February 8 – As the world turns …. over and over

How is it that it really doesn’t matter if you stand noisy or silent – stuff will always come at you?  If I have learned anything in the past (almost) 4 months), it is to learn how to stand tall, become a turtle with a hard shell, ignore others comments if needed, to duck and cover, to think quickly when a decision is needed and lastly, how to juggle text messages, emails, FB messages, tweets and DMs and more.  It is incredible and incredibly exhausting.  I try to keep up.  I try to answer back.  I have a list of things to respond to and then some get lost in the email/message trail.  Arggg….. I had almost forgotten a video conference on Pink Shirt Day which I accepted a while back.  Never quite understood what I had written in my calendar.  So I will be on a video conference with New Brunswick School District talking about cyberbullying and how it affected Amanda and her family.  Also what could have been done to protect her and other kids her age.  I have never done a video conference before.  It will be another new experience.

So my question of the day is …. ‘What colour is the anti-bullying colour?’  It seems to be a possibility of purple, blue and/or pink.

We had someone new come on board to support the Amanda Todd Legacy/Memorial fund today.  I heard her sing at the Sage Foundation Awards where I first got introduced to Evander Holyfield.  Her name is Sarah K and she sings the song ‘Fly’.  All proceeds from the sale of her song on iTunes will go to Amanda’s Legacy Fund as well as the CKNW Orphan’s Fund.  It is all so unbelievable.  I need to make a page on all the wonderful people/groups supporting Amanda.  So many that it overwhelms me with happiness (and sadness too as this really shouldn’t be happening in my life.  Amanda should be here sneaking out at night or coming home late or eating popcorn in bed, etc.)

Michael Bell sent me a message tonight or rather this morning.  He started to hand out the bracelets to students in his class.  I wish I could be there.  I would love it if those kids could make a video sharing how they feel and how Amanda’s story has changed them.  It would be great if this was a worldwide project.  Kids learn from their peers and fellow students.  We should use this to our advantage.  

I also found out that a local sushi restaurant in Port Coquitlam made a sushi roll and named in ‘Pretty in Pink’ for Amanda.  A dollar from each roll will be donated to an anti-bullying cause.  I want to go in say hello and thank you to them.  I want to wait until I have more bracelets.

Now the bracelet problem.  A month ago when I ordered the second batch of 3000 bracelets, I was afraid of having too many.  Right now, I am afraid of not having enough. I have just ordered 4000 more.  If no one wants them anymore, I guess I can make a ring toss game.

That’s all for now.  The alarm will go off early in the morning.  I know that I will have much more to say tomorrow.

Night … xoxo

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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2 Responses to February 8 – As the world turns …. over and over

  1. la Punisher says:

    I love the sushi roll idea! That is so cool, Would also be nice to see the response of Michael Bell’s Students receiving the bracelets, This is all so great…
    Hugs 2 U Carol


  2. Tristan says:

    Wow is what i have to say for this one! I love the sushi roll idea!, The anti bullying colour could be Purple, Pink, or blue really depending on the type of bullying i think, but those three colours are mostly mentioned. In Nova Scotia there was a boy who had been bullied because he wore a pink shirt, so everyone showed up wearing pink shirts to show support for this boy as an anti bullying gesture. So i guess it could be the colour of your choosing which would have meaning for you. Since Amanda loved pink and that is one of the main Anti Bullying colors, i dont think you could go wrong. Around New Brunswick we all wear pink shirts for anti bullying week in October. (Pink shirt day). I would be very interested in hearing more on that video conference with New Brunswick school district as well,:)


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