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  1. I lost my son to cancer at 18mths. I railed at the world it was cruel and unforgiving. 6 months later whilst sitting in meditation the room melted away like a clearing fog.
    I was in a large living room of a stately mansion type building. A lovely women beckoned me towards the open French doors.
    As I wandered over to them and stepped out on to the stone patio, which ran the length of the building, I saw two other ladies on a blanket with four children.
    Two about 2-3years old, one baby of around 6months and… Gasp! My son! Standing holding the lady’s hand and pointing to me! Giggling and happy!
    My magical moment filled with tears, love and joy!

    In 35years that scene is still as real today as it was when I had it. Magical and reassuring to me.

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  2. my magical moment was when I found that newest article about bullying and you saw my comment about your beautiful Amanda and added me because you know and I know that Amanda is looking down and is so proud that her message is finally getting out to everyone so Ms. Carol Todd You are MY Magical Moment


  3. merle48 says:

    I mean (a)!


  4. A says:

    My parents remember what they were doing the time they found out that Elvis died. So many adults remember when they found out that Terry Fox started and ended his run. For me, although I have never met her I can remember exactly what I was doing when I found out about Amanda. I have yet to comment on your blog, but I continue to follow it, and I figured it was time to share a post on how influential and inspiring amanda’s legacy, and your passion to advocate for things are to me.
    I am a young adult now, but Amanda’s story touched very close to me. I grew up in Port Coquitlam, participated in after school activities, I am a graduate of CABE, and I had a supportive family. I lived with anxiety, and un diagnosed depression for all of my teenage years, unfortunately I was good at hiding it because I was scared and ashamed and never reached out to ask for the help I desperately needed. So I commend the relationship you and your daughter shared, the openness, the trust, and the drive to get her the help she deserved.
    Because of my own experiences, and the information I have gotten throughout you sharing her story and your advocacy, when my elementary aged brother came to my family with stories of him being bullied at school and thoughts of hopelessness and worthlessness in November of last year I was given the strength to see change for him and get him hooked in with the appropriate services. It took time but he and his parents got linked in with mental health support, and the school district didn’t argue when it was asked to change him schools. And its a relief to see him playing as a 9 year old, instead of looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. I know its kind of a scattered post, but I think the bottom line is that I think Amanda’s legacy had a huge impact on me having the strength to help support him, had the power to not let school officials minimize what was happening as they had before, and the strength for his parents to seek support, and I wanted you to know that everything, all of it, is making a difference in peoples lives.

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  5. Jackie Wink
    Was reading your blog from the last few days and saw the penny on the 14. Today we saw a penny on the floor at work, instead of picking it up like I normally would do, I told my friends I was flipping it over so someone else could have a wish too. They both flipped it over also and then made a wish. Then we went in to the other room. When I passed the room before I went home the bright shiny penny was still sitting there on the floor. Together we can all help the world change, one person at a time. Together we are Strong

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    • I FEEL this Carol we are NOT alone in this universe. Jesus stands with his father and others before him right next to us, on a daily basis. Its hard to know what others think and so sorry she did this, but the hurt was to her very painful. Unlike us adults to a 15 yr old this is really bad, I could understand what she did and why she did this the pain was unbearable to her and for her. her friends were not her friends to let this happen. I feel that together we can be stronger by helping others out there find a group that heals the heart.


  6. merle says:

    Okay….I found it!


  7. merle says:

    Dear Carol, I think what I want to tell you belongs in the “magical moments” section, however I couldn’t find it. Alot of my magical moments (epiphanies) have come at the lowest times in my life when I least expected it. I don’t know if this qualifies as one, but for me it was. Last night I was working on a homework assignment with my ten-year old grandson Joey. ( I should add struggling to get him to do it). The assignment was to write three paragraphs with the first one stating, “I Have A Dream” (Martin Luther King-civil rights leader as we celebrate his birthday this month). Joey didn’t have a clue obout how to arrange it, so I decided to call his friend and classmate, Kelly who lives across the street from us. She is very intelligent and a good student, so I knew she could guide us how to do it correctly. She told me it had to be about a dreams for community, world, family etc. She gave me an example she used as her first one. Her dream is to end bullying in schools! Mind you she is ten-years old, but very aware. I felt the strangest feeling within me (maybe “warm fuzzies”)? I asked her why she picked that for her dream and she told me that they had presentations in class and assembly regarding bullying. (Don’t wonder why my grandson didn’t speak of it, he’s just a typical boy who wants to play 24/7). Kelly told me how much she cares about other kids that are picked on, and she wants to help put a stop to it. I really believe Amanda’s spirit is manifesting herself through others…and randomly so, as I am on the east coast of the U.S.A. I told Kelly she and I could talk more about her ideas anytime, and I will be ordering my pink Princess Snowflake shirt, along with one for her! The “magical moment” in this for me is how Amanda appears to answer our thoughts through others….and give hope to THIS cause. After reading your blog about your doubts as to how all the hard work you and others have put into this…and if it can really make a difference…just let your daughter’s spirit guide you…you’ll know what to do. I am very honoured to be so stirred by Amanda’s spirit! Once again I apologize if I said anything that could upset you, I try to be very careful with my words.


  8. Dennis Vu says:

    There once was a time in my life, where I was doing drugs and alcohol to cope with how alone I was, I did have suicidal thoughts around this same time, I was lost, really didn’t have anyone to talk to, I know my family practiced it but I didn’t know anything about it, I always pondered my life and the reason why I’m alive, what would happen if I die, some nights i wouldn’t sleep much, some nights i would think until I cried myself to sleep. I questioned why there is so much suffering in life. I don’t recall how, but I found my way onto a web page reading about the teachings of Buddha and as I read it, I cried, it really changed my perspectives on life. Some of the things that really touched me.

    Universal truth 1: “Nothing is lost in the universe

    The first truth is that nothing is lost in the universe. Matter turns into energy, energy turns into matter. A dead leaf turns into soil. A seed sprouts and becomes a new plant. Old solar systems disintegrate and turn into cosmic rays. We are born of our parents, our children are born of us.

    We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we cheat another, we cheat ourselves.”

    A quote: “There is happiness in life,
    happiness in friendship,
    happiness of a family,
    happiness in a healthy body and mind,
    …but when one loses them, there is suffering.”

    And last the significance of the lotus
    The lotus has its roots in the mud,
    Grows up through the deep water,
    And rises to the surface.
    It blooms into perfect beauty and purity in the sunlight.
    It is like the mind unfolding to perfect joy and wisdom.


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