March 29 – Another piece of the journey …

Today was like an adventure.  Hwy 1 is a pain in the butt adventure.  I had a meeting two meet two really neat people from the VFS.  But the highway was so clogged that I was an hour later than the expected meeting time. Luckily there were two of them and they kept each other company.   As they were sitting in the sunshine waiting for me (they had signs to identify themselves to me), a security person asked them what they were doing there sitting and waiting.  Hmmm…. two young people. They had backpacks, binders and books with them.  Hardly the drug seller look these days…  We had a great meeting about life.  They told me stuff.  I told them stuff.  I found out how much they paid for tuition this year.  OMG … I am glad I am not a student there.  It was a 3 hours get together.  I missed my afternoon lunch and walk.  😦

Early today I spoke with someone from the National Centre for Exploited & Missing Children from Virginia.  They are wanting to use parts of Amanda’s You Tube video with something that they are planning for the 2013-14 school year as an educational/learning tool. I gave them permission and they will show it to me before they go ahead and publish it on their website.  I truly think that Amanda’s Legacy is a story to learn from and I am ok with this endeavour.  It continues to spread her message and the awareness.  I look forward with working with them further.  Please check out their website.  It has so many resources.  Even if they are American based, there are other good resources. If you are a parent/educator, sign up to view their teaching documents.  It doesn’t list any Canadian provinces to register, so just click on a state.  I asked them to include Canadian Provinces in the future.

Tonight there was an PoCoMo Youth Society AGM.  So glad I went.  There were lots of interesting people.  I met one mom.  She told me that her daughter and Amanda knew each other.  She also told me that Amanda’s story had an impact on her daughter for the positive.  I was so glad to hear that.  I wonder and wonder how many positive impacts and changes Amanda has really made since October 10th.  So many untold stories.  I wish I could hear some of them.  I said back on October 12th that if Amanda’s legacy could make a positive change in one person’s life, I would be happy.  Not happy that she isn’t here, but happy that another life has been changed.  I have been hearing stories all week from parents of kids.  Some good.  Some not so good.  But we are still working together to ‘Make that Difference’.

Hey, I’m going to Victoria on Tuesday.  Going to sit in on a meeting with the Bradley family and the Minister of Health.  The topic of discussion is none other than …  emergency mental health services.  Should be another interesting chapter in the AT Legacy.  There will be media there after or before.  Not sure which.  Amanda … you mom is there for you again!!  Can you make sure that it doesn’t rain please!!!

Tomorrow will be the first look at where and how the Snowflake garden will be planted.  I have a vision.  Rob has a vision.  Todd has a vision.  Hmmm…. me and two men deciding.  Who will win???  You vote!! …. LOL

Turkey is thawing out.  Stuffing stuff is bought.  Can’t wait until Saturday dinner time.

Going to play Candy Crush.  Love you all … xoxo

(Yes, it was a bright sunny day for me.  I only cried once when I heard a song.)


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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8 Responses to March 29 – Another piece of the journey …

  1. Andria says:

    Os homens podem dar suas opiniões ..mas como sempre a ultima palvra é da mulher !!
    Linda noite de páscoa!! Beijos doces !!


  2. Paul K says:

    Should of spelled “Viburnum”


  3. Paul K says:

    Those Fragrant Snowball Virburnum bush/tree are very beautiful.Bee’s, butterflies,and birds are attracted .The Viburnum also has berrys for the birds to eat.Have a pleasant Easter,Carol and Family.XOXO


  4. Sue Hindle says:

    I think all three of you will have input but you will be the winner Have a wonderful Easter weekend. hugs


  5. la Punisher says:

    I would say that you will win the vote, But you all three can be winners , Its called “compromising”
    Great Blog Carol, Have a Happy Easter Weekend and a great day today Hugz 2U


  6. Lisa says:

    While Rob is busy cooking dinner you can plan the garden lol! He can be involved too, you plan it he plants it haha! It’s a win win situation!!


  7. So glad to hear how big and far her story has reached… if only she could be here to see it. Her message has definitely changed the way that I look at life and interact with those around me, I’m alot less judging and critical now than I was before, I try to see both sides of the story and hold my tongue if there’s nothing good to say. Hope the garden turns out swell, and that you have an amazing Easter!


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