English Twitter translation of first 3 days

THE TRIAL – Day 1 – Jan 25 2017

Twitter – @MathijsPennings,  #AydinC

Today, 3 years after the arrest of Aydin C start the lawsuit in the bunker in Amsterdam. The first of 10 sessions.  Press is behind glass in the case Aydin C in the bunker in Amsterdam. Case is begun.

Today discussed the rogue Web business, computer misuse, forgery where Aydin C also is suspected.

There are 72 facts in the indictment included. Between 2008 and January 2014. Facts concerning victims at home and abroad. In the manners business are now of legal age but most of the victims were minors. Those claims are explained later.

A total of 34 minor female victims and 5 adult males. The judge calls it research very extensive in this case.  Many countries are involved. Such As Norway, Canada, Usa. A report from 2013 by Facebook about the suspect has not led to action of the police. Not until a later report of Facebook led to action. In 2012, got a request for legal assistance from Norway NL already.

That request for research into the person behind an IP address that threats sent to NL a Norwegian victim was rejected by NL. Only after a second tip/report of Facebook led to action by the police. There began an investigation into Aydin C. He was bugged, followed, via software was followed what the suspect on the computer uitspookte. Aydin C is held on 20 December 2013.

He was apprehended in a rogue Web matter in Rotterdam. He was released after 3 days. Only 13 January he was arrested in this case. He is now three years. The investigation was complex and took a long time. In may 2015 is the final file submitted.  Aydin C. has so far denied. That he also wrote in a letter to RTL news. The only time he from itself.

All recording equipment must now out in court. So no more cameras and audio recordings. #Aydin C. will now get the opportunity to say something: ‘ I deny them all first and I will stop until I get the last word. ‘

He has, of course, about the allegations. But he will not say anything during the case. It’s not until the last word.  In the manners business has Aydin c. little explained to the police says the judge. About the rogue Web business, he has told.  Police found an encrypted hard drive in the holiday home where C was staying. Aydin C says that the hard drive was one of Murat.  Aydin C. has stated that there has been tunnel vision at police and justice.

The judge will now tell you about the Facebookrapport: a sextortionist described Therein. Someone who afperst with minors sex

He was blackmailing the minors with webcamsexbeelden that he had included them. One of those victims was Amanda Todd. The girl has deprived itself of life in 2012. It is a high-profile case. The name of Amanda Todd comes back in the file. The case Amanda Todd is done by Canadian authorities. But lawyer C. opposes the extradition of Aydin C.

86 accounts on Facebook were to link to each other according to the report. They are created with probably false data. Justice suspect that Aydin C sat behind those accounts. To have legal help wanted to the US for help at research.

He would opposite men have occurred as a 13 year old boy. The men performed sexual acts in front of the webcam. Then he arose as the boy’s father and demanded that the men would pay him. Otherwise he would disclose what they had done.  Kelsey, Mel, Mark Cameron are aliases that Aydin c. would have used in the extortion.

HABBO hotel is by the kinderchatsite message done by complaints that someone would do for themselves as lesbian and girl tried to tempted to webcamsex. The name Kelsey came was used by the person. The name also in Facebook report.

The judge just explained that there are certain connections between phone numbers and websites and payments. AC first stayed in a holiday resort Silent Walker in Beers and later in Oisterwijk on park De Rosep.  He moved several times. From Rotterdam to Ghent to Middelbeers to Tilburg to Oisterwijk. Then again Middelbeers and Oisterwijk.  There is much to do on the use of t technical tool by police/justice. A kind of keylogger (spy software). That technical tool periodically sends a list of keystrokes and screen image of acts on computer. So police could keep an eye on what Aydin C. on his PC did.

On 20 December was that software secretly installed on the pc of Aydin c. He sat when stuck in the rogue Web thing in R dam.

On 23 december was AC. One Kelsey tempted on that day a young woman to webcamsex. Registered by the keylogger.  ‘Do it now, spread it ” said this Kelsey against the woman. The chat conversation was in the evening. C. was previously at home. That is bugged.  The judge asks if he was home all evening and if there are multiple or other people in the House were.  AC is silent as he promised.  Later are still more conversations recorded by the keylogger. Also, webcamsex. The username used is weather Kelsey Miow.

