June 22 – Twinkle, twinkle little star ….. (aka snowflake)

It’s June 22.  Yesterday was the first day of summer.  It was the longest day of the year yesterday.  It is so nice to see the sun.  We all want the rain and water to recede from Calgary Alberta.  Horrible devastation due to weather conditions.

As much as I love the sun, it is playing havoc with my brain.  The emotions seem to rise when the sun is out.  I can try to say I don’t know why but I think I do not the part of the answer.  It’s summer.  Kids are out.  Running around.  Wearing neon colours.  It’s amazing how many teenage girls with long brown hair there are out there.  As Amanda emerged out of her cocoon last summer, we went out to Starbuck’s and Timmy’s.  We sat in the park to watch the ducks.  We watched sunsets together.  Screamed at bugs.  And howled at the raccoons.  I miss those things.  And in the summer when the mornings are bright and the days are longer — out, I even sleep less.  Uggg… just the way I am wired.  I was like this even before technology came to be.

An article was written today in The Province newspaper titled – North Van teen became suicidal after ‘brutal,’ anonymous cyberbullying on social media site, mom says’. http://www.theprovince.com/life/North+teen+became+suicidal+after+brutal+anonymous+cyberbullying+social+media+site+says/8566046/story.html#ixzz2X1SKB611.  It was about a social networking site called ask.fm.  The story is told by a mother of a young girl who is being cyberbullied through the Ask.fm site with the ask questions anonymously button still clicked .   Ask.fm which is based in Latvia and is getting a huge amount of negative press lately due to the cyberbullying nature of the site and for some of the emotional harm it is causing youths on the site.  If you read the article from the Province, make sure to go and read the comments also.  Once again, opinions go many ways on this topic of conversation.  That’s why it is interesting to bring up the topic with others ‘So what do you think about what is going on with social media and social networking these days?’

And then on Facebook, I just found this page – https://www.facebook.com/AskFmShouldBeDeleted.  I hadn’t seen it before but I will pass it around.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 11.04.32 PM     Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 12.45.36 AM

I was able to talk with Jim Nico today from ‘The Social Network Station’ down in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am scheduled to be on their show for next Friday @ 11 a.m.  I am figuring that it can heard via their website.  Jim had lots of interesting things to talk about what he does and he wants to do through his organization. He has a very interesting team and we are planning to meet up to talk more about what is going on with social media, how it is being used as an effective and non-effective tool.  I still believe that there needs to be opportunities to teach the young people today how to use social media/networks with care and with safety in mind.  So many parents are saying It won’t happen to my kids and the kids are saying “It won’t happen to me”.  But my answer is – I didn’t think it would happen to me either and it did.  So it’s much better to be prepared for something and it’s ok if there is nothing”.  

Words of Wisdom for tonight – Never go and touch the knife sharpener in the utensil drawer.  It has metal shavings that are invisible slivers.  OUCH!!!

A reminder to all – Don’t forget to take those pictures of your kids, your grandkids, special events, your pets.  Just as long as they are shared with respect.

xoxo  (How many days till Vegas?)


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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7 Responses to June 22 – Twinkle, twinkle little star ….. (aka snowflake)

  1. Savetheworld says:

    Carol, when you hear the voices and the laughter of the children and teenagers etc please always keep this in mind: Amanda’s legacy and your perseverance, has catapulted this issue out into the open and forefront, exposing the ugly truth, that is, the internet. You have both saved and will continue to save so many fragile lives. Those voices you hear just think some of them may be of kids whos life you’ve saved.

    Amanda will always be with us her spirit is alive and well and working miracles. Amanda bet your smiling down on your mom you must be so proud of her! She’s moved mountains for you! 🙂 Xoxo ❤


  2. Andria Drica says:

    Boa Noite !!
    Sabe as vezes a gente fica tão preocupado com o que acontece no mundo…com os adolescentes que não percebemos que algo ruim pode acontecer em nossa família .Estes dias minha sobrinha de 12 anos seu nome Melissa me disse com um olhar triste, Tia na escola estão me chamando de gnomo ,eu na hora não soube dizer nada para ela eu só perguntei você gosta de ser chamada assim –Não tia ..bom eu não sei então eu disse gnomo é um anão da floresta acho que ele é bom ..ela sorriu e então a minha outra sobrinha da mesma idade disse …mas tem chifre e é homem ..Pronto isto foi o suficiente para que ela voltasse a ficar triste ..Eu disse para ela agradeça a pessoa sempre que te der este apelido ela pensara que você esta gostando e vai parar .Agora estou aqui preocupadíssima com isto porque ela fez um facebock mesmo sem minha permissão mas ela teve a permissão da mãe então a mãe manda …tenho medo que as crianças coloquem frases ruins nas fotos dela ela não para de tirar foto no face .e estes dias pediu para se cadastrar no ASK mas eu proibi .Mas se a mãe dela deixar não sei o que fazer !!!!! Será que há um jeito de fazer as crianças pensar em outras coisas que não seja internet??


    • la Punisher says:

      Translation for Andria:
      Good Night!
      You know sometimes we get so concerned with what happens in the world … with teenagers who do not realize that something bad may happen in our family. These days my niece 12 years his name Melissa told me with a sad look, Aunt school are calling me a gnome, at the time I could not say anything to her I just asked you like to be called that-not aunt .. well I do not know so I said gnome is a dwarf forest think he is good .. she smiled and then my other niece the same age … but has said horn and is Ready .. man that was enough for her to return to be sad .. I told her to always thank the person who gave you this name she thought she you are enjoying it and it will stop. now I’m worried sick here with this because she made a facebock even without my permission but she had the permission of the mother then the mother tells … I am afraid that the children put phrases in bad photos of her for her not to take photo on the face. these days and asked to register at ASK but I forbid. but if her mom let not know what to do!! Is there a way to make children think about other things other than internet?


  3. la Punisher says:

    If social media sites were made accountable for all the crap on their websites than none of this would be happening
    Amanda is a ‘Superstar’, She will never be forgotten

    Hugz 2U


  4. merle48 says:

    I know these days are probably the hardest…to see everyone out and about, It just doesn’t seem fair or real. If Amanda had known how many others would have “been there” for her…would it have made a difference? That is a question I still ask myself, and to be honest, I don’t have an answer. I believe you can face the sun and see her, you can look into other girls faces and see her, you can hear her voice if you listen hard enough to every sound around you, and she definitely surrounds you when the summer breezes blow. You never have to be alone without her…as long as she is part of your thoughts, she exists. Amanda lives through all of her supporters, day in…day out. That hasn’t changed…we won’t let it.


  5. jag72 says:

    Nobody is safe from a traffic accident.
    It is the same for the internet.
    My son was about to have a Facebook, but I also know in a fragile situation.
    He is too influenced.
    I do not have the option to watch.
    but the warning was given.
    Nothing has been concluded yet and I’m not one to take the descision.


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