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April 29 – To be young, wild and free of ….

We always say as ‘older people’, what it would be like to be young and free.  I’m sure that lots of young teens would look at you in bewilderment and think, it’s not that great a life. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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April 28 – Credit here, credit there, credit everywhere ….

Too early for me to post anything yet today but for those that want to do some reading.  It is amazing the chatter and discussion that is happening around cyberbullying, mental health and exploitation.  I am so glad for this … Continue reading

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April 27 – Once upon a lifestyle ….

Going to bowling fundraiser tonight and I can’t bowl worth beans.  Yup, I still can’t bowl worth beans.  I don’t think I was ever coordinated.  Being at the bowling alley brought me back to the days when my kids and … Continue reading

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