good cause.  I have been able to link up persons to persons for different reasons.  Some of it is related to the work surrounding the legacy Amanda left behind. Other reasons are people related.  Somehow, I managed to introduce two wonderful people that didn’t even know each other 48 hours ago.  Now they will be sharing Christmas day together and bringing their families together.  Those are the ‘warm fuzzies’ that I am talking about.  One day (with their permission), I might be able to tell their story. All stories are good and I do believe that we are here to learn from each other.  The number of families who have reached out and connected over the past 2 weeks is amazing.  My friends look at me and go ‘really Carol’, you need to step away from this.  However, as I do have my sad moments, like I did tonight for awhile, I still want to help others.  Amanda would have wanted this too.  I can honestly say that because I am her mom.  I won’t step back because I am a natural born teacher.  My kids have always known that since the times when they were colouring, cutting out and trying new teaching lessons for me.  For those that didn’t know it, my Twitter info says that I am an educator of Assistive Technologies.  You might say what is that.  I work with special needs students and those with other learning challenges to help them read and write in an easier way.  Prior to that (2 years ago), I have been a Special Needs teacher for 26 years.  So I know about exceptions.  I know about patience.  I know about understanding.  I know about the fears in parents when their child steps foot into school for the very first time.  The parents that I have had over the past 28 years have been wonderful.  At Amanda’s memorial service, some parents came up to me and said hello. (For two years, I taught regular classes.)  These parents had a daughter that was now 27 years old.  I taught their daughter when she was 8 years old.  Wow… they never forgot me as I had been invited and attended her grade seven graduation even though I was no longer teaching in the same school district.  Last summer, I also got a phone call from a parent of a child that was now in his 30’s. They have never forgotten me either.  I will never forget them.  I will never forget Amanda.  It is hoped that the world won’t forget Amanda Todd and what she reminds us of.  Be Strong. Be kinder.  Help others.  Don’t bully others.  Learn from our mistakes.  Forgive.  Have fun.  Follow your dreams. Be Someone and Care.  Those are all words to live by.  These are life lessons that must be instilled into our children from an early age.  Then subsequently, there will be the shift in thinking.  Tonight in my city, there is a child who has hesitations about the events of yesterday and today.  With support and love, that child is more confident to go to school tomorrow.  May the angels follow him and keep him safe.  

We all need to love and support those around  us.  Life is precious.  Life is short.  I was blessed with Amanda for almost 16 years. I am now blessed to have others around me including Amanda’s friends and also the new friends I have made in the past 10 weeks.  I know that sometimes I sound like a skipping record (for those of us old enough to remember those days) but it’s all good.

** I will be trying to post some older rants that were on my Facebook starting back in October when I first started writing.  So if you read something that is familiar, your are right, it was there before.  But I think sometimes, it might be good to read some of my past writing as they were very raw and emotional back then. Once again, I have never gone back to read anything.

To all those who are on the east coast with their cups of coffee, good morning. To those on the west coast, good night!!!

Good night and love to all and myPrincess Snowflake (my son is still awake)…

Me xoxoImage

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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4 Responses to So Many Snowflakes, So Many Friendships (10 weeks past)

  1. merle says:

    Tristan, you have also SPOKEN for me…if you read one of my previous posts, I stated that Amanda’s impact on many of us is very strong…almost spiritual, if that makes any sense. All is meant to be. Thank you Carol for your inspirational page. It must be surreal to see the impact Amanda has had on others worldwide!


    • Tristan says:

      Addressing this to both Paul and Merle. Thank you’s, im glad i was able to put a few words in there for you. Carol has a way of getting me to open up; express myself and spill it all out there every now and then. Totally from the heart. I was never one to do this so often, but i must admit, it feels good to get that stuff out sometimes. Merle, i know what you mean!, it makes perfect sense, ive had this convo with some people just the other day, many of us feel we’ve been touched spiritually in some way To a point where we feel weve known her or wish weve known her. Amanda really latched on to some of us with really big hearts and drew us together through these different sites and in other ways, and certainly made me feel i had to get connected with everyone in someway. Its all about bringing everyone together, right? I think Carol said it best when she say’s “Smother the world with kindness!” (i hope this reply was appropriate to leave on here 🙂 ) ~Tristan


  2. Paul Klarich says:

    Hi Carol-So,the success stories are starting to roll in.This is only the beginning for sure.From this latest informative post,with you explaining your expertise,I can see more clearly the foundation where future accomplishments will lie.I was going to expand on a more personal note,but Tristan has spoken for me today,verbatim.Paul


  3. Tristan says:

    sweet dreams Carol,. sitting here on the east coast with my warm cup of coffie, reading up on another one of your wonderful blogs. Very excellent message with this one. Be Strong. Be kinder. Help others. Don’t bully others. Learn from our mistakes. Forgive. Have fun. Follow your dreams. Be Someone and Care. Ever since ive learned about Amanda and who she really was through your blogs and connecting with you via computer, i find myself working extra hard in becoming a better more caring compassionate and giving person. Not that i wasnt before, but i really look at things differently now, and really have more of an appreciation for the ones in my life and what goes on around me, and my life in general.I tend to reach out alot more to others and want to help in anyway i can. Being helpful and useful to someone else is very important to me. I know it would be completely impossible for me to ever forget Amanda Todd and her legacy. I cant even look at another teenager and not think of Amanda, or even songs on the radio make me think of her. She has definitely help change my life in a positive way, for that i am forever grateful. ~ Tristan


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