May 2 – The addictive powers of technology…

Finally … it’s sunny here in Vancouver.  The rain and wind has stopped and it’s just nice, sunny and bright.  Time for the lawn furniture to come out and the BBQ to be cleaned.  

I just found an article about a story that I remembered reading about last year.  It was about a fellow who was going to leave using the internet for a year.  I had forgotten all about it except that there was a follow-up article printed yesterday.  April 30, 2012 was his last day on the internet/technology use and now it has been a year and  he’s back.  It is interesting reading about his journey and the pluses and minuses.  Harder to talk to people on a regular basis.  The ability to click, read and learn.  Electricity sources.  Getting back to the basics.  Lots to read about and all so interesting.

So here’s a question for yourself to ponder.  What would your life, your children’s life, your work life be like if technology didn’t exist?  What would we be doing?  If you were to completely shut off for a day, a week, a month — how would that feel?   I know for me, 30 minutes gets me antsy.   How does one keep updated by the old fashioned methods?

So when we meet someone and they AREN”T on Facebook, social media.  You find out they don’t email.  What are you first thoughts?  Be honest.

It very much amazes me at how everything has evolved.  How our thinkings have changed? How a tool that is helpful can also be unhelpful and change the ways we live and think?  How we treat each other?  How we react?

Please put some thought into the above questions.  They are certainly worth pondering.  If at least for a bit.

C xoxo


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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15 Responses to May 2 – The addictive powers of technology…

  1. @ namedallas
    C’est avec ces mêmes problème que je suis devenu trop pris par cet outil dont je n’arrive plus à me détacher .
    Oui j’aimerai retrouver un peu d’oxygène sans internet .
    La toile . C’est bien son nom , je suis englué dedans comme la mouche est à l’araignée .


    • la Punisher says:

      TranslationFor @ namedallas
      It is with these problems that I became too busy with this tool I am unable to detach myself.
      Yes I would like to find some oxygen without internet.
      The canvas. That’s his name, I’m stuck in as the fly is the spider.


  2. namedallas says:

    Well my transportation is from the 1970’s I don’t have a cell phone and I just got on the internet a year ago,I’ve spent the last ten months fighting,bugs,viruses,add whare,along with some coughs,sneezes,and computer farts to finely learn enough to get my computer functioning well. And after all the hard work trying to crawl out of the dark ages,honestly Carol what are you trying to do put me right back there.


  3. Tristan says:

    Interesting post Carol, also something ive often thought of and talked about with others. I actually have a good friend of mine take what he called “The three month FB challenge” , which is basically the same thing. You dont touch FB or maybe its anything computer wise for the full length of three months. His tales of his experiences were quite interesting. In fact he now completely deleted his FB account,, put up a warning for anyone who wanted to keep contact with him that he still will check his Emails and left his phone # for texting. Basically he was saying he spent much more time hanging out and having fun in the “real” world instead of “cyberworld”.

    It really would be some curious to see how people would react if society was stripped of all technologys. No GPS, Cars, computers , digital watches, electric light, ect. Many people just dont have any survival skills these days to cope without technology’s. Or even just in the last 15 years, if that technology was taken away. Once i first had my cell phone i immediately thought it would be impossible to live with out it, as i just relied on it so much. But now i no longer use a cell phone for the past year now ,, and im getting along just fine with out it. It took some time to get used to , but you eventually do adapt.


    • la Punisher says:

      That is a good point Tristan, I to, won’t carry a cell or even own one, I don’t want to be bothered when I’m out enjoying other things


    • merle48 says:

      “But now i no longer use a cell phone for the past year now ,, and im getting along just fine with out it. It took some time to get used to , but you eventually do adapt”. Know what’s funny Tristan? It’s the people who NEED to always call me to know I’m available that can’t adapt…I do just fine without one! Haha


      • Tristan says:

        LOL , thats so true Merle. Its actually part of the reason i got rid of the cell phone, just because of certain people always trying to get a hold of me. It use to ring quite often at one point in time, along with text messages. I eventually got it dwindled down to just ringing maybe once or twice a day, and it always seemed to go off at the wrong times , while driving , middle of a meeting or something. Eventually came to the conclusion “why should i be paying for this service if i only want to use it so little?”


  4. Andria says:

    Boa Noite Carol !!
    Boa Noite Pessoas Lindas desse Blog .

