February 3 – What an amazing GHD!!

What a day!! What a night!!  By the way, Rob is fine.  Thank you to everyone for messaging me and asking.  He is still on the mend but definitely better.  There was a screening in downtown Vancouver today for the movie ‘Bully’ and I left my BBB to go to it.  Convinced two really great friends to come with me and I am glad they did.  The movie was interestingly detailed.  It was the first time seeing it for me and I wasn’t quite prepared for the first 10 minutes.  Luckily Joanne had the kleenex.  Firstly, I really don’t like it when details about the cause of deaths are told.  I am not sure why but mental pictures in my head run wild.  It is bad enough to hear that a person has died.  Even worse when it is a child. Then to have it go into the methods.  No thanks for me.  That is just my own very personal opinion.  I know that some people have that morbid curiousity.  Lord knows that many people via FB (and I don’t know them) have tried to ask me the question.   Now why would I talk about it.  It is not anyone’s real business.  The media has gone ahead and assumed and printed their thoughts.  My words to them would be ‘Can you report what has been verified, not what you think is true …’

I have to honestly say that I need to watch the movie ‘Bully’ again and write down notes.  The first time around, I felt anger at the school administration.  Some of the parent comments were surprising to me.  There were key phrases I felt I wanted to remember.  So I will try to see it again.  I must say, it is not a movie to watch alone.  It saddens me that kids can be the way they are in terms of their treatment of peers.  I have lots of questions which I will write down in a future blog after I have watched it again.  Some of the questions I bring up might be controversial, but what is life without both sides of the coin…

After the screening of the movie, there was a panel discussion.  in my point of view, all discussions are worthwhile.  Especially when questions are brought up.  The best moments were when a couple of the young people stood up and spoke about themselves.  One of the girls had social anxieties and admitted to enjoy being on her own and didn’t like being judged by others.  (Amanda had these same feelings and thoughts.)  Another child spoke about how she wasn’t bulllied but that she felt that no one in the world deserved to be treated this way.  Both kids came up for hugs later and I freely gave what everyone in the world needs – a great big hug!!  

I explained the significance of Princess Snowflake again today.  I always worry that my words are boring or insignificant.  Although worldly important to me, I don’t know if others care.  But the more I think about those little snowflakes, the more impacted I get.  I need to carry some around to give out to people.  I love how they light up when they get one.  Woohoo… new project for my Snowflake elves!!

Sometimes I feel like a ‘rock star mom’.  I know that I get recognized sometimes when I am outside the confines of my house.  People look.. People stare.  I say ‘Just come over to say hi!’

I connected with ‘Noah’s mom’ today on FB.  🙂  So glad I did.  Lots to talk about.

I have also connected with Catherine Hogan.  She is the teacher who make the You Tube video that is going viral.  

I just have to find some time to sit and read and write and not have it be 2:50 a.m.  I am so backlogged in my replies.  😦

There was a radio interview today on CKNW by Brenda Morrison.  It was informative.  Greg Moore also called in to talk about the city of Port Coquitlam’s ‘I Am Someone’ initiative.  Even the Snowflake Walk.  

So happy to announce another fundraiser in Amanda’s memory.  I have posted it below.  There are also some other things brewing in the wings.  I am so thankful to everyone for wanting to support our PS (Princess Snowflake) in her dreams of helping other kids.   I keep reading more and more about mental health issues in our youth today.  How do we help them?  Are there enough professionals to support this?  Why do I hear daily about more kids self harming?  It is so scary and I can’t even imagine what parents are feeling?  I can honestly say I know the feelings.  Although I got Amanda supports, there was still my daily fears.  I was waiting for the days that she would be finished high school and could go into the world to find other friends and a career path she dreamed of.  She always one day to meet someone really ‘nice’ and wanted 2 kids.  It makes me sad that those dreams no longer exist in real time.  If she had only know that young love is just the beginning of a life time.  Does anyone remember the song ‘Silly Little Love Songs‘ by Paul McCartney and Wings?  I am not sure why that song popped into my brain.  Except that young teenage love can be silly to us but the kids are so serious.  Boys are not always treating girls properly.  Girls are wanting to be with a boy so badly under any circumstances… Not a good mix!!!  So many fragile minds out there.

