Bikes against Bullies – Sunday July 27th. Starts in Port Coquitlam @ 9 a.m. with the rides heading from Port Coquitlam to the Trev Deeley Motorcycles  in Vancouver for the OFFICIAL 10 a.m. start.  There will be presentations, activities and a performance by Sarah K. who I met in January of 2013.  She then went on to produce the song ‘FLY’ which has become one of the many anti-bullying songs around.

I can only hope that with what everyone is doing, that we will see the differences.  The awareness starts now and with everyone. And if everyone takes a part of the action, then we can make sure that the awareness and solutions start to work.  Tired of seeing the abuse that goes on both offline and online and the emotional toll it takes on individuals and families of all ages.

So if you live in #Vancouver , please think of attending and supporting a great cause – THE ULTIMATE SAFETY OF NOT ONLY OUR KIDS BUT OF EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THE WORLD IS A KINDER PLACE.


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My Last Night in NYC and I LOVE IT HERE!!!

Tonight I was inundated with visuals and sounds of New York City in Manhattan.  It was both stimulating and annoying.  But annoying for the fact that it was so hard to walk along the sidewalks without stopping and running into people.  Never mind the rude looks.

STORY FROM TONIGHT – I was taking my pictures and minding my own business as a me and as a Canadian.  In Times Square, there are the people who dress up (same as Las Vegas) and wait to get their photo taken and then ask for money.  I didn’t want photos of the people who walk on the ground, I wanted the neon lights and the LED billboards.  So the guy looks at me and says “You won’t take a photo of me because I am not ASIAN”.  Like WTF.  Really.  My delayed intelligence was too slow.  I should have said something different. And he repeated it like multiple times as if I didn’t hear or understand him.

I bought souvenirs at one of the many souvenir stands.  Then we went beyond that and met a street vendor that sold t-shirts, etc.  Got into a conversation with him.  Gave him some bracelets to share.  He took the bracelets and has friended me on Facebook.

Then Todd and I went to Tony’s Restaurant on 45th Street for a beverage.  We talked to the bartender and the manager.   Both shared stories with us.  The manager has young kids of his own and knows what needs to be done.  More bracelets given out.  More to share.

I love New York  and the people that make it so worthwhile to be here.  In the souvenir store, I found something with Amanda’s name on it.  Amanda had asked me that when she graduated if I would take her to New York.  I said yes I would.  Unfortunately, she never made it but I am here in her memory.   ‘Amanda – you would have loved it hear but I could also hear you complaining in my brain about all the people.  However, you would have loved all the lights.’

Happy Graduation Princess!! You will always be in my heart, soul and brain.  (one year early)



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Words of Inspiration from Justin Preston

I have met so many wonderful and great people but when I first started talking to @Justin Preston who founded Rise Against Bullying, I knew he was truly a leader and a champion.   As we sat in Tim Horton’s (the Canadian version of Dunkin’ Donuts to those in the U.S.)  and talked about him, and then me, and then him again and then about what he was doing – I could see the excitement he had to be sitting and finally meeting me.  (Justin – do you remember your words to me that day?)

It was so cool to be sitting in his hometown.  He told me about his early teenagehood and how that affected him.  He told me about his later teenage years.  Such harshness and uncaring from others.  But Justin continues to battle his way through that darkness that he experienced in a positive way.  There will always be bumps in the way but he has been able to use the positive messages he gives out and the way the youth that he speaks to embrace his message.  (Make sure to go to Justin’s You Tube channel to see his many messages.)

If I could have only bottled up the energy and sunshine he exuded.  The time together was way too short as the journey back to where I was staying was about 2 hours.  BUT —- I was so glad to have been able to be with Justin for the time that we did.  He thinks he has gathered so much from me.  I have gathered so much from him.  Plus he promised that he would look into going back to school.

Justin promised that he would help with Light Up Purple 2014 and he did just that.  He managed to help get the Peace Bridge which spans across Fort Erie, Ontario to Buffalo, New York lit up purple for this coming October 10th.  I am proud.  Amanda would be prouder.

Love you Justin.  And with our promise, we have continued to keep in touch every few days.  xoxo

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July 10, 2014 – 21 months ‘gone too soon’

Short but sweet. Today is the 10th (again). It’s been 21 months. It sometimes feels like a throwback when you were once asked the age of your baby/toddler. Now in a different scenario, I am counting the months. Only the pride and joy isn’t there this time around.

Tonight I will light my candle and reflect on the 20 months before today. What happened? Why it happened? What has happened since? My therapist says that you can’t dwell on the past. You can’t think about the what ifs. But how do you stop them. And will we ever not think about them. I think not.

Because unfortunately … they are part of the memories that the children we lost have left behind. And mainly, for their parents and family to bear. I cannot speak for what is in the head of others but I know what is in mine.

The many hundreds of people I have met via social media and at my presentations are so numerous. The one thing in common is that they all have a passion. And that passion is to help kids. It might be solely for bullying or cyberabuse or mental health. It might be all of the above. It really doesn’t matter as the common denominator is always kids. And the definition of ‘KID’ is loose as the definition is left up to the individual. You might be 79 years old and have kids. They are still someones kids.

Where has the 21 months gone? Scroll back on the Snowflake blog. Or the Tumblr. Or the website. Or the Facebook. Google Amanda’s name. Google my name. I recently went back to do that on the internet and was amazed what I didn’t remember or what I didn’t see.

I miss my kid so deeply. I wish I could change the history as does everyone else for Amanda and every other person we have lost to the issues of society. I think I once said I like Winter months better. I don’t have to be out seeing young girls enjoying life ~ dating ~ at the river ~ planning their futures. I am so very happy for them but at the same time …..

But in Amanda’s words, we must STAY STRONG and also BE STRONG. We have way too much work ahead to make the changes that are needed for our future generations.

xoxo Miss you PSnowflake.

July 10, 2014
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Light up the World Purple for October 10, 2014 (World Mental Health Day)

New ways to promote Light Up the World Purple 2014 for this coming October 2014.

Take a pic of yourself and/or others with a sign that says “Light Up Purple 2014″ as an invitation from Amanda’s Legacy.

If you wear purple in the photo, that would be great also.

Goal is 1000 images by October 10, 2014 so let’s SHARE this around.

What to do with the photos?
1. Send to
2. Post and tag to Amanda Todd Legacy – Staying Strong and Carol Todd
3. Post to Twitter @c_todd or @AToddLegacy or #lightuppurple2014
4. Post to Instagram #amandatoddlegacy






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