Prosecution asks for 10 years 8 months

img_1317Prosecution today asked for 10 years and 8 months for #AydinC.

Today was the day that the prosecution team spoke in court and summarized their findings.  They would request to the court their expectation of judgement for #AydinC.

Being able to listen to the summary of evidence for this trial was heart stopping.  I was back at home in Vancouver for the beginning of the trial but being able to sit and listen to it in real time was emotionally wrenching.  Hearing what he did to others and imagining that this was also what he put Amanda through made it more real.

This isn’t a crime drama that you see on TV nor read in a book.  This is a true to life story that really happened.  And this is why myself and other advocates keep saying to others – ‘This kind of story could happen to anyone’.  The words aren’t meant to scare, but to forewarn of what can happen.  This trial and the stories told are not enactments.  They happened to real children and real adults.  Victimized and traumatized.  And hopefully over time, the mind and souls will carefully heal.

I have been asked what I think of the 10 year 8 month request for sentencing.  I have seen comments posted about not enough time and he should be in jail forever.  Yes, those are wishes but knowing the truths and possibilities, forever will never happen.

We may feel that AC deserves a longer sentence but that isn’t how the court system works out here nor in Canada.  We can vent and wish, but not blame.  The asking for the 10 years and 8 months is the longest possible that can be asked for.  The prosecution team even stated that if it was possible, they would have asked for more time.  Our energies should now be funnelled towards the final decision of the court judges – 3 of them.  Whatever gets decided, AC will certainly appeal.

This coming Monday, the defence team will get their chance in speaking to the court. What will be asked for by this team can only be assumed.  A plea of not guilty?  Acquittal? We will have to wait and see.

After the final verdict in mid-March, we will be one step closer towards the trial of Amanda vs Aydin C.  But not before a probable appeal.  It is only after this plus a 100% approval for extradition to Canada is decided, that the wheels will be set in motion for the next chapter of the next trial.

Bittersweet will always be a word in my vocabulary.  #Justice4Amanda and all the other victims.


About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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2 Responses to Prosecution asks for 10 years 8 months

  1. merle48 says:

    Four years ago no one had a clue as to a person as this one committing atrocious online acts in the form of blackmail through lies and manipulation of those victims who trusted him. Now we at least know who he is and he will pay a price for his misdeeds, although the punishment does not fit the crime because many of these people have been stripped of their dignity and must deal with their own self-loathing and low self-esteem. Then there is Amanda who doesn’t have a chance to ‘deal’ with these effects? How utterly sad for all. May God be with you Carol and all the victims.


  2. I know that no words can ever replace the beautiful daughter you have lost. I have lost many due to unforeseen circumstances in my past and up till today as well. I feel that the laws in our system does not take care of the wicked and bad people in this world. They condon their rights and give them a slap on the back to say its ok for what they did to your baby. I have tried many cases in the past as I am not into these courts anymore. I used to help a lawyer, not a lawyer myself but I have heard and wrote and worked on deposition’s and tried to help those who were cruely effected in some way with someone elses death. Not to say that this is right what he has done to this minor child. I believe that We DO have a Higher Power, but not on here, not on earth. He must stand before him one day and ask forgiveness. I feel that you must forgive this man who took this child from you as God says to forgive those who hurt us, but I know that this is raw right now. I have forgiven the person who took my son away from me, like you. But I am NOT going to forget what happened to my little boy as a child, he was only 2 and for some reason was taken from me. I never talk about this to anyone as its very painful, such as it is with your daughter. Until you forgive this man, you will wonder why what will come of him and why he never paid the penalty he has caused on this childs death. He will have his time in court 10 yrs and 8 days is not enough, I feel that these people should be placed on an island without a fishing pole to venture for themselves. Like the caveman type. Let them find their own way. But because we live in a country where our laws change on a daily basis, I feel that as a mother, you must help those who have the same thing happened to them, ie like me. We parents must start to fight for a special law that protects the children under the age of 18. Call it Snowflake Law, So that others like myself can come and post, or help you help others to procute these senseless murderers to justice. I know its hard for me to write you this, and how hard it is for me to show you my vaunablitlites to you about what a parent goes through. Because of my sons passing I never had anymore children. I did not subcumb my children to more of this, or if ever happened again. I would not be here writing to you. So please accept my apologies for your loss. I know, the man who took my son, commited suicide last year in his cell, still awaiting a trial this happened in 1977 When he was not found but ten years later with DNA came into effect he tried to do this to another child, and they caught him. He was a neighbor who was “eyeing out” little boys in the classroom. He was my sons babysitter in day care. So you can understand where I am coming from. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Lets talk soon.


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