Finding a new place to blog … December 12 @ 1:30 a.m.

Here I am starting a blog post. I am trying something new beyond my comfort zone. I have become so use to writing on my Facebook page.  I wonder now if people will read my posts this way.  I wonder how I will post it.  Will my friends comment?  I just don’t want my posts to scroll away like they have been.  There seems to be so many different kinds of things to post about. Especially today.  I don’t know where to start…

My heart goes out to the family of Jessica Laney who lost their precious daughter on Sunday to cyberbullying.  We all offer our sincere condolences but I, as a mother who has recently lost my own daughter to a similar tragedy, feel the pain that this family is now suffering.  Both the anger and the heartbreak.  I would like very much to reach out to this family but not sure how and if I can. I do recall back in October when I had so many people contacting me with their messages.  I am still getting messages but not as many.  I wondered how they got my contact information.  I guess if you dig hard enough, it’s easy to get.  I feel for the family right now and how many media requests they may be getting when at a time like this, they would like some privacy to gather their thoughts and think about their child. I personally stayed away from the majority of requests because I wanted the privacy.  I only say majority because I did choose one media outlet to converse with and they did a great job reporting and advising me.  I wonder if by the end of the week on  ABC Nightly or NBC Dateline there will be stories about Jessica.  One of the networks tried to reach me, and even sent flowers to my house.  Then arrived on my doorstep the next day.  Imagine that.  I reflect back now and think, I could never have done a ‘normalized’ interview back then.  There was too much raw emotion, sadness, anger, etc.  But I guess that is what the media wants.  Not to say that it is better now.  I still cry when interviewed.  Certain thoughts and words trigger a storm of tears.  The media reporters understand and wait for my tears to finish before continuing any of the interviews. CBC News (Gloria M) was at my house doing a follow up interview from the one that was done 3 weeks ago.  It went well.  Video footage was shot of my Christmas tree with all the snowflake ornaments. I must take pictures of it.  I also got another pair of snowflake earrings from MZ on Sunday.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I will post more pics tomorrow.

If you haven’t had the chance, click on the FB link I put up with the blog post from the superintendent of schools for SD43.  Very well written and thoughtful.  I love it and am so proud to work there.

Here’s a giggle. I have had so many FB friends tell me to go to bed in the last 30 minutes.  Wonder why???  I guess I should say ‘night’.  Guess what … I have the whole day to run errands, sleep in, have coffee whenever I want.  My lunch date cancelled (which I am sad about) but it leaves me with a Carol day which I HAVE NOT had at all in the past 9 weeks. 

Love you all.  Niters and big hugz.  Miss you Princess Snowflake so much.  Love you my boy child.  Love you lots too my big teddy bear (who snores).  xoxo aka Mommy Snowflake  aka Momma Bear  aka Plain Ol’ Me

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health.
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6 Responses to Finding a new place to blog … December 12 @ 1:30 a.m.

  1. you do what you have to do to get yourself through each and every day and I hope we can all help you in some way shape or form to carry on and truly hope that some day we see a complete end to bullying but for now we can only try our best as caring individuals.


  2. Tristan says:

    I just love that you found a place that will keep your blogs and posts, and not let them disappear,, i just hope i can remember where to find this page lol. I so look forward to all your blogs and messages everyday, as they are the most interesting,moving, honest, inspiring,heart-felt words of wisdom i read anywhere, and i find them very helpful.


  3. peacewishdream says:

    it’s a good way to help healing Carol. You can always look back at what you write too and see how far you have come, what you were thinking at what time.


  4. Loretta says:

    talking about your thoughts and feelings are a good way to heal and in the process we all learn from it. How to look at our own children… to reflect and look at ourselves… and hope to cope with life. I appreciate you allowing us into your heart. ❤


  5. barbara says:

    Can not believe that….so sad about jessica and a friend of mine posted her son who is a teenager also committed suicide. It is so scary and so sad….wish i had all the answers and all the solutions….i am out of my comfort zone posting here…so i hooe u get this…big hug friend


  6. sophia doodson says:

    You can bet your bottom ill read every night as i always do. Your posts mean alotto me mama bear 🙂 keep your head up. I cant wait to add my snow flake ornament! Xox


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