Cybermobbing – Safer Internet Day

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Zum Thema des heutigen #SID2017 hat uns Carol Todd, die Mutter von Amanda, persönlich ein paar Zeilen zukommen lassen. Hier in Auszügen ihre Botschaft:

“Cybermobbing, auch als Belästigung und Beschimpfung über das Internet zu beschreiben…”

“…Der Hauptpunkt ist, dass das kontinuierliche Bewusstsein und Schulung dahingehend wichtig sind, was das Internet eigentlich ist und wie es verantwortungsbewusst genutzt werden kann…”

“…Das Beste was man machen kann ist, sich einer Vertrauensperson anzuvertrauen, so dass geholfen und unterstützt werden kann. Die Strafverfolgungsbehörden haben gelernt, dass sie Anzeigen [zu diesem Thema] ernster nehmen müssen. Junge wie auch ältere Menschen wurde beigebracht wie wichtig es ist, einerseits offen darüber zu sprechen und andererseits persönliche Daten privat und offline zu halten…”

“…Der Safe[r] Internet Day ist eine Möglichkeit, die Themen anzustoßen, über die geredet werden muss…”

“…Solange wir uns nicht scheuen, über das Thema zu sprechen, können wir diese eh schon unübersichtliche Welt für unsere Kinder, aber auch für Erwachsene, sicherer machen.“

Unser herzlicher Dank geht an Carol Todd, die sich trotz des gerade in den Niederlanden stattfindenden Prozesses gegen den mutmaßlichen Täter die Zeit genommen hat, uns ihre Nachricht zukommen zu lassen. Die englische Originalnachricht findet ihr in den Kommentaren.

Cybermobbing | Safer Internet Day

On the topic of today’s #sid2017 gave us Carol Todd, the mother of Amanda, personally a few lines. Here in extracts your message:

” cyberbullying, also known as harassment and abuse over the internet to describe…”

“… the main point is that the continuous awareness and training are important to what the internet really is and how it can be used responsibly…”

“… the best thing you can do is to entrust a trustworthy person, so that helped and supported. The law enforcement agencies have learned that you are [show] on this issue more seriously. Young as well as the elderly was taught how important it is to talk openly about personal data and on the other hand, private and offline to keep him…”

“… the safe [R] Internet day is an opportunity to launch the topics about which needs to be talked to…”

“… as long as we do not give up on the subject, we can talk about this already chaotic world for our children, but also for adults, safer.”

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Carol Todd, despite the currently taking place in the Netherlands process against the alleged perpetrator has taken the time to give us your message. The English original message can be found in the comments.

English Translation

Cybermobbing, also described as online harassment and abuse, has become a widely talked about of conversation in recent years in response to cases that we have seen in mainstream media. Most notably, the trial of Aydin C in the Netherlands has become a focus where he has been charged with the victimizing and assault of 39 individuals, both young and older. It is behaviours such as this that continue to horrify and make the conversations more prominant, relevant and understandable.

The internet and the use of technology is something that is very much part of all our daily lives. Making it a scary place to be isn’t healthy as the use of technology is part of our digital diet, both in homes, work and school. The main point is that continued awareness and education of what the internet is like and how to use it appropriately is important. We must also have the ongoing conversation of what to do if someone online is being harassing and/or threatening. Keeping that information private to only yourself is not healthy or beneficial. The best thing to do is to make sure that someone trusting is told so that support and help can be given. Law enforcement has been learning that reports need to be taken more seriously. Young people and their older counterparts are being taught how important it is to have the conversations out loud and how to also keep their personal information private and offline. There is a clear distinction of what should and should not be shared online. In addition, it is important that in homes, communities and schools, the conversations need to be started and continued. Safe Internet Day is a way to start creating the topics that need to be talked about. Then it is more important to keep the talk time going 365 days a year. As long as we aren’t afraid to have the conversation, we can keep not only our children but also adults, safer in an already confusing world.

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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