Jan 18th – Proud to be … but sad to see other stuff!!

I would firstly like to say ‘thank you’ to all those who are following my blog, my Tumblr, my FB and my Twitter. Although they all don’t have to be followed as I think I found the answer on how to post articles, pics, etc so that they go on all the sites synchronously.  (Love that word!)  Yesterday, my blog had 604 views.  That is the most ever. And I see in the stats, that there are more people all over the map that are looking at it too.  I find that ‘wondrous’ – if that is even a word.  Every day that I step foot out of my house, I give away a few more pink bracelets and encourage a few more people to read my blog or the articles that I post.  I think that I am posting articles that interest others based on social media, cyberbullying, bullying, technology, etc.  I know that everything that I read or want to read these days will be related to Amanda.

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on two presentations given by Jesse Miller.  They were for gr 7/8s.  Jesse is a phenomenal speaker that gets down to the kids level of use with social media.  Sitting there (and having experienced Amanda) I was listening and watching to the answers the kids were giving him to his questions. They were all great questions and the answers were honestly given, although I am sure there were a few reluctant answerers in the audience.  The main sites kids use on their computers or mobile devices seem to be: KIK, text messaging, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat and Omegle have been added to the list.  I googled Omegle tonight.  All I can say is OMG. There are two options when you go to the site – video or text chat.  The one thing that is mindblowing to me is that you are talking or video chatting with complete strangers. If you choose the video option, the cams on your laptop go on.  I think on your phone, maybe it is Facetime or something else that turns on.  Now the question is to you and your child – ‘Who is at the other end of the freakin’ screen?’  Now go Google the movie ‘Trust’ and go watch it with your kid(s).  Also google Snapchat and see what it does.  Remember – everything leaves a digital footprint.  Nothing really disappears in the technology world.  It just looks like it disappears.

A the end of the sessions, there were some girls that were talking in the halls.  I heard the same things, nothing is wrong with my pictures so if they are on my social media sites, nothing bad can happen to me.  WRONG!!  Lots can happen.  Your pictures can be taken. They can used wrongfully. They can be photoshopped.  They can be reposted with your face and a naked body.  The emotional damage that occurs is usually the hardest to make better. One girl was vocal about nothing happening to her.  She was introduced to me.  I talked to her briefly about Amanda.  I gave her a Stay Strong/Amanda Todd bracelet.  She went back to her friends. She cried.  (I don’t know about what.)  I hope that what I said might have made a difference.  Kids need to learn that their innocent (or not so innocent pictures) are ‘forever’ when they are put on the internet.  It becomes a digital footprint in concrete.

I heard a nice warm fuzzy story from someone that I reconnected with on FB.  She was a former student at the elementary school I once taught at.  She was on my street the night Amanda passed away.  She say me sitting in my garage sad.  She told me how she felt when she saw me.  She is a mom now too.  A couple of weeks later, she saw me outside putting some of the flowers that had died in the garbage.  Here is what she saw and wrote to me: About 2 weeks after Amanda left, (maybe a little later) I was over walking Sulley (the dog) ….. whenever it was, it was near the end of the life of the flowers you received.


 You were bringing them out to the green bin…. I watched you throw them out, and then walk back to the door…. I guess one flower (i think it was a rose…just a small bud, didn’t look like much of a stem….) anyhow; you picked it up and smelt it…. and took it back inside…. melted my heart

I came home, posted that on Facebook, that it was almost ast if she had made that flower fall, and said “it’s okay mom- i’m still here!”… or at least that was my take.

When I got back from the walk…. a car full of women and food showed up 

and another day- I told a reporter they were on the wrong street. 


Here is another story on my FB messaging from someone I don’t know: Was reading your blog from the last few days and saw the penny on the 14. Today we saw a penny on the floor at work, instead of picking it up like I normally would do, I told my friends I was flipping it over so someone else could have a wish too. They both flipped it over also and then made a wish. Then we went in to the other room. When I passed the room before I went home the bright shiny penny was still sitting there on the floor. Together we can all help the world change, one person at a time.  Together we are Strong!!

I LOVE HEARING AND READING THESE STORIES.  YES I AM SHOUTING BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO HEAR THESE THINGS!!  Just like listening to Onha at Free Radio Voice.  I love honesty and spirit.  That is why Amanda and I got along so well in the last year. She possessed both of those qualities.  The spirit was always there but the honesty was learned.  And it worked for us….

Let’s see if the post views goes higher today!!

Love to you all + my BBB, my LBB, my PS xoxo


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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12 Responses to Jan 18th – Proud to be … but sad to see other stuff!!

  1. terrie says:

    Sending u and your family hugs and prayers so sorry u r having a sad day today just know u and your family r very muched loved and u r always in r hearts
    I didn’t know Amanda I only know of her story. But I
    Feel I know her from reading all the articles and watching her memorial service on the internet. I try to read your blog every day I am so sorry for what happened to Amanda I wish people weren’t so mean
    But like u said your princess snowflake has started something big that u have to continue. Who knew how big this would be. I commend u and your family
    For continuing this for Amanda it takes much strength and courage I don’t know if I would be able to. So god bless all of you.
    Much love to u


  2. You are on to the right track, Carol & you know it. Now if every parent could understand that they need to begin using ALL the social media site their kids are using – many eyes would open to just how much abuse & abuse potential exists online. I am glad you are making this effort. Teens spent so much time online and somehow nobody until recently seems to worry that they are doing so without any adult guidance whatsoever. We need more of what Jesse Miller is offering.


