March 27 – Virtual friends come to life

Meeting new people is always good. But it can seem scary too.  There are so many people on my list to meet.  Not sure how many I will get to meet but I hope more than a handful.  Today I met a dad who crossed my path because of Amanda’s story.  It was a great meet.  I want to meet his daughter and wife really soon.  I have a bunch of other people to try to meet next week.  It’s all so cool to put faces to names now.  I hope that  everyone new I meet will want to help spread Amanda’s message.

The virtual friends that I am eventually meeting are as wonderful as the friends I have in real life.  I love how people are open to meeting and talking with me.  I have learned how to juggle 10 conversations all at the same time.  Not an easy thing to do, that’s for sure.  As for keeping everything and everyone straight, I have a notebook.  Or rather 3 notebooks.  Does that help?  Yes somewhat.  But I still lose names and dates along the way.

I love the colours of spring.  I would have to say it is my favourite season.  The flowers.  The warm sun.  Not too hot.  Amanda loved spring too.  Especially Easter as she always got chocolate.  Long ago, we gave up the cheaper chocolate.  It became a tradition with me and the kids that they would get a small bit of ‘better’ chocoate (Amanda liked white, her brother liked milk) and a then a gift.  Too much sugar was never a good thing.   And …. there was always the ‘Mom, can I get an Easter outfit”.

When Amanda was younger, it was always about the Easter dress.  Amanda loved the girly girl dresses back then.  Flowers, lace, etc.  And the black patent shoes.  I will have to find a pic somewhere.  Why are girls born natural shoppers and boys aren’t?

I was just re-reading some past stories written about Amanda.  I didn’t realize that the Huffington Post has a bunch of stories grouped together on her –   Reading the stories over makes me re-live much of my sadness and makes me miss her.  Sigh…

Right now, I have to think spring thoughts.  On the good note, it’s supposed to be a sunny and warm Easter weekend.  My BBBB is cooking turkey dinner on Saturday night.  Yum!!   I will be the assistant.  I love this. After cooking turkeys for all these years, I am with someone who is truly wonderful and lets me watch and help.  I make the stuffing and he (hopefully) enjoys doing the rest.  I wish I could invite all of you (except for a few readers) to my house for dinner.

As I sit here in the dark and type my blog, I am looking into my fireplace.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the snowflake candle has never spun again since that night.  I told a girlfriend that story at lunch today and she just said that Amanda was with me in the house.  She told me stories that she has heard over the years from friends and families about loved ones.  I must say, it makes me curious.  Do we believe these things happen for a reason?

Getting tired. I don’t want a 3 a.m. night or morning.  Meeting some film students tomorrow who want to work on a documentary about the effects of cyberbullying as related to Amanda.

Sweet dreamz all … xoxo


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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6 Responses to March 27 – Virtual friends come to life

  1. You’r petition might have gotten 10,000 100,000 or even 1,000,000 signatures if you had requested that many, a great number have not sighned because you already reached your goal. I love you’r working against the bullies/stalkers and blackmailers, I too work voluntarily against these evil doers in some help rooms and with some polititians across all continents. You and Amanda have saved my life and I’m sure many others as well! Don’t let the few loud bullies and stalkers get you down, no matter how much they try you are loved by thousands who might be silent but we stand with you. You are loved by a great number of us. Stay strong and keep up the good work but don’t forget the rest of you’r family ♥.
    I have taken on the many pedobears (especialy in Brasil) and am also feeling some resistance (bullying). My friends there are both in high and low places and that helps. Many sites have been reported and some shut down 🙂 . Some are only “blocked” in some countries 😦 . I am so happy whenever the worst of them are taken out of the way even if it only seems temporary.
    I live in germany and here we have fines of about $1200 for every insulting word online or offline. that gets very expensive if it’s done a lot. Because much of this comes from other countries (in you’r case maybe across the borders of USA and Canada) it might be hard to enforce. Here in Europe we have many borders so I want to try to get simmilar laws/ fines all across Europe (European Parliament). There still needs to be some work done with more cooperation across borders worldwide.
    Most of this evil agains children is illegal in almost every religion and nearly all countries.
    The cooperation between many local and federal authorities has got to improve. It should also be punished if someone sees or knows of these things and does nothing (witnesses reporting and testifying) or even (police parking paperwork eternally somewhere). If there are not enough workers they need to employ more or get help from volunterrs. If Legislature local, national even international with their police forces, IWF (with all social networks), NSA, CIA, FBI, RCMP well as other authorities local, federal and internationl across most every border around the world there would be a very great impact.
    I have called for mothers (I cannot do it alone) to visit chat and video chat sites (rooms) like BlogTV (rooms) ect. to warn children and even adults of the dangers of saying or showing too much (capping and blackmailing). Maybe there needs to be a great movement like there was with “Mothers against Drunk Driving” except maybe “Families and Friends Agains Bullies and Blackmailers International”.
    I believe the very critical comments and actions of many religious groups are counter productive and a spirit of love, understanding and forgiveness (Holy Spirit) should prevail over the “critical spirit” that posese most of these religious groups. Even Jesus said “he who is without sin should cast the first stone” to those who had persecuted a woman for adultry. And to the woman at the well who had 10 men He just said “go and sin no more”. Forgiveness and acceptance of those that have made mistakes could save a number of lives.

    ♥ U All
    you’r international friend,



    • la Punisher says:

      To Andrew Schumann (@SchumannAndy):…Good move Andy, Hang in there, I hope you continue with the good fight, Don’t give it up, We need people like you to help Good prevail over evil and one day evil will be overcome, keep your thoughts on Amanda’s cause and Stay Strong. Take Care


  2. Love the spring since I dont have seasonal allergies =) Glad to hear you getting more sleep and enjoying the sunshine. Hope you have a great Easter!


  3. la Punisher says:

    It truly sounds like you are getting stronger and that is really good to know
    Thinking of you and Amanda and sending an early Easter wish…
    Have a wonderful Day… Hugz 2U 🙂


  4. merle48 says:

    Carol, everyone heals in their own way, but I think what works for you is wonderful, as you surround yourself with with caring people and share a part of yours and Amanda’s life with them. You will come out stronger (if that’s possible). Don’t feel undeserved of these comments, this cost me and others “nothing” to say them to you. This is exactly what so many other people need in their lives…if we could all say kind words everyday to people, especially those that lack confidence, it would truly be a better spent day for all. Yes, I believe “these things happen for a reason,”( as in subtle messages) and can only be defined by ourselves for our own situations…but it’s definitely up to you to embrace them!


  5. Tristan says:

    What a beautiful blog. Reading such a nice wonderful blog like this, leaves me with the impression that you had yourself a really good day, ( a day where the sun is shining bright). I must say i envy your spring compared to ours here in eastern Canada. Our spring is cold damp and wet, with snow still on the ground and the occasional snowfall. We dont see too much nice weather till at least towards the end of April or sometimes into May. Im wishing you and your family a happy easter, and do enjoy the Turkey. I hope i would be one of the lucky ones to get an invite to dinner 🙂 but if you had the majority of all your readers, could you imagine the dishes ? lol wishing you a sunny day when you wake up 🙂


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