June 8 – Good stories in the world …

Each day there are Facebook posts and news articles relating to bullying/cyberbullying and then the onslaught of depression and anxiety in our young people.  I was talking to today to a friend who talked about writing an article that would be helpful to parents to identify some of the indicators of their child in distress due to bullying or depression.  I started thinking about how that would be written and how it would sound.  It triggered in my head that there are many articles and books and websites related to this.  It’s the same about organizations with resources and tools that deal with bullying. There are so many groups with resources and workshops.  The problem becomes that all these groups try to gain momentum by proving themselves as the better program to use.  Then does it become a business venture or one that is meaningful for the purpose of helping kids.  I think schools and groups sometimes become overwhelmed with the selection of what to use and who to bring in as a speaker.  Word of mouth certainly helps and social media outlets like Twitter can be helpful.

As Raffi explains in his book Light Web/Dark Web, there are two sides to the internet.  The Light Web provides us with the abilities to communicate socially with others, use it for daily business ventures, find recipes, read the news, etc.  The Dark Side is when social media becomes more challenging.  People harass and make fun of others.  Young people/adults post malicious and taunting words/pictures/videos of their peers.  People tell others that they are worthless and should die.  The DARK SIDE.  You have to wonder about Pink Floyd’s thoughts when this album came to be.  When you go to Wikipedia, it says this “The Dark Side of the Moon‘s themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, and mental illness, the latter partly inspired by Barrett’s deteriorating mental state.”  I found this to be an interesting statement.

It makes you wonder about everyone’s dark side.  We are all supposed to have one.  But is it possible that we control it in our daily lives.  But for some, it is impossible.  What makes people want to live on dark side?  Is it controllable?  Or is it brain chemistry?  Like depression and mental illness.

Paris Jackson has been in the hospital.  The articles say she is suffering from depression resulting in the past experiences of her family.  Probably like PTSD.  I only hope that her story continues to raise awareness around the world about how affected we all can be about mental health issues and our youth.  I was watching one of the interviews with Paris and Oprah Winfrey done a year ago.  Paris was talking about how she had been bullied and cyberbullied but she didn’t let it get to her.  She would ignore it.  In the article I read last night, there was actually a screenshot where there were comments that were hurtful and horrid.  Probably much like the ones that Amanda and Rehtaeh and many others endured.  What I am saying is that our kids can go from being perfectly healthy/happy kids to depressed/anxious ones in a matter of a few months.  And for some, it is impossible to dig them out of the shell they have started hiding in.

June 7th was Hands Up for Rehtaeh.  It was the 2nd month date of her death on April 7, 2013.

June 10th will be an Amanda Todd Balloon Release for Bullying and Mental Health. Not sure how this will go as we only came up with it a few days ago.  If you can’t find a balloon, wear purple.  Also remember to light a candle to let her know we are thinking about her.  It will be the 9th month date since her death on October 10, 2012.

Hopefully for those who do participate, make sure to take a pic that will be posted somewhere for all to see and share.  The organizers will post where to upload your pics or you can send them to amandatoddlegacy@gmail.com to be posted.

As we approach the 10th of this month, the memories are swirling more than ever before.  It’s that darn word ‘Why?’.  I went for some shopping therapy today with a friend.  It was at our closest shopping mall.  Although the shopping was fun, it brought back the memories of Amanda and I shopping.  Our last venture out was in September 2012.  She wanted clothes for going back to school.  It was the first week of September, before the Labour Day holiday.   She had so many shopping bags.  If you were to still ask me if Amanda had any preconceived notion, I would say no. She had too many events planned for herself from September 2012 until Christmas 2012.  Most of which were costly but fun.  I wish she could have remembered all these things in her timeline in her darkest moment.  Love you Amanda.

Gotta stop now.  Kleenex time.  xoxo


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Stop A Bully – Statistics of bullying and cyberbullying in Canada – http://www.stopabully.ca/bullying-resources/bullying-statistics

Raffi vs Facebook – Maclean’s magazine – (June 2013) – http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/06/07/facebooks-failure-to-protect-young-users-his-call-to-millions-of-beluga-grads-and-don-cherry/

You Tube video from Becca Levy (March 2013)  – Fix You – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE8zEhecJ70

Song – Sia – Breathe Me – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSH7fblcGWM&feature=youtu.be

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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10 Responses to June 8 – Good stories in the world …

  1. blackmajick says:

    Carol please never stop the blog, Especially love when you share the little things about Amanda. I don’t know why but I really like when you describe things you used to do together and about her personality, etc. It’s The 10th now, even I’ve lit some candles, though I can’t do balloons :(.
    I hope this is not creepy or anything.


  2. Savetheworld says:

    Bullying has gotten out of control it can destroy people period. It’s difficult enough to live in the world today we dont need new mote damaging stressors! We are going to see a huge increase in mental health issues mark my word. i have suffered from both depression and anxiety, both caused from bullying in the hands of my supervisors who abused their power in the workplace and guess what companies condone this kind of behaviour and akways support the bulky? i just don’t get it. Constant taunting and harassment can and will easily spiral you down into disaster and a horrible place and its happening in your brain thats the sad part. Not much can save you if you allow it to continue. I stood up for myself both times but waited too long the damage was done and it creates problems for a lifetime!i its awful that even though i grew up in a loving happy environment i had to suffer in the habds of others who didnt. This is unacceptable! At least our beautiful angel will never have to suffer one bad feeling iagain. Its infuriating and sad that we now have no way of protecting ourselves and our families. These things should not happen, individuals should be held responsible for their actions and they should be punishable with very serious consequences, underage or not!


