Giving from the heart – 12/11/2014

Today in Vancouver, BC – it was cold. It was blustery. It was windy and rainy. No snow like in Toronto or Ottawa but bone chilling damp just the same. I was on my way to yet another counselling appointment to clear my head and was stopped at a red light. I heard a tap-tap-tap from the passenger window of my vehicle. As I fumbled to get the window rolled down, I noticed it was an elderly man on crutches. He was obviously cold, wet and more probably, surviving off a minimal income.

Him: Hello. I am cold and I am wet. Do you have any spare change?

Selfishly saying – before Amanda’s death – I probably ignored those looking for handouts. But something made me one day realize that there are some who may be down on their luck. Hardship sucks. Losing a kid sucks even worse. As I fumbled around, I didn’t have a whole lot of change in my vehicle. What I did find was a purple $10 bill. The significance of 10 and purple. Well now, it was meant to be. (No one ever knocks on windows of cars unless they are desperately in need.)

So I gave the cold and wet older man the purple $10 bill. If the smile of surprise could like up a Christmas tree, it would have been his. He blessed me and wished me a very nice holiday. I hope he spent the money wisely on something hot to eat and drink. I hope he didn’t have to knock on anymore windows for awhile.

We, the more fortunate, need to sometimes re-assess what we have. We sometimes have to remind our kids what they have. There are those that aren’t that lucky. On Friday, I have to good fortune of talking to some grade two’s in a school in Vancouver. Snowflakes, kindness and and giving will be what we talk about it. If we could all give a little more to others and a little less to ourselves, the holidays could be that much brighter.

That’s why the ‘Give a Sock & Mittens’ is such a good thing to do. Doesn’t really cost a whole lot. A Timmy’s coffee? Better yet – a Starbuck’s special seasonal coffee? I managed to get 20 new socks for $9.99 at Walmart. What a great start. Email to see how you can ‘Make Your Difference’ this season by GIVING, SHARING and CARING.



About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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2 Responses to Giving from the heart – 12/11/2014

  1. merle48 says:

    We are all human and selfish at times. The little “tap, tap, tap ” on your car window is a simile for the little (and sometimes huge) “tap” we all get at one time or another in our lives which enables us to appreciate what we already have.


  2. la Punisher says:

    Nice move Carol… I myself never turn down a chance to help the less fortunate, It feels good when it comes from the heart


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