May 26, 2014 – A blog worth sharing …

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Well it seems that I have attracted the attention of yet another Internet loon and assailer of legitimate social activists and social activism. These idiots are a dime a dozen on the Internet and a few of them can put a sentence together that is grammatically correct. Aside from the fact that their reasoning skills tend to leave a great deal to be desired, they can sometimes come across to some people as … well … almost normal.

Philip Rose is one of these. The problem is that when you scratch the surface, his deceptions reveal themselves rather quickly.

For example, I apparently deserved a mention in his blog because (how dare I) sign a petition asking that Mr. Rose be investigated by the police for his harassment activities against the friends and family of Amanda Todd.

Petition Requesting The Sussex Police Investigate Philip Rose.

Mr. Rose is quite proud of these activities and like all typical cyberharassers and bullies flogs his abuse under the flag of free speech obfuscating the fact that free speech does not, nor has it ever, protected the right to lie, defame, abuse, harass and bully innocent people. Those are specific legal restraints on free speech because they are associated with behaviors that society doesn’t find acceptable and they exist in most countries. You can’t shout ‘fire’ in a theatre because of the consequences. Same applies to bullying and harassment. It’s a behavior and an activity. Not speech, in and of itself.

Those countries with hate speech laws are even more constrained.

Now, I personally don’t agree with hate speech laws. However, if they exist in a country and they are being violated by someone like Mr. Rose, then the fact that he’s committing a crime is a reality he has to live with, as is the possibility of being charged and convicted for that crime and associated crimes like criminal harassment. If you don’t want to risk being charged for such things, don’t engage in such activities.

Now, because Mr. Rose didn’t appreciate the fact that I was one of the signatories of that petition, of course, Mr. Rose posted a link to a blog which defames me because if he suggested people search me under my name (like he did suggest people do with Tim Wheeler and Jay Marshall), they would find that I have refuted these defamatory allegations on that blog in numerous places, done so thoroughly, and exposed the creator of that blog and the creator of that Google document as a liars who are acting in collusion with each other. Both have been exposed numerous times and by other social activists as well as me.

I have no doubt that Mr. Rose found my refutations all over the place and read them. It’s pretty hard to miss them.

Yet he doesn’t mention them. Is this your idea of being ‘thorough’ Mr Rose? Frankly if you google my name, you’re going to hit one of my refutations of these defamatory libel and lies, long before you hit the defamatory libelous blogs. It’s impossible to miss them.

So, when Mr. Rose makes the statement: “The Internet is a cesspit of lies and fraud. There are a few good eggs in the basket, but true crusaders are few and far between.” …

He is quite correct. However, his statement is, in my opinion, an example of projection in that his blog is far more reflective of the cesspit than those individuals he takes to task.

I also find it interesting that my name was just one of many – so one has to wonder why my name comes up so prominently in his mind. Did he research everyone who had signed it? Nearly a hundred people? If you go to the list you actually have to dig to find it.

One interesting cyberbullying/harassment phenomenon that I’ve noticed is that in recent years, these psychos (my opinion although a lot probably are psychopaths and sociopaths) are getting together and backing each other up in their lies, obvious frame-ups, misrepresentations and getting little goonie squads together to gang up on those social activists that stand up to them.

It is typical for cyberbullies and harassers to play the white knights and saints while villifying the genuine social activists. You see this frequently with arm chair/keyboard warriors like Mr. Rose who screech long and loud from their blogs about all manner of nonsense while contributing very little that is constructive to the public domain and the issues at hand.

This is one of the key ways of differentiating between those who are nothing but disruptors of social activism and those who are genuine, legitimate social activists.

We, the legitimate social activists, do make constructive contributions as well as offer strong critiques of and stand up to these disruptors.

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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