Another clap of a thunderbolt – 12/3/14

Two Fridays in a row.  Dr Phil and the Fifth Estate.  The U.S. and then Canada.   Sun in LA vs  snow in Vancouver.  Who would have thought?  Not me. Not Amanda.  Not our friends. Not anyone.

What is the impact?  What is the message?  We all know what we have learned in the past two years. We have learned about cyberabuse, cyberharassment, cybercrimes and now cyber extortion or even sextortion.  Our vocabularies have developed over the past two years.  We have become more knowledgeable and hopefully wiser.  It is now necessary to share with our children what we have learned as adults.

After you read this, then SHARE.  This is a documentary you won’t want to miss watching if you saw the first one that was done last November. (I can’t share anything about this follow-up documentary except that it is a real eye opener.)  Some may say the negative.  It’s all for attention.  She is doing this for money.  She just wants to be in the limelight.  Hmm… give that head a shake with the little pea brain it it.  Certain people who are reading this will know who this means.

And for those that know me and Amanda, this may be yet another emotional experience.  The world has gotten to know my daughter and as I am getting more comfortable, I will share more stories and photos of her.  It is time that Amanda is shared for the precious child she was.   For all those years when she thought that the cut out bunny footprints that were out at Easter were really the Easter bunny leaving them behind.  And when she left the cookies, milk and carrot sticks out for Santa and his reindeers until she was 10 years old.  We have to make sure that they were the certain cookies that Santa liked.  After all, he told her in the mall.


Amanda – being on TV was  one of your lifelong dreams.  You wanted to sing on the stage.  You were almost there.  On the afternoon of your death, we had scheduled your first singing lesson after over a year of not wanting to share your voice.  You built your strength up again and you were ready to use your wings.  Unfortunately, another appt got in the way and we postponed for a week.  How I wish that we had been able to keep your scheduled voice lesson so that you could feel what it was like to sing again so freely.  These images of you are so vibrant and lively. The video of you chasing ducks made me laugh and smile.  This is the pond where your bench sits and I often see others sitting there looking at the same pond you loved but thought was icky at the same time.

The follow up to Amanda’s story will air this Friday, Dec 5th on CBC @ 9pm. You can watch the promo here: <For people out of Canada, it will be online shortly after it is aired. I will ask for that again.>   (Hey ~ that’s mom’s top you’re wearing and it’s purple !!)

If you want to watch the first Sextortion documentary again, here is the link.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 23.01.06

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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6 Responses to Another clap of a thunderbolt – 12/3/14

  1. It is both tough and amazing to watch at the same time. Tough because Amanda isn’t here and you wish you can have her back and part of you will always be mad at how she left how she gave up but then it is amazing because like you said she was born with a mission and her mission was to help others deal with the things that she went through and see that people do care. She is the reason people do care now. Then they didnt want to accept or hear there was a big problem in the world but after Amanda she has helped so many others and changed the way others think about bullying and mental health illness. I am proud of you for all you continue to do for Amanda. Don’t worry about those who think its for money or attention because you know its for Amanda
    Love you


  2. Hamsi says:

    Well said, la Punisher and Merle48!


  3. merle48 says:

    Not only “sharing with our children,” but applying it to ourselves, the adults who must set examples for our children. With all this awareness we’ve acquired, also comes the responsibility of monitoring our children more so. Different world we inhabit now, with many new ways and devices to navigate through our lives with. Unfortunately, many tried and true methods that are just a part of the good side of human behavior are being lost in the whirlpool of technology and the hustle and bustle of our lives with less time to truly interact with our kids. So I and many others have learned so much from the publicizing of Amanda’s life and the aftermath, and you Carol are doing what you feel in your “heart of hearts” to be a message to others not to tread a path as Amanda did lightly. You take the brunt of it because you realize your message is true, and never did you once say you “know it all” and have all the answers. None of us can learn a damn thing if we don’t make mistakes, but it amazes me how some people feel as if they are above that in every way! Some things will never be understood, but you just continue healing thyself, and spreading and exposing as much information regarding the above mentioned subjects. You have every right to not only defend yourself and your daughter in the kind way that you do, but also to heal and help others in the way that you see fit, which is all GOOD anyway. I really can’t fathom how you gather the strength, but I think if you were to just stop cold, it could be detrimental to yourself and also to so many that admire you. Sometimes you have to just take a breather though? God Bless you and all you’ve done so far.

    “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” H.G. Wells


  4. la Punisher says:

    Whatever these pea brains think or say doesn’t really matter, …What matters is..
    You are doing an excellent job and those of us that have brains know that it is for Amanda and to try to correct the wrongs that were laid on her so that no other child need to suffer, It’s a slow fight but your doing great.. Keep it up..



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