6 weeks past October 10th (for Amanda)

6 weeks has past (November 22, 2012) – It’s a wonder where time has gone. So much has happened over the past 6 weeks. We have had 2 wonderful memorial services for Amanda. One which was a complete secret from the press. The other which was press controlled. Both were perfect. But if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have wanted any to happen. Remembering that kids are supposed to outlive their parents. 

I went to an anti-bullying documentary preview tonight in Richmond. It was a documentary made of youth who had been bullied in their short lives. All have gone on to form a troupe that goes to school and does improv re-enactment of bullying and cyberbullying situations. The only glitch is that it was made in Richmond and was funded in Richmond. That might mean that it stays in Richmond. This initiative is only meant to support the other programs that the schools use.

Now here’s a totally off the wall kind of conversation – What is Christmas without chocolate? (or wine for that matter). Everywhere I turn, there is chocolate. For me, it has to be dark chocolate, with nuts and/or blueberries. If you have that mix, then I think you will become my BFF. Although from the looks of the past so many weeks, I have lots of BFFs. And … my friends haven’t forgotten me. They keep texting and emailing to send me cheery hellos and how are you’s and the infamous … GO TO SLEEP!!! Now how can I go to sleep when I am not really tired. Sheesh… although last night, I didn’t sleep until about 5 a.m. I told a few people this and they said that’s when they were getting up. Now I can’t imagine getting up at that awful time. 

So back to this bullying documentary I went to tonight. There was a question/answer period. And me, getting better at public speaking every week, had a ‘burning question’ to ask. I asked the panel of teenagers if they had told their parents if they were bullied and if not, why not. I also asked for answers from both girls and boys. No boys answered at first. The answers ranged from culture, didn’t want parents to worry, parents were busy, my mom cares and m dad doesn’t, etc. Still say that open lines of calm communication need to be present. One person shared the following – I believe it was his mother. Anyways, the gist of the student group was that they wouldn’t share with each other. 

Another thing right now that I am concerned about is the rise in numbers of youth that want to self-harm. My answer to al would be to go find a snowflake punch (ask first before buying). The man at the eye optics person gave me a pitstop. :)

Here’s a warm fuzzy .. I love that Amanda’s friends are keeping the stuffies Amanda had a new warm and cozy home. Amanda was a huge fan of Build a Bear (with clothes and hair bows). The hair bows have since gone by the wayside but the clothes are still around. Cute dayz that we had. Alos expensive as you decide. That’s it for now, kinda boring and dull. 

Talk soon… xoxo to everyone
(I am tired)”

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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5 Responses to 6 weeks past October 10th (for Amanda)

  1. Paul K says:

    To Carol-What is blossoming before your eyes,Carol?PFTP.


  2. Paul K says:

    To la Punisher-Much truth in your words today.Mucho Respeto.(much respect).Paul.


  3. merle48 says:

    I believe with boys, it can be exremely difficult to tell their fathers that they are being bullied…al la “cultural thing.” My own son is very proud, and his Dad is someone who can always defend himself, so I think when a boy has a situation as such, it becomes burdensome to explain to the father that they are being bullied for fear of being called a wimp, sissy,pushover, etc. I don’t know if my son was ever picked on to the degree that crosses the line, however, he took up boxing when he was 13, and continues to this day with this sport, (he’s going to be 20). It has transformed him into a stronger, more secure individual. He doesn’t flaunt it either. My point is that these kids must aquire confidence in themselves as to who they are and to feel good about whatever it is they do. Now that is indeed the hardest part, and I know there are so many broken families that make the chances of gaining self-esteem very discouraging for a child who has so many other issues to contend with. So it all returns to the mental health of the individual, and how important it is to identify components that trigger low-self esteem, which in turn, attracts bullies.


    • la Punisher says:

      merle48:..Good self confidence creates high self esteem, I raised 3 Boys this way, ~ 2 went on to be successful business people, The oldest developed mental issues from the misuse of drugs, But I taught them not to be wimps, You take it and you dish it out the same way.


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