My Last Night in NYC and I LOVE IT HERE!!!

Tonight I was inundated with visuals and sounds of New York City in Manhattan.  It was both stimulating and annoying.  But annoying for the fact that it was so hard to walk along the sidewalks without stopping and running into people.  Never mind the rude looks.

STORY FROM TONIGHT – I was taking my pictures and minding my own business as a me and as a Canadian.  In Times Square, there are the people who dress up (same as Las Vegas) and wait to get their photo taken and then ask for money.  I didn’t want photos of the people who walk on the ground, I wanted the neon lights and the LED billboards.  So the guy looks at me and says “You won’t take a photo of me because I am not ASIAN”.  Like WTF.  Really.  My delayed intelligence was too slow.  I should have said something different. And he repeated it like multiple times as if I didn’t hear or understand him.

I bought souvenirs at one of the many souvenir stands.  Then we went beyond that and met a street vendor that sold t-shirts, etc.  Got into a conversation with him.  Gave him some bracelets to share.  He took the bracelets and has friended me on Facebook.

Then Todd and I went to Tony’s Restaurant on 45th Street for a beverage.  We talked to the bartender and the manager.   Both shared stories with us.  The manager has young kids of his own and knows what needs to be done.  More bracelets given out.  More to share.

I love New York  and the people that make it so worthwhile to be here.  In the souvenir store, I found something with Amanda’s name on it.  Amanda had asked me that when she graduated if I would take her to New York.  I said yes I would.  Unfortunately, she never made it but I am here in her memory.   ‘Amanda – you would have loved it hear but I could also hear you complaining in my brain about all the people.  However, you would have loved all the lights.’

Happy Graduation Princess!! You will always be in my heart, soul and brain.  (one year early)



About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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7 Responses to My Last Night in NYC and I LOVE IT HERE!!!

  1. Andria says:

    Boa Noite Carol ,amo suas histórias !!!!!


  2. merle48 says:

    When traveling such as this, gives you the opportunity to look outside yourself and the “world” you’re used to. You do good deeds wherever you go, you’re kind to all, even when you probably feel like it because sometimes you just don’t feel up to it. But you still continue and extend an open hand to others. This is what I see, this is what your friends see, this is what Amanda sees, this is what God sees. “A lion never worries what the sheep think.”


  3. la Punisher says:

    Hahaha, Amanda complain about all the people, Heck I did that when I was there,Way to many people But I did Love the lite’s of times square and the village and the fact that NY has no back alleys all streets, Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself Carol and keep up the great work
    Hugz 2U


  4. Very glad you had a mostly nice time! to heck with the negative parts!! That you shared the Anti bullying!!!!!!!! & found the license plate AMANDA!


    • Working for change is me! Nancy Bragg. A name I Word Press I started a couple years ago when a young girl was Killed in her stroller @ Expo Boulevard & Abbott! near Rogers Arena!
      I tried to get the light/intersection changed by collecting signatures/a petition…


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