August 30 – Enough is enough ….

Yet another story about the losses of a couple more teens that have come out of United States.  Bullied and tormented.  Online and offline.  It was only the first day of school.

When will this stop?  When will people learn?   It then leads me to think, are we as schools, communities, parents and concerned adults talking to deaf ears?  Or are we not doing or saying the right things?  You truly shouldn’t have to lose someone you know to this before you begin to think differently.

The whole subject just angers me which stops my flow of brain thoughts…. but here is an article I found where a school has hired a company to monitor social media sites in students devices while they are in school.

School district hires company to monitor social media activity of VentureBeat

The district has hired social network monitoring service Geo Listening to tune into students’ social media activity and look out for things like cyber bullying

Cyber bullying: How to help children stay safe onlineParentdish

1. Save and print out any bullying messages, posts, pictures or videos you receive. Make a note of the dates and times, along with any details you have about 

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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5 Responses to August 30 – Enough is enough ….

  1. I am old school! take away their devices or have them that it is only for contacting their parents! So many apps are not necessary. Teach your child to use the home phone to make calls. To take handwritten messages. Make sure, you have met their so called “friends” I have my Amanda M. Todd bracelet too. Good idea to wear it so whoever you may be actually talking to! can read it! that is brilliant.


  2. H.I.D. says:

    Enough Is Enough……..
    Because it is now the end of summer, and around this time of year I get this
    sadness……. I deceided to walk to my Main St. to go to the
    restaraunt/ bar, and hopefully I will meet someone.

    Well I did.
    I was wearing the green “Amanda Todd Legacy Bracelet” that Carol gave me,
    plus 3 neon glow bracelets that had already stopped glowing……. but they
    were still colorful.

    I wear Amanda’s bracelete with the words directed so that other people
    can easily read what it says, instead of them having to read it backwards.
    She Must have glanced at Amanda’s bracelete.

    The conversation turned to “girl bullying”
    It was not about internet/cyberbullying, but about how a girl has a BEST
    FRIEND, who is a girl, who just Lives down the road, will make her Best Friend Break Down And Cry. it happens at the park, it happens at her friends house.
    It is Evil.
    Best friends are finding one another’s weaknesses, and making them Break
    Down right in front of each other. It is happening face to face.
    “who is my best friend”…….. this girl asked her Mom.


  3. Wesley says:

    The way I see it, the problems will get worse, the bullying, the suicides etc etc. With technology getting better and bullying seemingly becoming more acceptable as a part of life and suicides becoming more acceptable as a way of escape. I see the problem getting worse as time moves on. Thankfully there are those few that are fighting back like you Carol and although I think we’re fighting a losing battle that shouldn’t give us an excuse not to fight back, I think we should do what we can and maybe one day hopefully I may be proved wrong. We need governments, organization and, well as many people as we can get to battle this problem although I feel the governments wont help much, I think they’re selfish greedy b*stards (well, our government here in the UK) they seem to care more about money than anything else. Anyways Iam so happy that your are actively make a difference Carol and I think your are an inspiration to the other parents that go through similar experience like you, keep up the good work! (Sorry for the long comment)


  4. H.I.D. says:

    No !!!!!! I’ve only read the headline….. not the story.
    On the 1’st day of school………. I can’t read about any more of this kind of things.

    I Am……..

    Forever Broken.
    Forever And Forever.


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