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April 26 – What is cyberbullying?

There was definitely lots of talk about cyberbullying today from coast to coast.  New legislation in Nova Scotia which would allow the ‘police in Nova Scotia will soon have new tools to fight cyberbullying. Provincial legislation proposed today would let … Continue reading

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April 25 – Peanut butter & ice cream & a spoon …

Now those are memories.  I am talking on FB to a mom I recently met.  She is the mom of Noah from the Facebook page ‘Letters for Noah‘.  Noah is a young teenager.  He had posted that he was planning … Continue reading

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April 24 – What makes a giver? What makes a taker?

I often remember those words as I was growing up.  You had givers and you had takers.  It always feels good to give but then there is always that urge to take too.  So where do most people in the … Continue reading

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