  3. gookymann says:

    Hello Carol,
    Coincidentally I posted my translation (still needs more editing) of a German article on http://www.andrewschumann.wordpress.com yesterday which might be of interest to you. It covers this topic as well. I still need to edit it some but those references you mentioned here are the same mentioned for this article as well.

    Those are beautiful photos!

    “Snowflakes” are always something inspiring for me.

    Carol I love you! ♥
    Keep up the good work!
    We all together are taking part in a great change, a change of awareness, possibly a stop of the rape and bully cultures, ending many causes of depression and mental illness.
    We all together can make this difference.

    We all need to speak up!

    “In the end what will hurt the most is not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”
    ~ Martin Luther King

    ♥ U Carol, ♥ you all



  4. Tristan says:

    What a great blog. I love the reference made about the Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd, Many of those songs were written about Sid Barrett ( the former leader of Pink Floyd) until he underwent some mental health issues and mental breakdowns and could no longer function as an active member within the band. But looking closely at the lyrics to some of the songs on the album such as ‘Brain Damage’ you can see they are about mental health issues. Thinking of the concept of ‘The dark side of the Moon” makes me wonder, and could be relative to mental illness. Is it , we don’t look at the dark side of the moon , because it is facing away from us and we don’t see it? or is it because we don’t ‘want’ or ‘like’ looking at the dark side of the moon in fear of what it might be on the other side and what it might contain?, we prefer to only look at the bright side. Interesting when you make the connection with this and mental illness. Also speaking of Pink Floyd albums, their is another one called ‘The Wall’ which also has some similar themes throughout the album, Mainly about Sid Barrett again. But is about ‘isolation’ and separating yourself and your subconscious and thoughts apart from society and every incrementing negative thing that happens in your life is like literally building up a wall around you and isolating yourself to a point where no one can no longer reach you or help you. Many of the lyrics and themes on The Wall album are about this, surrounding oneself within the comforts of isolation from everyone else. -worth checking out sometime.

    Very beautiful pictures you posted here. some sad to hear about Paris ,, so much pressure on young celebrities or well known youths, which must become overwhelming at times. But they face the same problems and issues as unknown youths face everyday as well, and the powers of the internet can be very damaging to oneself. There is just no guidebook or manual for them to follow and to go by – Not yet. By learning all we can and the best possible treatments for these issues that we are learning over time, hopefully we are building or writing that ‘guideline book’ for the future generations.


  5. H.I.D. says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSPAargq4LI (KCRW 2007)
    Here is a Live version of the song ” Breathe Me” by Sia.
    Amanda knew this song, she played it in her video, and this song is
    also imbedded in the movie Cyberbully, which Amanda had also seen.
    You are thought of every single day, You are forever loved Amanda !!


  6. la Punisher says:

    Very interesting post, I really don’t think that anyone wants to live on the dark side, but once they get stuck there its hard to find their way out, and is an imbalance of brain chemistry And every thought that happens on the dark side is made to look like the truth, And depression comes very easy for those that are there or were there, there is no peace only turmoil and mental confusion.. Ex: My son was on the dark side arguing with Jesus, Moses and Issiah all at the same time and talking to his God who wanted him to bring about Armageddon..That was scary crap even for me But at the time he loved it, He thought he was the chosen one,… But now that he’s on the mend, He Say’s I remember that and there is no way I’m ever going there again, He is taking head meds to balance the chemicals, So I believe that depression etc. is the result of chemical imbalance. And I believe what causes the chemical imbalance is negative thinking, This is not medical proven it is just my suggestion, But studies are being done
    The balloon release will catch on, just have to keep doing it

    Hugz 2U


  7. merle48 says:

    “What makes people want to live on dark side? Is it controllable? Or is it brain chemistry? Like depression and mental illness.” Depression is mental illness, and I believe when someone is in this state of mind they many times welcome more of the same. I call it living/being in a “funk.” It’s always brain chemistry, whether they are born with it being off kilter, or sometimes life events alter it. Sometimes it’s too much substance abuse…either way the brain chemistry is altered. Paris was born into notoriety…how big is her unwanted “cross to bear” when she is in the limelight by no fault of her own? I believe her dad Michael was on a slow “death trip” because of the rumors and accusations he received for many years. As much as Michael Jackson appeared invincible as a music icon, he was only as human as all of us, and could not win the fight with his own demons.


  8. jag72 says:

    I respect my friends young girls I always regret not having had the chance to meet you to protect you from the dark side.
    Share a smile is enough to make me happy.
    I wear the shirt to share your message.
    People are never in the dark that the danger is present in front of screens.
    Yes Amanda. A message from a deep friendship that I offer you.


  9. ishaq says:

    We will not forget you Amanda …


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