2 hours before the trial starts

As I sit and think about the impending day to come and what I will hear about the trial against Aydin C starting in the Netherlands on Jan 25th, I am wondering how the other families and victims are feeling.  I hope that with this day finally here, it gives them a sense of hope and justice.

This trial in the Netherlands had previously been postponed twice and now is set to start. Day one will probably be a day of explanations.  Aydin C will be in court.  There is no jury as the Netherlands court system doesn’t work that way.  There is only a judge or two or three to listen, ask questions and take in all the evidence and queries.  I know in my heart that justice will prevail in some way, shape or form.

I hope to keep blogging for the duration of this trial.  It will be a rollercoaster and we will ride it together in support.

There have been many articles that have come out in the past week explaining the trial. Here is an excerpt of one translated to English.  https://www.om.nl/onderwerpen/seksueel-geweld/achtergrondverhalen/kinderporno/

Child pornography and scams: this you need to know about criminal case Aydin C.

Young girls who themselves in their bedroom, in a conversation with a friend, literally expose for the webcam. They think an exciting, sexual world with a friendly peer, but the chat partner is anything except a girlfriend. The 38-year-old Aydin smart c. is suspected to have abused the girls digital for his own pleasure. From 25 January Aydin, also accused in the case Amanda Todd, for a large number of sexual crimes and scams of gay men. Among the 39 victims of these facts are 34 at the time, underage girls and five adult men.

By: Cerise Villarreal and Meike Walker

Aydin c. know by his very refined way of working to stay under the radar for a long time. So he uses online many different aliases. Usually he is a wife, a girlfriend for the young girls or an interesting boy of around 18. In his search for victims throws the verdachtehonderden lines on different chat sites. He approaches his victims when they are young and returns some years later, to work together to discover their sexuality. He knows the girls to get naked for the camera, while his true identity remains hidden. Instead of itself in front of the webcam to appear, he leads them to the garden containing pornographic images that he internet. Once he has the girls in his power, changes the tone of the conversation and he begins to blackmail with images where the girl naked. In some cases, that process takes years.

Blackmail and scams – The material that the suspect, he threatens to save the school, family or friends of the victim. In some cases he does this actually, unless the girls another ‘ give an insincere performance ‘. The adult gay, he makes money from male victims. In case of refusal he risks the disposition of the victim to reveal to the social environment. Aydin approaches for this scenario, English-speaking men, who often do not dare to be openly gay. In front of them does he as a young boy and challenges the men from lewd acts in front of the webcam. To those obtained images he light the men on.

The power play ends for the suspect as Facebook in the police report of a striking user. This user speaks under different aliases persons and would may be in Netherlands. That message means the start of an extensive criminal investigation. It is not easy to find this person because he does bother to stay hidden. Slowly but surely the puzzle pieces fall in place. Also prove earlier declarations to the then still unknown suspect. Police and justice know Aydin C.. At his home, the police media (children) pornographic material in brackets for further investigation.

Negative attitude – Despite the large amount of information on the computer of the suspect, he denies any involvement. By this negative attitude, Aydin shows no repentance towards the large number of victims. Striking in the statements of the victims is that the suspect has a lot of information about them and their social life and contacts. To collect this information is a great deal of attention and time. With this information he can persons maximum.

The suspect had no fixed living and residence, but moved with computer and all of bungalow to bungalow on holiday parks in South-Netherlands. 13 January 2014, he is held in a holiday park in Oisterwijk.

Hefty prison sentence – The defendant kept his victims for years in his grip. By the many serious facts and the flight risk, is the suspect for quite some time. The expectation is that there is a hefty prison sentence. Aydin c. refuses to cooperate to psychological research, whereby the officer of justitiehem fully responsible any eight. January 25, appears the suspect for the first time for the Amsterdam Court. Here he stands trial for the offences and scams of gay men as well as property scams, identity theft, computer trespassing and drug possession.

Amanda Todd – Aydin c. will also be prosecuted in Canada for similar offences committed against the then 15-year-old Canadian Amanda Todd. For that reason, the authorities there have asked for his extradition. These facts are independent of the Dutch criminal proceedings. The Amsterdam District Court has allowed the extradition. The Dutch suspect’s lawyers have brought against the extradition decision of the Cassation Court. That procedure is still running.

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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