April 27, 2014 – A message from Australia

Tonight I received this heartwarming message from an 18 year old girl that lives in Australia.  I think that as I find messages, I will post them anonymously so that we can all get an understanding about how far reaching Amanda’s story has gotten.  That is the Legacy.  What she has told us.  What her story is continuing to do for the world.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.10.38 AM

Today I was also doing some therapy shopping.  I love kitchen gadget stores so that’s what today was.  Earlier on Facebook I shared that I was at Costco and there were so many people.  I tend to overshop at Costco so today Rob didn’t get a buggy for me.  😦   The saying went – ‘If you can’t carry it, you don’t get it.’  Hmmm… not sure I like that one.  But … when I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond, hurray, we got a buggie.   I filled it with house gadgets including cute and pretty ornamental lighted tree branches (not real).   It now lights up beside Amanda.  But when I was in the store, a woman saw me and asked that question ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’  Uh oh — I think.  I asked her is she was from PoCo.  She said yes.  I asked her if she had kids that went to school.  She said no.  She just kept saying I looked familiar.   Then I had to tell her.  Yup, that was it — the news of Amanda.  She told me how Amanda’s story (and myself) were making an impact.  I asked her if Amanda’s story was presumably causing more angst with the contagion effect of suicide.  She said not to her knowledge. What she said next was interesting – that the conversations need to happen about bullying, social media, mental health and ultimately suicide.  Young people and their families need the awareness and education.  They ALSO need the SUPPORTS.  On a weekend where I wondered if Amanda’s Legacy was hurtful or helpful, I walked out of that store feeling much better.  So no matter what the differences in opinions, we all have to do what is RIGHT!!!




About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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9 Responses to April 27, 2014 – A message from Australia

  1. Hamsi says:

    This was indeed Amanda’s mission in life and in death, to be an agent for change that brought about momentous transformations — in laws, in awareness, in attitudes.


    • merle48 says:

      How true Hamsi! That was well said!


      • Hamsi says:

        Thank you, Merle48. And let me add that I do appreciate posts by regulars like you, La Punisher and all the others who are keeping this conversation alive. This is truly a caring and public spirited community.


  2. brandon kennedy says:


    Life is a great thing yes it is hard at times, you get bullied fiscal and mental and it is hard to not kill your self I know I have had a really hard life I to wanted to kill my self but I realized what about my family and my true friends they care about me yes the bullies wauled not care but who cares what they think. We don’t know each other fiscally but mentally we do we have to stand together. We all are linked because we been bullied so we know how we all feel like but we are strong no mater what the people say and if we stand together we can stop bullies from hurting other kids and save kids lives that have been thinking of hurting there selves and listen to your heart and listen for god you might have made a mistake but god will always be with you in your heart even if you don’t what him to I have made mistakes to I had a hard time forgiving my self but when I herd god through my favorite thing to listen to music and when you forgive yourself the same thing will happen to you but you will hear god through your favorite thing to do or listen to I felt like I know Amanda tided because I know what she felt but it is your chose to help me just think about it. Remember We are strong alone but together we are stronger. God is always with you even in the darkest time and when you are doing something wrong he is the one tilling you to stop. I’m am supposed to be dead but I live that is the reason I think god is real, I think god saved me for a reason, so I think the reason was to help people like us to stand together and you have a reason for being here to you just have to look deep in your heart. And for all of the bullies and the people who have picked on me Brandon Kennedy, and Ian if you see this Till megan I miss him and for you thanks for missing up my life.


  3. brandon kennedy says:

    Dear Carol Todd,

    I am sorry for the loss of your daughter I know how she felt I might not have got bullied the way she did but I still got punch, and bruises, also called stupid, freak, monster, and scab-boy, also I have been threatened, and I have been choked by a bully so I might have not know your daughter fiscally but mentally I do, and I am just asking you to read my not that I send you with this one and try to get it out read it like on the news or any way you can get it out to other people don’t stop fighting because kids are still being bullied because if you do we can let your daughter rest in peace that is what I think your daughter was telling you that something has to be done and until something dose she cant rest in peace. I think that god put her hear for this but he did not atoned for her to loose her life. I know this is not my place to say but she will always with you in your dreams and in your heart. You don’t have to help but Im not going to lit the bullies win I am going to say something rather than hide and lit the bullies push me around any more I am going to you’s my voice and this is because of your daughter just remember that you daughter didn’t past for nothing.

    from: Brandon Kennedy

    To: carol Todd


  4. merle48 says:

    No vision and you perish;
    No ideal, and you’re lost;
    Your heart must ever cherish
    Some faith at any cost.
    Some hope, some dream to cling to,
    Some rainbow in the sky,
    Some melody to sing to,
    Some service that is high.
    ~Harriet Du Autermont

    Just keep doing what you believe in, never doubt any deed that’s bathed in goodness.


  5. la Punisher says:

    Nice to know that the ‘Amanda Todd Story’ is still touching people everywhere and changing lives and that the tragedy was not in vain.

    Hugz 2U


  6. Angel says:

    Yes, Amanda’s legacy has touched all parts of the world. I hope it continues to do so. My brother was the first one to tell me about Amanda (and I do live in Canada.) I hope her story continues to reach all parts and help people too. Carol and Amanda’s story are making a huge impact. We must continue to support and bring awareness and education to families everywhere.
    Carol, you are an incredible woman who is honouring your daughter and changing lives everywhere with your tremendous dedication to her legacy! What an inspiration!


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