On a good note, I am still connecting with lots of kids out there.  As I have said before, all kids need trusted adults.  if I can be one to help, then that is ok with me.  That is what Amanda (the PS) would have wanted — her ‘cool mom’ to help.  I got this message today by text ‘U touch my heart so much’.  So sweet…

Gotta go to bed or at least try.  It’s 3:22 a.m.    

Hugz to my support people (aka Snowflake elves) xoxo



About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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6 Responses to February 3 – What an amazing GHD!!

  1. Sue Hindle says:

    I agree with you Rob on the song


  2. Rob says:

    Makes me think of a song from the 60’s.
    This song is before my time, but I was introduced to this song by a co worker
    recently at work.
    The Chambers Brothers.
    Song is called: TIME, The Time Has Come Today.
    Lots of destruction.
    My thought over this song is : THE TIME HAS COME TODAY, TO STOP

    Something Has To Happen About Bullying.
    And It Needs To Happen Now.


  3. merle48 says:

    Carol, You have shared your personal life and that of Amanda, “above and beyond” the call! I’m sure part of you wants to set the record straight because there is so much BS out there. I know you will have days where you wonder how, and if this is all worth doing…..but that’s just the rollercoaster of normal emotions….I guess we can all relate to that in some small way with things in our own lives. However, what you are doing is undoubtedly BIG. Please try not to worry if we have stopped caring…Ain’t gonna happen for many of us. There are many other bullied people who need someone to “fight the good fight.” “This is what Amanda wanted” you said…..who’s gonna let her down? You are her biggest supporter, and we are a close second. I read of other persons’ as far away as I, who speak to you as if they live on the next block…..if that’s not caring…what is? Amanda has brought us together from near and far with her sad, yet powerful story, we are in this together. The only thing I suggest is that you get some rest from this…even a few days away from anything technological, and it will be similar to meditation, believe me! Although you may feel so many people young and old depend on you now, you must “refresh” your mind and body. You will come back with even better thoughts. I also hope your son is doing okay, he appears to be a wonderful son/brother!


  4. Tristan says:

    Glad to hear Rob is recovering well. Looking forward to seeing that movie ‘Bully’, ive watched Cyberbully and thought it was something every parent should watch. It gives a good view of what goes on and can happen with teenager’s in today’s world. I’m disturbed to learn that people actually ask you them type of questions, it really is nobody’s damn business and completely disrespectful. It is a very personal subject to be asked them kind of questions that you should never have to answer. I don’t believe you could get any more personal than that!, people shouldn’t even go there! Its great to know that you and Catherine got connected, im sure it means something to her as well. Its great to see you reaching out and helping others going through struggles, just a few phrases or words could really mean a lot or make an impact on somebody’s life and make the world of difference for them. The big question im seeing here is “How?” how do we reach them? how can we help them? How can we get enough supports out there for everyone in need.? How can we spread awareness? with the reference made to Paul McCartney ill leave one by John Lennon , take a look at the lyrics to the song “How?” here is some of them -You know life can be long
    You’ve got to be so strong
    And the world she is tough
    Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough
    here is the song performed by Ozzy Osbourne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awOcbVoS4yE


  5. Rob says:

    Thanks for giving me a “heads up” before I go ahead and watch this movie.
    It is Sad enough a person has died. It is Sad enough that the person is a Child.
    It is extremely Sad to learn that a Child has taken thier own life.
    About the details of cause of death, I Really do not want to know.
    For someone to know the methods, what they used, and how they did it,
    could only do someone more harm than good.
    Young Love can be silly to us adults now, but as Carol mentioned it is soo serious to a teenager. I have recently read that some teens “Act On Thier Emotions”
    and that they haven’t developed the “coping skills” that an adult would have.
    Thinking back to when I was 15, I am quite sure I did act on my emotions.
    Teenagers take things so emotionally deeply, and seriously, even over small things.
    I do remember the song “Silly Little Love Songs” I Love the pic of your Snowfalke Carol, the one I did (on paper) is purple in the center, and turning into blue near
    the edges, with sparkles. I could not duplicate it if I tried !!
    That is what makes a Snowflake so Beautiful, Unique, And Precious.
    You Are Loved Amanda..


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