May 21 – Happy Victoria Day !!!

Part 1 – Just wanted everyone to know that I read each and everyone of your comments and replies.  I don’t reply back because it would be one more task for me.  So just wanted everyone to know that I so appreciative of what you say, think, feel and do!!

Part 2 – You Tube video – RIP Amanda Todd –

Part 3 – Hard times.  I never expected the emotional ride tonight. I was using my camera (the one that Amanda used for all her photos) and needed to download the pictures that I took.  I never expected to see the ones that I saw.  About 50 that Amanda took dated October 2, 2012 and October 6, 2012.  They were gorgeous photos.  Ones that will be cherished.  But ones that she won’t be able to see. If she had only known how happy she looked.  I wish she felt that way inside.  Damn the person who made her that sad.

The pictures made me smile and they made me cry.  I don’t think that ‘those feelings’ will ever go away.  The shock of the tears is enough.  I now have a huge headache.  The shock has subsided.  I need some Candy Crush time.

Hugz ..xoxo


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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20 Responses to May 21 – Happy Victoria Day !!!

  1. Andria says:

    Amanda tinha muito bom gosto ..quando penso em Amanda costumo lembrar de um filme que assisti a alguns meses em que uma garota parte deste mundo mas no outro lado tem a hance de viver um mundo que ela quer como ela deseja ela é muito feliz lá …acredito neste mundo aredito que Amanda esta agora em todos os lugares rodeada de muito amor e olhando e cuidando de todos nós !!!


    • la Punisher says:

      Translation for Andria:
      Amanda had very good taste .. when I think of Amanda usually remember a movie I watched a few months when a girl of this world but on the other hand have a hance to live a world she wants how she wants she is very happy there I believe in this world … that Amanda aredito this now everywhere surrounded by so much love and looking and looking after us all!!

      Good Night!
      This is very cute .. conhei Thomas in my fb page he is a wonderful person and did a beautiful job on your car … lol board for me is a hair straightener or rssrs surfboard widely used here on the beaches of Brazil! !


  2. namedallas says:

    Carol wasn’t that the dress she had picked out for her 16th birthday party she wanted .
    I love that hair,she has so much hair.


    • Yes that was the dress. In Amanda’s computer, she only put in a few of photos she took. In my camera, there were about 25 she didn’t choose of her in the ‘little black dress’. And yes, that was the one she chose for her 16th bday party. As for her hair, OMG. So much of it and it got everywhere. In the sink, in the drains, in the vacuum, everywhere. And it was sooooo long.


  3. Hamsi says:

    I feel for you, Carol! What can I say except stay strong as your dear daughter said many times.


  4. gookymann says:

    Amanda will not be forgotten as long as I live. She will be honoured long after I am gone. Her spirit is still among us and she might not even get tired as a spirit dwelling accross the oceans and on every continent. Amanda, the whole world has shed a tear for you. For that moment the world was your’s. ♥ U Amanda, may your spirit always be with us. A big hug for you and your mom. She is so strong, And you are magic. ♥


  5. Renée B. says:

    Lovely picture, as always…. I just watched the tribute video and found it very moving. How I wish that she was still here….


  6. Savetheworld says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine your pain and anger. It breaks my heart 😦 Trust me every single one of us wishes we could have helped or done something to prevent what happened. If only we had known her or about her. Would it have made a difference would the bullies still have gotten to her? Shame on them! How can people be so evil amd cruel? Karma is a bitch!! It might take time but it works. Know that Amanda is in a good place, she will never suffer again. What people don’t realize is that suffering in the hands of others at an early age can affect your brain and set you up for serious depression and anxiety in the future. Also please think about every life she has saved and will continue to save! She did not pass away in vain! Wish we could turn back time! If I could I would! 😦 thinking of you always! ❤ love you!


    • Tristan says:

      Very strong words Savetheworld, thank you for speaking for many of us who feel the exact same way. I do believe in Karma and it will come flying back at them in one way or another. And yes Amanda has awakened many, and opened peoples eyes, and has also saved many.


  7. merle48 says:

    Sorry, writing tooo fast…I meant la Punisher.


  8. merle48 says:

    Yes Tristan, that is the way of LIFE… when least expected!


  9. la Punisher says:

    Tears are good it helps us to release our emotions, know that when you feel the heartache we too feel the heartache thro’ your expressions, As for the S.O.B that made her sad, Karma has a way of biting back, when least expected.

    Hugz 2U dear lady


  10. merle48 says:

    Wow…I’m crying with you now, and it really is okay to get angry…maybe you don’t do it enough,or maybe you do it privately, not publicly…does it feel better to tell everyone who reads this because it’s about time you let those feelings be known…a release from the unreality of it all,from the considerable expectations you and others put upon yourself. As much as you need and want to do all the magnificent things you’re doing, you also have to let the “steam” out so you don’t blow up. I don’t believe there is a way for you to convey to others the immense heartache you must endure at every turn…pictures, songs, people, smells, places….and not one of us expects such things,but don’t you get it? Amanda lives forever through all these things that remind you…embrace this hidden gift, tend your wounds, and see them heal as you acknowledge them….it’s a paradox.


    • Tristan says:

      Merle that is the most beautiful post, and so well put together, and truthful. I had heard about these photo’s last night and i found it most difficult to have the right words to say. I wish i could of come up with something similar like this, at the moment last night. Carol, 7 1/2 months later and still coming across little unexpected surprises like this i see as a wonderful treasure. Possibly a gift from her. I hope ou take your own advice on this one and get these ones printed out and make a really nice photo album with. An album to hang on to and forever cherish. Thats a very nice picture of her, and i reconize the dress, the one you mentioned in previous blogs.Please take care, sending warm thoughts , hugs and wishes.


  11. namedallas says:

    And we also to appreciate all that you do.Thanks Carol !


  12. merle48 says:

    Never doubt our sincerity…we are your fortress…and it’s a strong one! haha


  13. jag72 says:

    Thank you for giving us a place of meditation.
    The colors are calming


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