March 4 – The number 44

This is the second effort.  I was describing my day …

I was driving to North Van this morning and listening to the radio.  I rarely drive in the morning and I don’t listen to the radio a whole lot as the songs just remind me of Amanda.  Anyways, I was listening to the Kid Carson show on  SONIC FM and there are 2 other females on the radio with him – Chelsea and Randi.  Randi was telling about her weekend. Her phone randomly Siri’d her a message that said ‘Always watching over you’.  It didn’t come from her or the TV in her room. She did tell about having a twin brother that had died at birth.  Well .. after the phone thing … she mentioned that she was tired and went to lie down.  She couldn’t sleep because  a number kept popping into her head.  It was the number 44.  If you know me well, you would know that 44 is my number for personal reasons.  Randi looked up Angel #44 and this is what it said – 


Number 44 carries the doubled vibrations of the number 4, making its energies and influences magnified.  Number 4resonates with the attributes of support and stability, establishing solid foundations for the self and others, willpower and effort, ability and worthiness, hard work and achieving success, wholeness and inner-wisdom. Number 4 is associated with our passions and drive.

Angel Number 44 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time.  You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive and determination will lead to success and fulfilment.

When the Angel Number 44 appears repeatedly, it is a message that you are being surrounded by helpful, lovingangels who wish to bring you peace of mind and joy of heart.  The repeating Angel Number 44 indicates that you are being given support and encouragement along your path, and when faced with an obstacle, rest assured that your angels are most willing to assist. Be assured that solutions to any issues or problems will soon be revealed.

Angel Number 44 is a message that the angels and Archangels are with you, encouraging and guiding you.  They are offering you inner-strength and support to enable you to get the work done that you need to in order to attain and achieve your goals and aspirations.  They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire.  Work with the angels to ensure success in all of your endeavours.

Angel Number 44 is a message that you have nothing to fear in regards to your life, work and Divine life purpose and soul mission.  The angels surround and support you, encouraging you to keep up the good work you have been doing. Theangels and Archangels are always available for help and guidance  –  all you need to do is ask.

The description of the #44 angels sounds so much like the Snowflake elves.  I must say that the story from Randi and the number threw me off kilter for a while.  Amanda did know that was my fav number.
Is is snowing anywhere out there tonight???  xoxo

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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11 Responses to March 4 – The number 44

  1. Michael S says:

    Spinning snow flakes 🙂 , #44 angels, guardian angels, angels dancing, spirits, how often have you noticed any? My mom passed away Mar. 3rd 9 years ago. The other day Mar. 4th, an owl was sitting in a tree at the end of my drive way and sat there all day from morning till 6 pm. It didn’t fly away when I went outside. It hasn’t been around since. Once in a while the owl comes around, on “special occasions”. I think it was my mom’s spirit! And yes, there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason.


  2. todd oliver says:

    What a beautiful Blog. xoxo


  3. Paul K says:

    This angelic post does give one pause to wonder…..


  4. Wow, fascinating! I do believe there is only one way you are functioning after such sorrow and angels must be holding you up. xo


    • la Punisher says:

      I agree with U Kathleen, Truer words were never spoken.. May this women (Carol ) be Blessed 4ever, The strength she has shown in the face of tragedy has made her a Masterpiece…


  5. Sue Hindle says:

    I love what you said Merle about children’s imaginary playmates being their. guardian angels… I am sure Amanda has rallied some angel helpers to help with the work that still needs to be done down here.


  6. merle48 says:

    To Carol, I give you all the credit in the world for all you are trying to do, ontop of the immense grief you must feel. I believe that you are healing yourself through sharing with others, and I still wonder how hard and brave this is! I believe that you are guided by angels, and (angel #1) Amanda’s spirit….just BELIEVE, and you will notice so many small miracles every day. I don’t know if you ever watched “Seinfield” but there is an episode where a woman says, “There are no “little” coincidences…only “big” coincidences” To me that means there are NO coincidences, everything happens for a reason, although we may not know why at the time…if we take the opportunity to notice…the reason will make itself known. You are being granted the good fortune of coming to know and better use these discarnate influences in your life.


  7. la Punisher says:

    Thats a pretty powerful blog, and if that is the case with angels, I really wish that there were more number 44’s around because this world truly needs them, Imagine how beautiful the world would be if every spirit was lifted higher than the heavens by the angels, there would be no more tears and no more pain…Sigh… maybe one day!!! Hugz 2U, Carol.


    • merle48 says:

      Children often have imaginary playmates. I suspect that half of them are really their guardian angels. ~Quoted in The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994 I’ve always believed this Tristan, and your story reminds me.


  8. Tristan says:

    WoW! is all i really can say about this one for now. I really do believe that in time of need or in extreme situations sometimes angels can enter our physical world ,make themselves present and help pull us through certain situations.. Ive heard many, many different stories of people in extreme situations where they would swear with every ounce of their life that they have in them, that they physically seen or they just simply know that they’ve had help from an angel of some kind. One of the stories that stuck with me a lot was hearing about and seeing on the news probably close to 93 or 94 (so its hard to remember in accurate detail),It was about a family who’s car that had flipped over in the winter on a frozen lake and hadn’t been discovered for quite a while. I can’t remember if the parents survived or not or if they were just unconscious but i remember that the first responders where extremely surprised to find that the little boy had made it out without harm and was standing on the ice in the freezing cold staring across the lake. The first thing he said to one of the first responders was that he was watching the angels dancing on the ice and that they were the ones that had helped him and pulled him out. This story has always stuck with me, I only wish i could remember it in better detail. So i do believe that we have our angels with us from time to time and i know that you have a very strong angel who is always with you Carol, that is indeed your PS. She will guide certain people into your life and connect the strangest coincidences together and her presence can and will be felt or noticed in many different forms from time to time. I believe she will always be closely watching and always with you. The connection between you and her will remain forever strong.


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