  3. I always warn my friends about OMEGLE and to cover their camera’s when they check it out along with the other sites to check their kids phones, ipods, playstation handheld devices, etc. Anyway their kids connect to the internet after finding a friend’s child up late on it in our house and then my daughter showed me all about it, so I blocked it on the network. I also watched the movie TRUST with her that same weekend…and any other movie I could think of at the moment…CYBERBULLY, GIRL FIGHT, BETRAYED AT 17, etc. The more knowledge parents have against the internet the better…it’s not teaching your children anything…at least, not when they are on it late at night when you’ve gone to bed…hence why I disconnected the internet at 10pm each night regardless of the fights it created. I’m so glad you are getting the message across to these kids, Carol b/c I know how great it feels to reach one child and if that starts a pay it forward cycle…woowhoo!


  4. GregSticker says:

    I am sure you know Ms. Todd, that if you can reach one young person, it was not in vain. That girl that cried, you touched a nerve in a good way. You taught her something. You are teaching me and everyone who reads your blog something. That is worth a whole bunch more than I can imagine. Amanda is truly smiling now knowing that her life was not in vain. God had a purpose all along. 🙂


  5. It is extremely dangerous out there for kids, technology has definitely changed the face of the world as we know it. It also scares me. Thank you for bringing up this very serious issue. The best bet for all of our kids is education. I hope we can get the schools and governemnt on board. All parents need to talk about the dangers of the internet to their children. I have had my picture copied, a friend found my picture on a dating site!! I was appauled! Someone also stole my kids pictures from facebook and created a false account!! This is very upsetting and frustrating! Its awful how nothing has been put in place to prevent these things from happening. They could easily change these sites to not allow a right click copy!! Kids even adults need to be made aware of the dangers of technology. Thank you Carol your hard work! We all appreciate your efforts! Amanda is watching and smiling down at you! ❤


  6. Jesse Miller is fantastic! I have heard him speak as well as my daughter has heard him speak. He opened my eyes and the eyes of my daughter to a world far greater than she could have imagined. I was grateful to hear his words.


  7. merle says:

    “it was near the end of the life of the flowers you received.


 You were bringing them out to the green bin…. I watched you throw them out, and then walk back to the door…. I guess one flower (i think it was a rose…just a small bud, didn’t look like much of a stem….) anyhow; you picked it up and smelt it…. and took it back inside…. melted my heart

I came home, posted that on Facebook, that it was almost ast if she had made that flower fall, and said “it’s okay mom- i’m still here!”… This simple act reminds me of an old quote: “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature”. ~Gerard de Nerval
    Amanda’s spirit is closest to you Carol, and a part of all who were affected by her story. Thank you for sharing…and yes, this blog is very moving as you spoke how you probably do face to face…I love that!


  8. la Punisher says:

    To you Carol A “smile an a Hug”.


  9. Lisa says:

    You are so inspirational Carol.
    Amanda would be so proud of you.


  10. Rob says:

    “If you see a penny on the ground, flip it over, then make a wish”.

    My sister from out West sent a package to me for Christmas.
    It arrived on Dec 24. It was Dec 29 when I opened package.
    One of the gifts is a penny keychain.
    Could not beleive my eyes, thought of Amanda immediately.
    The 1’st thing I did……..
    I flipped it over and made a wish.


    • Tristan says:

      Carol this is for sure one of my favorite blogs as of yet!!! i just loved everything you talked about here. After our brief conversation early this morning, you asked me to take a look at your blog for today as i was in the process of leaving for work, i honestly just could not wait to make it to work to have a look at it.I was just itching to get in there, turn the computer on and have a read as i do every morning, which is what i am doing right now. I must of read this one over 4 times already this morning. Now i cant wait to get back home, so i can mention tis on the SH site. I also wanted to mention that i handed off my last two ‘give away’ bracelets the other day at the grocery store. I was walking out of the grocery store and in the exit was a table set up with two teenage girls sitting there collecting donations for there school trip to Quebec. I stopped to chat with them for a moment about there trip as i rummaged through my jacket pockets looking for some change to give them. I was apologizing to them for not having any coins on me since most of my money is now in plastic. As im apologizing and rummaging through my coat pockets; out popped two Amanda Todd Stay Strong bracelets along with a penny no less and landed right in front of them on the table. Ive always kept two bracelets in my pockets in case i have the chance to hand them out. The girls immediately grabbed them as they came bouncing across the table with big grins on their faces saying ‘awww’ probably before they even realized what they were, and i said to them, “well thats gonna have to do!” , and they replied “well thank you!!!”. I should of stayed to chat with them more but i was already heading out the door. I later thought to myself, ‘what a perfect way to hand out bracelets” I had the most incredible feeling of happiness after that happened! This was one week ago today, last friday. Just wanted to share that story~Tristan


    • GregSticker says:

      I forgot to say, that there is a penny that has been laying on the floor in my bedroom. I am not the neatest person in the world anyway. But after reading the penny comments, I probably will never pick it up. Just saying……….


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