April 26 – What is cyberbullying?

There was definitely lots of talk about cyberbullying today from coast to coast.  New legislation in Nova Scotia which would allow the ‘police in Nova Scotia will soon have new tools to fight cyberbullying. Provincial legislation proposed today would let police seize cyberbullies’ phones or computers, send letters to their parents, request restrictions to internet use, and even impose  fines or jail time.’  Wondering if and when BC could implement this.  Also found a video/news article with Christy Clark (Premier of  BC).  After Amanda Todd’s death, Christy Clark says new laws may be needed to combat bullying (with video) .  Interesting thing is that it was written on October 13, 2012.  3 days after Amanda’s death.  And here we are 6 1/2 months later listening to the news in Ottawa.  Better late than never or could it have been sooner?   And if it was sooner, could there have been more lives saved???

Also found this on a site on Cybercrimes and Internet Security to read up on what the kids need to know and what parents need to know.  It was an interesting read for sure.

Today is going to be a boring post to read.  Just a homework night for all those wanting to catch up on cyberbullying.  If you want some more reading, look up Monster March and read the stories about kids who have been bullied or cyberbullied to death.  I think the term is bullycide.

Coincidentally, someone asked me whose cat Amanda was holding.  I said that it was just a cat in the forest she saw.  The cat actually belongs to someone that I have recently met and someone who is committed to working on Amanda’s Legacy.  What a coincidence and a small world.  Weirdly enough, 50% of all the new people I have met have something in common with parts of either my life or Amanda’s life or the family life.  It makes me think about how strangely the world works.



Nova Scotia introduces cyberbullying legislation
CTV News
The Nova Scotia government has introduced a new Cyber-Safety Act it says takes direct aim atcyberbullying. The legislation, announced today, involves the creation of a new investigative unit which is the first of its kind in Canada. It also clarifies 
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NS cyberbullying investigative unit a 1st in Canada
Nearly three weeks after the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, the Nova Scotia government has introduced legislation to create Canada’s first cyberbullying investigative unit. The legislation will allow victims and their families to get protection orders from 
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Anti-cyber bullying motion passes unanimously
CTV News
Regular proceedings at the legislature were interrupted Thursday for an emergency debate on cyber bullying. The premier called the emergency debate to introduce a motion to support the introduction of cyber bullying laws into the criminal code. The 
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CTV News
Nova Scotia to create investigative unit to crack down on cyberbullying
CTV News
HALIFAX — The Nova Scotia government stepped up its fight against cyberbullying Thursday with legislation that could strip people of their phones and computers, impose hefty fines and clear the way for court action against online bullies. Justice 
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CTV News
Saskatchewan passes motion urging Criminal Code changes to stop cyberbullies
Victoria Times Colonist
The motion, introduced in the legislature Thursday by Premier Brad Wall, says the province supports federal efforts to combat cyberbullying, including changes to the Criminal Code that would make it an offence to share intimate images without consent.
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Lots of cases of cyber bullying
Trinidad & Tobago Express
THERE were about 30 cases of cyber bullying from last year to the present, including cases of young people threatening the lives of others, reported digital forensics expert at the Police Service Cyber Crime Unit, Corporal Dale Joseph. He was one of 
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Is Harper exploiting cyberbully panic to reboot the Internet spying bill?
With the public clamouring for some kind of “anti-cyber bullying” law, will Harper get over his well-reasoned resistance to the “bullying” label and instead seize the opportunity to smuggle surveillance into Canadian law? Justice Minister Rob Nicholson 
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After Rehtaeh Parsons death, Nova Scotia introduces legislation to fight 
Toronto Sun
The Cyber Safety Act would create a new Cyber SCAN investigative unit that would investigate complaints, negotiate resolutions and seek a cyberbullying prevention order if necessary, the province said. Under the new legislation, victims and their 
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New law could take weapons from cyberbullies — phones, computers
The Nova Scotia government will set up a new anti-cyberbullying squad to take on the problem thrust into the national spotlight this month with the death of a 17-year-old girl. The investigative unit is part of new legislation that would create the 
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PHOTOS: Saskatchewan government and Regina students tackle issue of 
News Talk 980 CJME
At that meeting Tory justice minister Rob Nicholson indicated that he intends to review the Criminal Code of Canada with an eye on making legal changes to curb cyberbullying. That includes one specific element that has been present in the recent deaths 
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Web 5 new results for cyberbullying
New website aims to help victims of cyberbullying | Globalnews.ca
In the wake of the suicide of Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons, a Winnipeg- based advocacy group is launching a new website aimed at preventing similar 
Justice Minister calls for quick action against cyberbullying 
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson will call for quick action Wednesday to tackle cyberbullying when he meets with his provincial counterparts.
Harper government aims to address cyber-bullying, after meet with 
The federal government wants to expedite a review of “gaps” in the Criminal Code and introduce.
Wall plans emergency debate on cyber-bullying – Star Phoenix
Premier Brad Wall is expected to call for an emergency debate in the Saskatchewan legislature on cyber-bullying.
Nova Scotia introduces legislation aimed at preventing, penalizing 
Nova Scotia introduces legislation aimed at preventing, penalizing cyberbullying.