On January 3, is from the computer logged in by that Kelsey Miow. This Donald logs into a tienerchatsite called Mylol. He chat there with girls. A girl who says she is 12 years. The user of the same pc was also on chatroulette. A webcamchatsite.  He then via skype chat with a girl and he urges her to undress. The girl refuses.

Right now takes multiple logs of the keylogger. It will contain multiple chat conversations. The name Kelsey comes back often.  Every time seduced the girl Kelsey girls to webcamsex. But some refuse.

Tomorrow shows a video that shows what the method was of the suspect. The judge has not yet seen him.  There comes a Visual explanation of the of a video file that is found on a computer. And other video clips.  And an animation that practices on Habbo Hotel, certified by the keylogger. That all tomorrow in the video by t to.

Aydin C. suddenly speaks and says many things that the right calls are not correct.  There are more hard drives found on one of the discs is a lot of info found in the file.  On the disk afperst and skype calls in which someone people threatened.

The names Tyler Boo and Mark Camerons come back on the disc. Also in t Facebookrapport names that I came back.  Boo is also the name used Amanda Todd to approach.  Also, the name Kelsey already mentioned earlier occurs on the disc.

The encrypted hard drive which is found is partly not cracked by the police and NFI. That is so largely failed. There is only limited info from that disc. What is clear is that there are movies on t secure share.  Aydin C. has stated that the desktop in the home of him was, the hard drives were of others. Because that he replaced for them.

Over an encrypted hard drive said Aydin C against police that that was not his, but of Murat.  He had borrowed money from this Murat and because he wanted to avoid problems, he took the blame in the Rotterdam rogue Web thing.  Aydin C. never stated to have used social media such as Facebook.

In total, 204,000 video files and images found on the hard drives found. The police also found data files with people from the social environments of victims. These files are created in 2011 and 2012.

The defendant would have used a virtual webcam. In doing so, does the other live to a webcam. But it is recorded video.  The user name Kelsey or Kelsey rain used this virtual webcam. The user used video material from existing pornography.

With video of supposedly a pornographic actress did he like it this woman was. And the other was fooled.  There is now talk of a rogue Web case from 2011 where C UN is suspected. C. would not say anything: ‘ I’m going to shut up, ‘ he says. He has there ever against the police statements about. He has admitted he would have ripped off people.  The rogue Web thing has to do with renting out homes. Aydin C stated money borrowed from the grey wolves: 6000 euro

He has repaid from the scams. He helped one Murat at the scams. There he would also have had money for.  Scams included: people wanted to rent a House. There is a rental agreement signed and people have paid, but could not in.  They got a wrong key. They recognised the man who rondleidde them in t House of the photo on a passport. Photo was of Aydin C.

Mails to injured parties were sent from IP address of the neighbor on t holiday park where Aydin C stayed. It was going to homes that would be rented out in Rotterdam. People did down payments but were wrong keys.  The phone number that is used for the scams is also reflected in t report of Facebook about the sex business.

Aydin C. extorting minors continues to deny, follow the lawsuit here: http://brabantn.ws/VdL

There’s drugs found in the dwelling of Aydin C. C having used previously stated a part and a part to have bought. Later he relied on his right to remain silent. Now as well.  Session for today is done. Tomorrow 9.30.

Day 2 – THE TRIAL – January 26 2017

We get to see a video of the prosecution that more insight about the supposed method of #Aydin C. There are concerns raised by the lawyer against the film from it to discussed. A part is based not on evidence, but the vision of Justice. There are also confidential data of victims to see and geblurde images of minors who perform sexual acts.

Aydin’s lawyer c. don’t want the film to the public. He takes it so also on the privacy of victims. There will now be discussed whether the film of Justice should remain behind closed doors. It now calls for showing the movie in the open. Just because openness in court cases is important. The decision whether or not to show the film has been delayed until later today. So now no film of Justice.

First file victims now. EN victim, born in 1990. Mother has notified police in March 2013.The girl is born in 1999. So not 1990. She was ten when she came into contact with someone over the internet. They would be for someone have Bared for webcam.One Brandon threatens to send video to friends and family if they add him on Skype.  She would have chatted with ‘ Mel Rain ‘ and ‘ Kelsey Rain ‘. Names that have been mentioned earlier in the file. Mel wants the girl going to ‘ play ‘ on Skype. They do not want not. He threatens to send a photo to 100 Facebook friends. This Mel demanded that they said something to him on MSN or Skype. She said ‘ Hi ‘. The picture of t girl is labeled as child pornography.  Chat conversations with the girl are found on a hard drive that came with Aydin C is found. There are also contact lists on found.

