A lot concerned …. (February 7, 2015)

I was going through my Facebook today when a message popped up from someone sharing a story about bullying from the U.S.  I went and read the story and the mother and I connected.  I was stunned, shocked and saddened by the story.  So much that I will share it here so that it becomes a link to read.  I believe the messaging needs to be stronger and not only shared but TAUGHT to our children.  This is the story from a mom in Georgia, U.S.A. Strength takes numbers just like snowballs are made from billions of snowflakes.

Mindy White 

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS… I am a very concerned mother of four. Today my 12 year old daughter was attacked from behind in the bathroom at her school by a girl on the football team twice her size. This same girl has been bullying my child all year. There are 3 girls that are involved in picking on my daughter daily. The bully and her 2 friends do something daily. They have pushed her down the bleachers. From the top bleacher. They have pulled her hair. Pushed her down. Embarrassed her. Cussed her. Hit her. Screamed in her face. low rated her. And threatened her. I have been to the school several times this year and this has only progressed. Right now my honor roll student is in the hospital. My daughter has never ever been in trouble. She has never even had a bad face in her agenda. Her name on the board. Nothing. She’s a straight A student. In all advanced classes. The smartest kid in her school last year. She use to love school. Now she begs me to not make her go. She sleeps all day. She never smiles. She’s depressed. Her doctor has referred her to counseling. She sees a therapist once a week now. Today when her friend called me I could hear my child in the background getting beat up. That’s a horrible feeling. And when I got there and learned that the mother of this bully was there and not only provoked it but grabbed my child by the hair and slammed her head in a trash can , I was furious. Not only was my child defending herself from this girl that is twice her size , bullying her everyday ,but from her mother who’s twice my size. The assist principal says these incidents are accidents based on the statements he got from other girls that are being bullied. He says that my child will be suspended for not properly defending herself. These girls were NEVER suspended for any of their actions prior to today. My daughter walked away and asked her to leave her alone. She told on them. She told me. I’ve been to the school. I have students calling me afraid to go to school. And Of course no one wants to stand up to this girl. No one wants to be laying in this hospital bed right now. Several girls in middle school have committed suicide this year in our county. As a widow of suicide, I’m terrified. I lost my husband. I can’t loose my kids. I will not stand for this. The school system has failed me and my daughter. No child should be scared to go to school. I encourage all the parents that have children being bullied to take a stand today. Tomorrow may be too late. And like you all i never thought it would come to this. My baby is hurt. Mentally physically and emotionally. Unlike my daughter I will fight. And I’m going to. I will be at temple middle school in the morning. I will be at the board of education Monday morning. And I will be picking up my police report and taking out a warrant on this mother Monday morning. And if I’m not satisfied I will go further. In the past hour 7 parents that don’t even know me have called me and said their child is also being bullied by this same girl. This will not stop until we as parents stop it. I’m asking you all as a community as parents as mothers to stand up. Stand with me.

#SayItWithSnowflakes    #KindEveryTime    #DaretoCare  #RiseAgainstBullying   #EverythingStartswith1 

www.amandatoddlegacy.org ,  https://www.facebook.com/BETHEGAME4Change,  http://daretocare.ca,  https://www.facebook.com/RiseAgainstBullyingTogether,  http://www.everythingstartswith1.org

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About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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6 Responses to A lot concerned …. (February 7, 2015)

  1. la Punisher says:

    Away on holidaz so I no comment except to say Thank you carol for sharing ~ Namaste


  2. merle48 says:

    If I hadn’t read so many similar incidents in the past 2 years, I would barely believe this! I don’t usually say this but if everything she has tried to do, is not accomplishing much, then maybe it’s time to go through Mass Media in every way possible. This is a outrageous! I cannot think of a more fitting word!


  3. gookymann says:

    If parents cannot safely enter, students cannot safely attend this school and this school requires “adequate self defense” but does not provide self defense classes, then the parents of the children who are bullied and/ or threatened should arrange “adequate self defense courses” for the children and their parents. The children should “adequately defend themselves”, the school should give them extra credit for attending these courses and of course the school should pay the bill.

    Of course the schools need to change just like we need word peace.

    Self defense is important and chances are everyone will need it at some time. I learned Judo for one summer when I was 10 and it changed my life forever. I learned that Judo is only for self defense and it mostly uses an attackers own strength against himself causing him to going away embarrassed to tears lol.

    If the bully is much larger or much stronger than oneself there is always the chance that he/she might get a hold on you where you cannot escape. I recommend training by a professional police officer. They can teach the best way to defend yourself from the anyone who beats you and the police know of your certain case before the bully tries to change the story around. When it comes to a much larger adult attacking a child it might require very dangerous defensive action, the police are the only ones I recommend for this training. Please contact your local police department for information on self defense.

    If your case ever comes to court the only thing that counts is paper, protocol of when, where, who beats or threatens you. Evidence like photos, videos of beatings and written documents and bills from the doctor you may have visited. Testimonies from friends and other schoolmates might enforce the evidence or tell a different story.


  4. gookymann says:

    Reblogged this on andrewschumann and commented:
    It makes me very sad and angry to read or see things like this going on, terror and harassment of this kind. This goes beyond bullying.
    I suggest all those parents and students take self defense courses. If there are enough together they could hire a small police woman to teach them. The school and the parents need to do something but self defense is a necessary skill needed in society and always has been.
    I think a bully free world is something everyone (especially schools) should strive for just like world peace, but sadly we are very far from it.
    If a child is attacked by an adult there should be no limits in to how that child defends his/herself. Try finding the smallest policewoman in your area to teach your group self defense. She has to fight her way in a mans world with very large, strong and fast men. A perfect self-defense teacher.


  5. Hamsi says:

    For all the awareness that has been caused in recent times, these incidents just seem to get more frequent. Very disheartening. I am glad there are people like you who take up the fight regardless of where it happens. Hope this young lady’s life improves.


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