August 24 – Roy Green + Stettler, Alberta

What a great reception in the smaller town/city of Stettler. The people here are exceptionally wonderful. We have the best rooms at the Canalta Hotel and the nicest hospitality and its easy to get around. When we got to our rooms, there was a gift bag of surprises and treats. The rooms we got were huge – sitting room + bedroom. Spoiled.

This morning, I was on the Roy Green Show with David Fraser. David is a well known lawyer from Nova Scotia who deals with internet/cyberbullying laws. The discussion surrounded Dr Phil's tweet as well as the cyberbullying Safety Act in Nova Scotia. As always, it was a good mini discussion. The radio talks are never long enough.

Then off to the Youth Rally at Stettler Park. It was a beautifully (hot) summer day. The park was surrounded by duck ponds. Unfortunately, there was a rodeo happening at the same time and the rally didn't get as many people as anticipated. Still, what was there was great.

I am tired and ready to sit at home for a very long time. I never thought I would say, I am tired of airplanes.

My head hurts. Sniffles. Sore throat. Another day ….

I saw lots of people who didn't know what to say to me. I had many thank yous. I also got asked about how I can say what I say. My answer is that I have to push the Amanda thoughts to the back of my brain and just talk in order to help other kids and families. Then when I am alone, I sort it out and have my teardrops.

Time for a cup of hot tea and sleep ….


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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7 Responses to August 24 – Roy Green + Stettler, Alberta

  1. Razzaldazzel says:

    I am from stettler Alberta I didn’t have a chance to hear you talk because I was spending the day with my family at ol McDonald’s resort I do have to say I think it is true that with all the busy ness of being parents we tend to forget their is a world of technology at our kids fingertips and we ourselves have to take the time to put all things aside and spend more time keeping our kids close I would love to see you come back soon.


  2. Savetheworld says:

    You are amazing! ❤


  3. H.I.D. says:

    How Brilliannt Amanda was to think of her username “The Somebody To Know”


  4. la Punisher says:

    Just one small comment…’ You are my hero ‘

    Hugz 2U


  5. Tristan says:

    Carol,, we all love you for what you are doing. You really make sure that the message keeps spreading and going around,, and helping so many people. I do believe you need that relaxation time for yourself though, and a much needed rest. You also need a proper vacation at some point where you are not so busy and booked up with suppers and meetings,, a relaxing vacation and NO INTERNET!!! I know the thought is scary about getting back online if you were to take a few days off, but i think you could work something out. Have someone handle and take care of your messages for a week and keep you informed if something necessary comes up. Give yourself a good week all to yourself and just enjoy some sunshine and rest! 🙂


  6. gookymann says:

    Too bad about the Rodeo being in town at the same time. I am sure what you had to say was for many much more important.

    I too do not know what I can ask or say without upsetting you. If Amanda is not mentioned I have the feeling sometimes you are afraid Amanda is being forgotten. Many will know her name a very long time. Many will know her as that girl who made that video on YouTube, the one in the news. Many have really gone to the effort to get to know her afterwards when it was too late for her but just in time like it was for me. She is someone very special, she really is “The Somebody to Know” and she somehow knew this all the time. Someone very special just like her mom.

    Carol you are so strong but you don’t always have to be. Sometimes we deserve to shed a tear or two and need a time where we can be weak to recover from very hard times. Not to allow “work” to be in control or pausing long enough to allow the depression to get stronger than we are. We need the balance somewhere in between.

    ♥ U Amanda and thank you!
    ♥ U Carol

    you both are very special “somebodys” to very many, especially to me. 🙂


  7. H.I.D. says:

    “I am tired and ready to sit at home for a very long time”

    Carol, I’m Sure that’s what everyone wants for you.


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