January 26 – Evander Holyfield

Tonight I got to ‘see’ Evander.  I didn’t have the opportunity to actually talk to him.  Might be going on Sunday afternoon to have a chat.  From the interviews that I have read, he seems like an interesting fellow.  TriCity News – Boxer Holyfield remembers Port Coquitlam teenager Amanda Todd, CBC New – Evander Holyfield throws punches at bullying (touched by story of bullied BC girl).  I am hoping to meet up with him on  Sunday to have a conversation.  Would love to hear more of his thoughts on bullying and how he heard about Amanda’s story.  Met so many different people last night.  I have to add their contacts and email them the weblinks to all the blogs, etc.  How exciting to have more followers who can continue to pass on the message.  On another note, did anyone read the article about the mom in Salmon Arm who is suing the school district?

It’s way past bed…. niters!!! xoxo

(Photos won’t upload tonight)  😦

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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7 Responses to January 26 – Evander Holyfield

  1. Will Burke says:

    That’s awesome that u got to see Evander Holyfield Carol,This is a really big step to anti-bullying.It has now moved into the Entertainment business,Amanda’s message is getting bigger and bigger each day.Now if it keeps moving in this path eventually The Bullies are going to realize that their actiions will and are accountable,The parents of those who bully should be accountable as well.They already have it in the school system that if your child is missing a lot of school the parents are accountable for the childs actions. So why can’t they do the same for kids who Bully?Just remember bullying starts in the home and then continues on into the scholyard,workplace and the internet.


  2. Tristan says:

    This is so great!!! i also just loved reading your comment as well Doreen! as always! :). Im so happy about this, its just so wonderful that Amanda’s story is reaching to people in the entertainment business and people are picking up on it. This could really help push the message along and get it out there! PS did it again!!! i know ive said it before, she is watching out for you and will continue to put the right people in your path. ~Tristan


  3. la Punisher says:

    Amanda’s message just keeps growing and growing and growing, one word at a time, one person at a time, This lil girl has touched so many hearts around the world that something big and beautiful had to come from it., an it looks like its happening and its really taking off, But not without a lot of help and energy from you “Carol”. God Bless You.


  4. Rob says:

    The Big Event with Evander Holyfield is happening on Monday Jan 28.
    It Is going to be a Huge Event.
    Most likely sold out as I type this.
    From Rob.


  5. Cool that the event with Evander Holyfield went so well. It is good to have a strong, male spokesperson for anti-bullying as well. Anti-bullying should be cool to any teen boy – not just shy & sensitive ones.
    The Salmon Arm case is interesting. It as though considerable time elapsed since the boy was intially bullied in school. Seems that he was homeschooled for a number of years.
    Fact is – when your kid is being punched & kicked in school – that’s not bullying – that’s a criminal, physical assault and it should be treated as such.
    The motivation may be bullying, but the act is criminal.
    A lot of ‘bullying” is really just harrassement & physical assault.
    Would we ever expect an adult to put up with harassment & punches in their work place? Would we tell an adult to fight back?
    If it takes a lawsuit to clarify this issue – then so bet it.
    Schools need to stop obsessing about “business-as-usual” – in fact their role far exeeds beyond giving exams. Schools need to teach both the heart the mind.
    Many victims of severe bullying that I have talked to – felt as though the school viewed *them* as the problem – rather than the bully.
    Else why are the victims changing classes or changing schools?
    No more “business-as-usual” please. Schools need to stop being Bystanders too.


    • jimmyhalley4 says:

      Completely agree with you Doreen,my step-daughter was recently attacked at school,she was bullied for two years at the school and we were never informed,when the police got involved they tried to convince us that they did not think it was fair that this BULLY could end up with a criminal record for attacking our child,I was astounded,I ask the police to leave my house in disgusts and removed our child from this school,SCHOOLS MUST ACT NOW,here in the UK,Canada,U.s.a,we need a global solution to a global problem.


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