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Mother’s Day 2017

Another Mother’s Day has come and the greetings from one to others throughout social networks sends ‘warm fuzzies’ to all of us.  I have always made a point to also recognize those dads and other caregivers out there who are mothers … Continue reading

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Sharing thoughts from one mom to another ….

This afternoon before going out for dinner, my landline rang. I never ever answer it but let it go to voicemail. But today, I answered it. I heard this at the other end …. “This might be weird but are you … Continue reading

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Prosecution asks for 10 years 8 months

Prosecution today asked for 10 years and 8 months for #AydinC. Today was the day that the prosecution team spoke in court and summarized their findings.  They would request to the court their expectation of judgement for #AydinC. Being able to listen to the … Continue reading

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