Day 6 after October 10th – for Amanda

Day 6 – To all of Amanda’s friends who have been true to her and supported her over the past while. Thank you from a mother’s heart for being there for her. We all helped as much as we could. I know from reading posts and getting emails from her friends that she also took the time to listen to your stories. She always said to me ‘Mom, everyone has a story. Some are good and some are not so good. But we can work through the hard ones.’ Love you all … xoxoxo Carol (Princess Snowflake’s mom)”


nother point of view from somewhere in the world – ‘I’m seeing a lot of posts of people wondering why we are talking about Amanda Todd so much when there are so many other problems in the world. Here are my thoughts on that:

You are correct, there are many, many issues in the world. People are starving, people are suffering. There are more Global Issues than we even know about I’m sure. it is all tragic.

So here’s what I suggest… don’t worry so much about the attention we are giving to Amanda Todd, and focus your efforts on helping the cause of your choice. 
Pick a cause, any cause, and stand up and do something for that cause. Help in whatever way you can. I try and help as much as possible, with many charities, because I truly care. 

I choose to stand up for Amanda Todd because she is part of our city, our country, and I know in my heart of hearts that we CAN make a difference. I choose to stand up for Amanda Todd because I too have a child and I want my son to grow up in a better, more loving society. I choose to stand up for Amanda Todd because I have a voice and I won’t be bullied. 

This is my cause of choice and I am not going to stop. 
Say what you want, but I will not be deterred. 
Think back to a time when you felt bullied… wouldn’t you want someone to stand up for you? We all have the ability to stand up for that kid (or adult) who is being bullied, and with enough awareness I truly believe next time, maybe, just maybe, someone will have the courage to stand up for the next kid who feels like they are alone in this world. 

Pick a cause and do your part. We could all use a little more positivity in this world.”



Day 5 – October 15 – To everyone who has emailed me, I can’t seem to send out email except to SD43 addresses. So if I haven’t replied to you, that is why. But I am doing well for now. I know that I will crash and burn soon but keeping everything going for Amanda is my first and foremost. Her visions have inspired me to carry on her journey. Hugz to everyone …


I would like to thank everyone for their posts to Ellen’s page related to my daughter Amanda Todd. The strength and courage that she has shown has provided a venue to open the doors of conversation and discussion of ways to work towards anti-bullying education and awareness. I am so very proud of my daughter and so very much miss her beauty, smiles and laughter. My Princess Snowflake will forever be in my heart!!! Please continue to pass the message along about anti-bullying and compassion.”

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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2 Responses to Day 6 after October 10th – for Amanda

  1. Will Burke says:

    We are talking about Amanda Todd so much because Amanda just like each and everyone of us is SOMEONE and I choose to take a stand and see that Amanda’s message will be carried on.Forever and always in my heart Amanda Todd also known as Princess Snowflake.


  2. merle says:

    Thank you for these Carol. One of my concerns about bullying is how it applies to the adult world also. It is everywhere in everything we do: politics, sports, school, workplace, playground, inside our homes…what does this mean? Just because some people use the excuse that it’s “human nature” doesn’t give a right to do it as far as I’m concerned. Have we been subtly taught that “power” comes from humiliating someone? Insecurity and low self-esteem appear to play a large role in “bullying” behavior, however some people who have these issues never do these things to others, so I think it depends on multiple factors such as how they were raised and their family dynamics…which also affects their mental health. It appears to me that the world in general is more callous and indifferent to another’s pain because we are surrounded by stories and pictures and virtual reality which lends an “air of pretense” to it. Reality lurks somewhere in between the cracks. We as a society have been desensitized ever so slowly to many everyday atrocities. For every good, caring individual…are probably three apathetic ones..not because they’re born that way…but because they were slowly molded into that form by way of negative influences which surround them. We can’t easily change a bully’s behavior if their own parents don’t behave appropriately, for they are the biggest influence. Parents need to know the imprint they leave on their child’s minds. It’s obvious to me that although Amanda was bullyed, she behaved as she was taught…which is a credit to her parents. I admire that so much, and believe her behavior defined “strength”…for it was in the face of much adversity, and she could’ve chose a more unfavorable outlet such as hurting her perpertrators. She stood tall instead, just as you do. God Bless you for continuing to share with us who care…may you find peace.


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