Happy Birthday to Mom!!

A kind of a bittersweet day!  I love my son and cherish all the moments with him.  He is special. But it doesn’t make me miss  Amanda any less.  She was the one who always had the special touches to a birthday.  Making sure that there was a cake.  Picking flowers out of our garden or the neighbours garden for the vases in the house because she knew I liked flowers.   Amanda never forgot the birthdays because she loved to decorate and looked forward to going out for the dinner.  A family tradition was that the birthday person always got to choose where they wanted to go out for dinner.  I never really was a chooser, I let her do it.  How I miss those moments.

Today was the day that the German documentary came out.  Click here to see it.  I actually watched this one and thought it was well done.

I didn’t understand a single word they said but the interviews were in English.  I am so glad that Kate McHugh was able to to be interviewed from Florida.  I met Katie last year in Vegas at a conference.  She had been bullied too.  She is now in her twenties and it is sad to hear what she went through. Read her book – Ugly ~ The Story of a Bullied Girl.  It is even sadder to know that those things still happen.

Katie and I have stayed in touch since meeting last summer and I love hearing about her new experiences in life and her public speaking engagements.  This journey I am experiencing has led me to many interesting and wonderful people.  I hope to be able to document all these people in a journal one day.

Something came out in Japan yesterday related to Amanda’s story and we definitely needed a translator for that one.  I guess these are my birthday presents.  Gifts that let me know that Amanda’s message is still travelling to all points of the world.

I was talking with a fellow colleague today that lives in my neighbourhood.  He hadn’t quite connected Amanda’s bench at the park with me.  Today he did when I told him where I lived.  I think he was at a loss for words as many people end up being.  I broke that awkward moment by telling him about Amanda rolling along with her bike into the pond because she couldn’t stop.  Good thing that it wasn’t today and now.  That pond is definitely a lot more murkier and muckier with duck poop.

Also make sure to listen to this song – Let It Go by Alex Boye (Africanized Tribal Cover) from the movie Frozen. It’s funny.  The movie was probably years in the making from Disney.  It turns out to be about snowflakes cloaked in purple.  It’s about being strong and being true to yourself.  And it was released at the theatres on Amanda’s birthday last year – November 27th. All coincidences but one can only think – that is so weird!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.57.30 AM

What will I do today? Probably reflect a bit.  Think some more.  Then try to have a peaceful, restful day.  Thank you everyone so far who has sent me a birthday wish.  It means alot to be part of your lives, even though many of us met through unforeseen circumstances.

A candle will burn brightly for Amanda today. Forever in my heart, never to be forgotten. xoxo

Make sure to listen to this song –




About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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5 Responses to Happy Birthday to Mom!!

  1. Matt says:

    just wanted to tell you that im sorry for ur loss Ma’am and share my story with u i enlisted in the Marines when i was 18 im 30 now i seen alot of things and had to do somethings that haunt me everytime i close my eyes…..I i suffer from ptsd most people think they know what it is but nobody really does its different for everyone for me i wake up every morning after i dream very bad dreams i feel a guilt so strong that i just wanna end it this happens every morning never skips a day one morning i found Amandas video……i watch it every morning it has become a lifeline for me without it i wouldnt be here right now…..she was so beautiful i wish u could have her back condolences from NYC…….. yours truly Matt


  2. Hamsi says:

    It always stirs me to read you poignant remembrances of Amanda, and this was no exception. I can see how your special day will bring back memories of the young girl who gave so much of herself to others. Best wishes on your birthday, Carol. Sorry I am a little late!


  3. Andria says:


    I want on the day that belongs to you, tell you that life is only worth living, when we are reminded for what we are, what we represent in by the lives of those around us, and today I thought of you.

    After all, you want to know and conquer all who live with you, and anniversary is a celebration that can not and should not go unchallenged, we must ask God all peace, serenity and tranquility, to live each moment with joy and vigor.

    Happy Birthday to you all with affection.


  4. merle48 says:

    Enjoy your Birthday with those you love best Carol! As for coincidences,.”Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” ~Albert Einstein


  5. la Punisher says:

    ‘ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL.’ Hope you have a wonderful day, My thoughts will be with you today
    Double ” Hugz “


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