May 7 – Taking the time to …

There are so many ways to finish the title of this blog post.

As you are reading this, think about how you would finish the sentence.  Would you complete the thought with taking the  time for something for yourself.  Or something for another person.  Or maybe both.  There are so many things that need to be done in life.  Do we rush through life trying to get them all done?  I remember trying to get so much done with the kids before ‘nap time’ hit.  If you are a mom or dad, do you remember having to do errands or grocery shopping. You would try to get as much done before the crankiness would appear with your kids in tow.  And then they would fall asleep in their car seats on the way home.   And instead of waking the kids up, you would let them sleep.  Making sure that the car was parked out of the heat.  The windows were rolled down.  After getting the groceries inside, you would park a lawn chair close by the vehicle and then maybe try to get a few pages of that book you were reading.  Sorry… there wasn’t iPads, iPods or Candy Crush bank then.

I think that the way we finish off the title of this blog post is different for everyone.  It would also depend on what stage you are in your life and what you are doing in it.

Today I took the time to myself.  I got my nails done.  I loved soaking my toes in the warm water.  The place I get my nails done actually has chairs that are massage chairs.  Once (not so long ago), it was Amanda that dragged me to the nail places.  She was the one that liked to get her fingers and toes done.  It was never me.  She had to convince me.  I usually sat and watched her.  Then it became a mom and daughter thing.  The ladies in the nail place say that when I walk into their shop now, they see Amanda with me.  If you look at the pictures of  her in her ‘short’ black dress, notice her nails.  All sparkly and purple.  She had just gotten them done the previous weekend.

It’s my thing to do now.  It keeps me connected.  I seemingly go for the bullying colours of pink, purple or blue.  And everytime I go, I get a snowflake painted on my fingers or my toes or both.  It is a reminder to me how important snowflakes are in the world.

Saying that, I have the strangest story.  A friend of mine who is connected to the writing world wants to support Amanda’s Legacy with some writers.  One in particular contacted my friend.  She had learned about Amanda’s story and was intrigued by it.  Soon enough, she learned that Amanda was Asian, was cyberbullied and there was a snowflake attached to her memory.  This writer is Kailan Gow.  She writes the Frost series of stories plus more.  Kailan wrote me this – “Snowflakes is my symbol for my series. It means so much to me that in the book, it’s the symbol of so many things like eternal love, strength, immortality. I wear a snowflake necklace when I do signings and appearances. I’m a strong advocate against bulllying and have just done a 37 radio shows tour on bullying, girl’s self-image and self-esteem, and teen/young adult women’s issues.”  And in talking more with her, she loves snowflakes.  Amanda (nor I) had ever read or heard about this author.  It was completely random that we have been connected. Like me, Kailan wears a snowflake necklace and has snowflake things all over her home.  It’s just a wow moment.  And she has written so many books in her Frost Series which all have snowflakes on the cover and deal with characters who gain confidence in themselves.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.34.19 AM

So much is needed to instill the confidence in our youth these days.  I am speaking at a Youth Conference this week.  I don’t know yet how to phrase my words.  It usually happens when I see the youth and that is where I draw my energy and courage to speak.

It’s late and bedtime before I get yelled at by all the people in the east coast who are getting up soon.

xoxo  Hugz




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About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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7 Responses to May 7 – Taking the time to …

  1. Andria says:

    Thank you! God bless


  2. Savetheworld says:

    Love your stories! 🙂 Nails and girls! 🙂 the best cookie recipe magazine I have that has never left my side has a big huge snowflake cookie on the cover! 🙂 ❤


  3. samanthastevens212 says:

    Taking the time to say Thank You. Used to be that we all were raised to say that and now we hardly hear those two important words. I try to say Thank You as much as I can because I reallze that without help and support I could not do what I have to do each day. I became disabled over 11 years ago and have learned to say Thank You a lot. Surprising how many people will help you when they can see you need help. Take time to enjoy the quiet moments and make the most noise when you feel you should. Thank you for a great post Carol and have a fantabulous day.


  4. merle48 says:

    “Taking the time to” …always make sure that the people I care about are doing okay…such a small thing really…but the more I think about this, the more I realize the importance of seeing to others needs before mine…and no I don’t ignore my own needs, but loved ones always come first. I also have days where I spout things like, ” I’m going to do this, and that just for me!” Haha. That is because many times I feel unappreciated…but that’s human nature! I remember so well the days of babies/ toddlers in my car, after shopping I actually enjoyed their little naps while I unloaded the car,,,just made the task so much easier.All those details you wrote about like “windows rolled down…parked in shade…very important in warm weather, and in winter I just had to take them inside first. When we give our time with concern for others, I don’t believe it should be rushed, but instead nurtured, similar to a garden. First I take out the weeds, turn over the good soil, plant the seeds, continue to water and feed them, watch them sprout and grow, and then continue to take out the weeds.which always return…oh and talk to them (CO2).Even with all this care, some of the plants don’t thrive. As for “what stage you are in your life” I was always a nurturer…it’s part of me…but you’re right, as decades go by, it becomes more finely tuned, and I appreciate who I am now.


  5. la Punisher says:

    Can’t come up with a title but I sure remember the daz with the kids.
    But I really Love the little ways you are staying connected to “Princess snowflake” That is totally, totally awesome, God Bless You 4 being a caring mother.

    Double Hugz 2 Day


  6. namedallas says:

    Hi Carol
    Really not sure how I would finish that.I’m usealy just trying to find things to fill that time.


  7. Tristan says:

    Reading your first paragraph , I just keep nodding my head in an agreeing motion saying “yup!, Yup!, Yup!” when reading the parts about racing against time to get the little one home before he passes out in the car seat. We would be trying to keep him awake until we get home, because we know, once he passes out,, their is no taking him out until he wakes up. And im always the one sitting in the lawn chair next to the car waiting for him to wake up.

    That is quite the story about the author . I think these are the type of people you are meant to meet and run into along the way. Im glad you were able to connect with her, and both share the same things with the symbols of the Snowflakes and their meanings.


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