Contact lists where the victim also. There was a bookmark, a Hyves and Facebook profile of t girl found on hard disk. Girl was terrified. Mom said nothing they need to do. But girl wants to ‘ that those crazy punished and that he is sick in his head is ‘.  There is ultimately no registered by the girl, because family black page wants to close.  Mother says that the girl in Group 7 or 8 sat that picture of t girl and her girlfriend was created.

Officer asks Aydin C: “what do you think of that?”. Aydin C: “I shut up.” Officer: “Oh, you say nothing still.”

Victims yearn for a statement says officer. Aydin C says he denies so that t also makes no sense to respond.

“I am responding only when the last word”, so says Aydin C.

Now the following file. So another alleged victim of Aydin C is discussed.  There is a buzzing monitor and that finds the right annoying. There is now someone trying to fix t. Jaaa, succeeded.  One Kelsey Rain had contact with t next victim via SKype and MSN. It was sexual. The girl has her breasts in front of the webcam. There is a screenshot of.  Kelsey left first see themselves in front of a webcam. Kelsey looked fake out says t girl. She was 16 or 17 years old. “I did her after”

“I had no Desai. Don’t have anything in me. I was there so bad.” Says the girl. Then t girl Kelsey blocked. The picture of the girl is sent to someone else. That she finds horrible. She hopes not that they know the one. She dressed not under duress. “It’s not like Kelsey commanded me,” reads the right from the file.

Aydin C gives again to all day to keep quiet.

The next victim is read aloud from the dossier on where is born in 1998

This girl was approached by Tyler c. and also that name is more common in the file for.

Tyler C e-mailed the girl he had sexually suggestive videos of her and put her under pressure.

Again the same method: he threatened to send the video to friends and family and on pornographic Web sites.

The father has recognized his daughter on a photo that is partly because of the privacy of the girl geblurd.

Because the girl said that she has done any sexual acts for webcam, did the father does not return.

Also she said that she wants nothing more to do with it. As it turns out the interrogations which now reads from the file.

On the victim’s computer came oa name Kelsey Rain for. As on hard drives was found in bungalow of suspicious

Also the name of the victim and her friends came for on hard drive in bungalow of Aydin C. Aydin C gave yesterday that the hard drives were not his but people from the area. Now is an English victim born in 1998 discussed. She is wanted for questioning in 2013.

They also got a friend request from one Kelsey. They sent a picture of her breasts to Kelsey. The girl was then 14. Kelsey demanded more and threatened to send picture around the breasts. “I was always panic if I came out of school if there is a message from her was”She went in on the requirements of Kelsey and Bared himself in front of the webcam. How many times do not know the girl but several times.

Kelsey continues to threaten the girl and demanding more shows. 8 more times says Kelsey. The girl says, this never stops. In 2014 logt een agent in op het account van het slachtoffer. “Keep your promise or the pics will go out on february first.” The agent says under the name of the victim that she now has no time and whether they also Monday a an insincere performance. Forward says Kelsey. Aydin C was home at the time that the chat took place. This is evident from audio recordings of eavesdropping that the police placed.

Aydin C would not comment. “So does my lawyer in the plea.”

There was another chat with the undercover agent. 2 minutes after the police fell within chat at Aydin C and he was home alone. Now another part file. American minor victim. Homeland Security Investigations has share research. Mother explained that her daughter at age 14 in 2014 is threatened by someone who had pictures of her topless. The girl said at the age of 11 or 12 has gecamd. They wanted when cool. But afterwards she found it stupid.

Until they got a mail of the person for whom she had undressed. Which threatened her. “Otherwise I will send it to your mother.” The first one and a half months she did nothing to do. Later though. The girl got a picture of her face and upper body Bared. They threatened to send to her mother. She had to do terrible things for a webcam. Showering naked and much worse. They still said. “This is a criminal offence. This is child pornography. ” But that could be the culprit none care.

