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Post any interesting ideas (for fundraising or not) you have here to further Amanda’s legacy….

Cookbook Snowflake coffee cups Cupcakes/cookies with snowflake or purple heart  

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Another interesting idea to raise awareness ….

iTunes – “WonderWoman” by Elise Estrada and Adam Hurstfield  (100% of proceeds from song sales go to Amanda Todd’s Legacy Foundation) To my Snowflake Elves – How can we find out if we can make this one happen? This idea came from a … Continue reading

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Why do I blog? (@ 1:30 a.m.) 11 weeks gone

Over the past few days, I have gotten many well wishes and Merry HoHo’s related to the holiday season.  I have also received so many comments about how strong I am and thanking me for being able to articulate my … Continue reading

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