    Eu não consigo ficar sem tecnologia ,eu chorei durante dois dias quando minha mãe mandou meu computador para o conserto ..rsrsrs
    Eu fico arrasada quando esqueço o celular em casa …e do que eu iria trabalhar se não tivesse computadores …eu trabalho em um Banco por onde eu olho só tem computadores e olha que é proibido usar a internet paginas bobas eles dizem ..mas sempre dou meu jeitinho .
    Mas quer saber se fosse preciso eu ficaria, ainda gosto das coisas antigas como ler livros e jornais ,esta manhã quando fui trabalhar encontrei o entregador de jornais ..ainda existem pessoas que leem jornais a moda antiga ,esta semana me fez lembrar a época de criança .Não não da para viver sem tecnologia .Eu poderia viver sem meu faceboock mas faria isto a umas duas semanas atrás agora não, não da ,gosto de tudo que é postado lá e principalmente quando os Anonymous Brasil falam do meu governo esta pergunta seria ótima para eles responderem !!eu não sei como eles fariam !! Eu gosto do jeito como eles pensam …queria ter conhecido esta legião na adolescência teria muita coisa para fazer …ops.. foco Bom enfim tenho uma irmã que age igualzinho a você Renée Bégin …o que é extraordinário já que eu sempre digo a ela que ela é única rsrsr .Não podemos viver sem
    ..mas podemos trazer os velhos abtos novamente como o entregador de jornais .


    • la Punisher says:

      Translation for Andria:
      Good Night, Carol!
      Good Night Beautiful people of this Blog.

      I can not be without technology, I cried for two days when my mother sent my computer for repair .. lol
      I get overwhelmed when I forget the phone at home … and I would work if I had not computers … I work in a Bank where I look only has computers and look that is forbidden to use the internet pages they say silly .. but always give my little way.
      But want to know if I had to I would still like the old stuff like reading books and newspapers, this morning when I went to work found the paperboy .. there are still people who read newspapers the old fashioned, this week reminded me of the time child.’s not there to live without technology. could I live without my faceboock but do it in a couple of weeks ago now no no’s, like everything that is posted there and especially when Anonymous Brazil speak of my government this question would be great for them to respond! I do not know how they do! I like the way they think … wish I had known this Legion in adolescence would have plenty to do … ops .. Good focus finally have a sister who acts just like you … Renee Bégin which is extraordinary since I always tell her that she is only rsrsr. We can not live without
      but .. we can bring the old abtos again as the paperboy.


  5. la Punisher says:

    To merle48..hahaha, Sometimes I think I got dementia, But I know damm well its my computer that sucking the thoughts out of me and using my knowledge to share with the world… Hence, A good thing and a bad thing


  6. merle48 says:

    To la Punisher, You are unfortunately 100% correct in your last paragraph! I’m on the same page with forgetting what I thought 10 minutes ago, just too many things to tend to, and most revolve around some form of technology that I must access to pay bills, and communicate quickly with others…a curse/blessing. Every year when I go to Nantucket, I leave it all behind! Even my cell is hardly used because I know certain people who must contact me every day…haha…strict orders not to call unless a comet is crashing to earth very soon! It feels wonderful to walk, ride, eat,shop, swim and talk without these technological props! Yes, they can be an EVIL tool for some, and gives them a voice they once kept (and should keep) in their own heads.


  7. la Punisher says:

    If technology didn’t exist?… Excellent A Really Good question…
    Many times I have asked myself,” How did I manage to get this far without it”
    When I meet someone who doesn’t do email, Fb etc..First thoughts are. “Man. Your in the dark ages.” I don’t do FB much anymore, Been banned to many times, Tired of sneaking in the backdoor, and I don’t miss it..not a bit, My children are grown up so I really can’t speak for them, But they are right into the gadgets and social media thing,
    The world was moving to slow before so technoledgy sped it up, Now its going so fast
    I can’t remember what I thought about 10 mins. ago,

    Yes it has changed our lives, But the sad part of it all is, the voice it gave to the half-lifes
    and to those who try and turn truth into lies
    Hugz 2U carol


  8. Renée Bégin says:

    You might not believe this, but I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, Tumbler,etc. I don’t even have a cell phone! My husband and I share a phone but I barely use it. I only use the Outlook email for work purposes. When I started working around 30 years ago, we didn’t even have personal computers! Things have certainly changed a lot since then. I am what people would call “technically-challenged”…


  9. merle48 says:

    It’s like a “breath of fresh air!” More later…I have some “physical” things to tend to!


  10. I went a month without facebook and a smart phone…. i cheated with FB on the weekends. At first it was hard without FB since you’re so use to being updated… but after the first 2 weeks or so it got better… the smart phone thing was abit harder… still have to go another month while waiting for my pre-order but I think I’ll manage


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