The girl finds it disgusting what she has to do. There are now reads instant messages between victims and perpetrator. The girl is scolded in the mails for slut. And she must appeal to the offender with the title ‘ master ‘. Aydin C says he talks ‘ very ‘, but gives no further comment. The offender used the name Typhonekiller. That name is on the laptop of the girl through an indirect way and found on the hard drive. The naamof calls were no longer welcome on the hard drive. Though there was a file reference showing that t there was

Tessel Linders@TesselLinders  Jan 26

Victims suffer from shame and guilt. This is raising mental health problems. Also around for victims AydinC

Mathijs Pennings@MathijsPennings  Jan 26

Victims are still scared. They dare not get involved with the social traffic on the internet. They have mental damage. Many girls have therapy followed for dealing with mental health problems. They want compensation. The lawyers of the victims demand compensation for their clients. For material and non-material damage. Compensation for non-material damage vary according to lawyer between 1500 and 10000 euro. Still unclear what exactly is demanded. 200 euro per victim for material damage is required (for visits to psychologist e.d.).

Also on behalf of parents of minors lawyer wants to claim compensation. They have sometimes have to take care of their child. Or travel costs should make it to therapist of children. Decisions by t Court in Den Bosch this would substantiate it. There is a special network established by Justice to domestic and foreign victims in their own language to be able to inform about case.

Lawyer speaks for that provision of information to victims victims appreciation. Was break in the case against Aydin C. Now the case further. Now deciding on exhibit in public the video of Justice. The Court finds the images can, because the sexual acts are geblurd in the video.  The Court finds that no names of victims may be mentioned in the video. It may not be traceable to a victim. https://twitter.com/MathijsPennings/status/824602236252741632

There are names shown in the video and photos. That should all be geblurd. Now the video so not suitable for public display.  See what else is at stake can be adjusted to the video to meet requirements of the Court. But today so no video.

The damages that the victims who want to progress today range from 1500 to 10000 euro. In the discussion of a new underage victim resurfaces on the user name. The calls that the police have found date back to 2012 and t girl was then 14 years. The girl has like others carried out sexual acts in a chat conversation through msn. The girl has a mental disability. Justice found links to the girl on data carriers that came with Aydin C are layers. The girl stated that she called her breasts has shown, but justice thinks it went much further based on chat conversations.

The girl said: I think he deserved punishment, because he himself posing as someone else and that should not. (about the offender). The girl had a lot of personality disorders such as ADD and as a young girl is sexually abused. “A very vulnerable girl.”

Now another victim. An English girl who met someone in 2013 on HABBO Hotel and, therefore, on msn.

She has been naked in front of the webcam and then extorted with nude photos. The same method to other victims.  She pressing her off and said: you are just like that girl that committed suicide.

The girl refused and when everything was spread. ‘This is gonna be like the Amanda Todd thing.’ Says the offender in chat conversations against one of the victims.

Again, a victim where same extortion method is applied. They also did shows in front of the webcam. Also in this case, user names, and the data of victim for both hard disc that came with Aydin C lay when on computer girl. Also, this victim by police found pictures and movies that are classified as child pornography

Now file by Scottish girl. The Scottish police did research and carried t to Netherlands. T girl said in the first interrogations that they approached by one Kelsey but that they themselves never clothes off has done for camera. The police did find chat conversations with threats towards t girl.

T girl was vulnerable because was bullied and did to self-harm. Police have logged into Facebook account of girl.  Found posts by one Cody and Tyler who threatened her. They said they had the girl’s videos in which they themselves would masturbate.  She had to enter on requirements otherwise ‘t footage distributed among acquaintances of the girl.

And another case file about underage girl from 1997. Again, we get the same story. T girl was approached and extorted with a video in which she was naked. They first gave messages via a blog and then via Facebook that they both blocked.  He sought her again through other sites.  In many ways, he tried to contact her. “Then it got anxious,” said t girl.  The extortionist remained ongoing and demanded 5 webcam shows.

Latest victim of today is being discussed now. Born in 1996. Also, she was blackmailed.  T girl the suspect refused to talk and there was then a nude photo of her to friends. They did things in a video. That she had to. The first time she was 12 years old. She refused when she had to go further.

On hard drive in dwelling of Aydin C are also data from the maiden found as chat conversations. T girl wants everything stops. That her hands bleeding from the hand washing. She says she is thinking about suicide. In chat conversations says one Tyler against t girl that she needs to go to sleep and tomorrow on Skype should come.  T girl asks whether he shows more if they want to ‘ chubby ‘ is.

He responds by asking whether they be fine at her head is.