About Carol Todd

Being the mother of Amanda Todd has lead me on this journey shortly after Amanda's death on October 10, 2012. Amanda's prolific You Tube video has been viewed over 33 million times. Through this video, there has been an increased awareness about cyberbullying, social media safety and mental health. www.amandatoddlegacy.org
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16 Responses to April 26 – What is cyberbullying?

  1. super_Amanda_Todd says:

    Amanda Todd deserves better she should be treated better!😡


  2. namedallas says:

    It seems every body reads and writes so much compared to me ,but here I am behind on everything again . Sorry guy’s. Hope everyone’s doing fine.


  3. Andria says:

    Posso postar na minha pagina do facebook a pagina do bolg da Carol?


    • la Punisher says:

      Translation for Andria: Can I post on my facebook page the page’s bolg Carol?


      • Andria says:

        Obrigada La Punisher …sempre on-laine ,preciso passar informações La punisher ..sigo vcê o twiter mas nada posso postar ajuda.


      • la Punisher says:

        To Andria Translation: Thank you La Punisher … always on-laine, must pass information .. La punisher follow the VCE twiter but nothing can post help.

        Se você está tendo problemas com o Twitter, você deve entrar em contato twitter, eu não posso te ajudar com isso

        If you are having problems with twitter, you must contact twitter, I can’t help you with that


  4. Andria says:

    Boa Noite Carol !!
    Vendo esta mensagens hoje percebi que em meu pais tudo esta em silencio, ninguém fala sobre o assunto …e percebi como as pessoas estão cegas achando que aqui não existe Buling ,fico pensando o que posso fazer para por este assunto no ar mais rápido que o vento…porque jovens estão indo embora no anonimato sem que ninguém saiba o que realmente esta acontecendo !! Amanda se foi …mas não ficou em vão a justiça esta sendo feita e logo veremos o resultado disto costumo acreditar nas pessoas até que provem o contrario .seja forte !!


    • la Punisher says:

      translation for Andria:
      Good Night, Carol!
      Seeing this message today in my parents realized that all this in silence, no one talks about it … and realized how blind people are finding that there buling here, I wonder what I can do to put this matter in the air faster than the wind … because young people are leaving anonymous without anyone knowing what really is happening! Amanda is gone … but it was in vain justice is being done and soon we will see the result usually trust people until they prove otherwise.’s Strong!


  5. merle48 says:

    Your “virtual” friends that you have “met”also have things in common with you. With us as virtual friends, I don’t believe the “world worked in strange ways” but Amanda’s spirit did. We were drawn into her world for various reasons…some of us don’t even know why, but here we are to stay, and offer a kind word or two if nothing more.


  6. la Punisher says:

    I rather late be better than never, But we lost so many precious children that it should
    have been sooner, We didn’t need to lose ANY of these kidz, If only the cops would get their heads out of their butts and do a days work for a days pay, Whats happening to the Amanda Todd investigation????/ Nothing but lies, lies and more lies, and it will stay that way till people forget
    And now the Rehtaeh Parsons case, They had the evidence but refused to act, Anonymous stepped in and got them their evidence, they refused to use it cause it came from us, They still haven’t acted, Only pretend to act. Giving them more tools won’t make a difference.
    Maybe I’m wrong with these feelings I have about our lazy national police force and for the kidz sake I hope I am. And that some good comes from it all. Our children are our GREATEST resource and we need to protect that resource at all cost, even if it means waring against the injustices

    Hugz 2u Carol 🙂


    • Hamsi says:

      La Punisher I agree with you that the Canadian police seem particularly apathetic. Police forces around the world use sting operations all the time yet they did nothing to catch the criminal the first time he surfaced in Amanda’s case. Then they set up a team of 20 – 30 investigators after her death and that seems to have been a massive resource grab. The same pattern followed in Rateah’s case. Heads should be rolling in response to this ineptitude!


      • la Punisher says:

        They were given kody’s footprints and showed how it all tied him to being the criminal But because it came from anonymous they didn’t use because they would get no credit for finding him themselves, they would rather discredit us and let the A_hole go to make themselves look good I want to see justice for Amanda


    • merle48 says:

      Yes la Punisher, Our children ARE our legacy!


    • Andria says:

      Tenho uma pergunta para fazer a você La punisher o que é um Troll????


      • la Punisher says:

        Translation:I have a question for you La punisher what is a troll??

        Na gíria Internet, um troll é alguém que mensagens mensagens inflamatórios, estranho, ou off-topic em uma comunidade online, como um fórum, sala de bate-papo, ou blog, com a intenção primária de leitores provocando em um responseor emocional de outra forma perturbar o normal no tópico de discussão

        In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


  7. Hamsi says:

    The picture with the cat is one of my favorites. There is no pain behind that smile, the kind of pain you see in many pictures where she is trying to smile so bravely……

    As you say, better late than never but there should have been a legal response much sooner. The world poured out its love for Amanda but the legal response was lacking. I guess lawmakers want multiple episodes to gather before facing a trigger.


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