T girl is asked to continue. The extortionist says. ‘ Relax and try to feel good ”How is this good for me in any shape or form?”

It’s better than doing it crying, reageert de afperser.  T last chat conversation is also found on a data carrier in the home.

The session is now ready for the press. Because t last part is decided.

‘Dutch man on trial ‘: lawsuit Aydin c. World News http://brabantn.ws/V7i

DAY 3 OF THE TRIAL – January 30 2017

Back in the bunker in Amsterdam at case Aydin c. file later. Child victims are discussed again.

Like the previous days remains silent the suspect.

American victim now discussed.  She had 2 pictures uploaded of her breasts.  Via block tv she got a request for webcam shows. She was threatened and forced to do the shows.  Again, the name Tyler used. It was through Blog TV.

There are several pictures found that be regarded as child pornography. T extorting and chat traffic with Tyler went for a long time. Also when t girl was already 18. There are today victims in court.

Their life is completely changed. They had never imagined that their images are made would be distributed. They have let of shame, feelings of humiliation and guilt. The victims felt helpless and powerless and afraid. For where and when diving photos on.  Girls are obstructed in normal sexual development. Victims are being held hostage. So they feel. Because suspect popped up suddenly sometimes after months or years back on.

The effects are large. In a case, t even t cost a girl’s life: Amanda Todd- https://twitter.com/MathijsPennings/status/826004168687095808

Children have the right to a safe environment and t on a normal sexual development.

Victims in foreign countries had to send info about the case over the internet.  That they dared not. Internet is not safe anymore for them.

All the victims are entitled to compensation find the lawyers.

Lawyer finds that the damage is large and takes a hefty compensation in place.

Damages range from 1500 euro up to 10,000 euro.

For general damages to the clients ask 200 euro.

Lawyer finds that parents of some victims also should get compensation.

They made costs by bvb children to therapy or had to include the child to support holiday.

Client of lawyer wants victim statement executed.

That happens behind closed doors.

Right now says something of t fact that Aydin C does not stand up as judges come in. “Do you want to make a statement? ‘

Aydin C says that the Court has disappointed him in to past.  ‘ What they then found I can’t. That is why I t in protest ‘ Aydin C found how the Court in april last year operated ridiculous.

‘  have not in discussion.  Maybe during t last word ‘.

Now a new part file of a minor victim. In Group 6 met t girl on internet. They then cammed with this Kelsey. She went naked for the cam. She was then 10.  In first class high school she came via Habbo hotel again with Kelsey in contact.

Kelsey demanded that t girl would camming.  T girl refused. Suspect distributed the images on school. T girl told everything to a friends and family and at school.

T girl saw at one point a guy who would be the brother of Kelsey. Tinted and with black hair. He masturbated himself.  T girl at one point moved far away from her old home.  Court asked still to Aydin C: were you that? Aydin C replies, I shut up.  There are on hard drive in home Aydin C chat conversations found with t girl and the user name Kelsey.  Aydin C says on victims again that he very much is what they happened to t. But he would also like to say anything.

Now t story about a young English girl. She was approached by Kelsey Rain. T girl had taken a picture of her breasts through an app. She was 13.  Kelsey threatened that they would spread the photo.  T girl refused to camming.

When she got a link emailed and she saw that her picture on the internet. OA the father and friends got the picture too.  Also of this girl are data recovered on the hard drive that came with Aydin C in the home.

Now American victim.  She was approached on Blog Tv. And added suspect later on Skype.

T girl had a video sent to one Mark Cameron. They also recognizes the names Kelsey and Tyler.

T girl’s friends got the video.

Accused is more aggressive.  He calls the victim ‘ camwhore ‘

Mark Cameron demands 3 shows. He threatens to send the video to everyone.

Het meisje smeekt: dont send the video. I will kill myself.

Mark Cameron keeps his word and sends the video to the boyfriend of her.

Tessel Linders@TesselLinders  9h

Also of these victims show Skype contacts found on the hard drive that #AydinC is found at.


American victim now.  She is approached by Randy K. They should make videos including one in the showe.  The name Randy k. is further not in file for. Then someone else took contact with t girl on.

Links to the video on pornography sites, were sent to friends and family. Police found 161 pictures and 5 videos of t girl on hard drive at Aydin C.

Public part of the case is ready for today. Wednesday February 1.  It is resumed. #AydinC

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